Just a couple of years ago, business owners were crazy about creating a Facebook Page to gain authority and gather up the “fans”.

But how do you build a tribe of not just spectators but of actual people that really trust you and will speak and advocate for you and your business?

In this episode, Sarah Dunn, owner of four businesses and Enterprise Account Executive at a major cloud-based software firm, talks about how a happy accident became a big community and incidentally, an avenue for her to ADD VALUE – servicing her target market even if they are just potential customers yet.

Value-Added Marketing is just one strategy though, it has to be coupled with the eye for the numbers among other things.

As such, she also talks here about becoming and the definition of an influencer, the routine she does on LinkedIn, and the consistent number of new connections she creates in a day.

Catch Sarah on this interview and learn how she does it from an entrepreneur and corporate point of view.

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Today’s Guest:

Sarah is a serial entrepreneur (having started four businesses from scratch), and Enterprise Account Executive at a major cloud-based software firm bringing in over $3 million dollars of new business across a variety of customers.

She understands the creative mind and she has experience working in a corporate environment where deadlines, quotas, prospecting, creating plans and executing repeatedly is not optional.

She’s also an adventure addict — most often found on bikes, skis, and outside where there is not cell phone service. Most importantly, she believes in taking on serious work, but seriously having fun in the process.





Hello and welcome. Yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach. If this is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips and generating beats greeting sales and building healthy profits on previous episodes. We’ve discussed all sorts of things how to build communities how Chalfant works.

But today we are going to be talking again. I think about building communities in building your business creatively and you are going to want to listen to this because I have an amazing guest named Sarah Dunn.

She she is a serial entrepreneur. She’s started four of her own businesses from scratch. There are people that can’t even start one and she’s done four.

She is an enterprise account executive at a major cloud based software firm bringing over three million dollars of new business across a variety of customers. Wonderful. She understands the creative mind and she has experience working in the corporate environment where deadlines quotas prospecting creating plans in executing repeatedly but not optimal.

She is an adventure addict. Most often she is found on bikes skis and the outside where there’s no cell phone service. So really if you would a finder you’ve got to leave the technology behind go find her. Most importantly she believes in taking on serious work but seriously having fun in the process. I am thrilled to have somebody that loves to work hard but also loves to play hard right here for you our listeners Sarah welcome to the show.

Heyn thank you so much for having me.

It’s funny hearing your own bio it is that I always interject a little bit of that by the time I introduce everybody.

But give us a little more detail besides that intro who you are and why you wanted to come on this podcast.

Yeah. So again thank you so much for for having me I’m part of the reason that I wanted to come on as because I am sharing your passion in helping folks that are trying to get ideas head out into the world. And I think that you know my background having you know a pretty heavy entrepreneurial background and going through starting businesses. You know mostly service based businesses but also having experience in corporate America. It’s almost like I have this unique perspective to understanding certainly firsthand like what happens. What are the challenges we face today as entrepreneurs but also having the skills that you know I think sometimes entrepreneurs like to prove who corporate America. I have certainly been on that side of the conversation and after you know working in corporate America like true corporate America for about four years and working very hard and taking their work very seriously. I’ve learned so many skills that I’m like oh my God if only every entrepreneur knew these things they would be able to be better in their execution of their ideas and their businesses. So yeah I love it.

And part of the reason I started this podcast is I did want to dip into those that weren’t the typical folks you hear on podcast where they come on they introduce themselves for a little bit. They talk about their products for a little bit and then they pitch you when we bring in folks like you that have spent time in corporate America.

There is some lessons you have learned that we would love to pull out of your head and apply to our business. So as you sit here give us one of these tips that you’ve learned from corporate America that you’re applying to one of your entrepreneurial businesses.

Oh my goodness. I think there’s so many. The first and foremost I think the very first one that so many entrepreneurs I know have questions about like where do you how do you get your first customer. How do you build the customer base. And the answer that I offer folks is I might go find them. You’ve talked to a lot of people and I think you know I actually worked for a tech startup a long time ago that failed miserably recrossed emerged so it was fun but I think we had this perception that like big software companies just had this like never ending lead flow of people calling them and saying you know hi I’d like to buy your stuff.

And the truth is it’s not that’s not how it is that any of these major companies you know. Yes they have. They have like teams and call centers that can do you know outbound marketing but in my current role I research people who I think might be a good fit for the stuff that we’re selling and I call them and I try you know with value add marketing to get time on their calendar to talk to them and then I know that’s that I do an obscene amount of outreach. And I think that that’s something that I you know when in building the business that I’m currently working women in balance it’s like I think we didn’t understand until I gained this experience in corporate America that selling retreats and selling offerings to our community that you actually even when you have sort of. A following you still have to do that outbound marketing to to find the people that wanna buy her stuff. So I think that that’s like a big sort of misconception that a lot of entrepreneurs hold is that like these companies that have made it or people that have made it are just they’re sitting letting all of the leads come to them. And in my experience I think it takes a lot of work to go out and hunt for your business. So the big thing.

And work we don’t want to do because we’re such a we need it now society and if we don’t get it now if we reach out to that one person or those two people don’t get it we’re not motivated to go the next step anymore we’re we’ve been trained to have that short attention span. What I hear you say is you can’t have that you can’t just put a sign on the front of your door and expect people to show up.

You know I think there’s something like Really. It’s so interesting because I think we live in this time where it’s really cool. I think the ability to take an idea and execute on it is becoming easier. But I think that there’s this entitlement. Like I can’t even tell you I’ve talked to several coaches I’ve talked to a lot of people that are like well you know if somebody could just build it and then I could just like walk into it and give my presentation like people specifically I’m thinking of a few conversations I’ve had around like events where people don’t want to help with the recruiting of paying customers. I think that you know there was maybe a brief time when social media was this untapped sort of market place like five years ago where if you were really out touting your business and you were first a doctor on a lot of platforms like maybe you did have a more steady lead flow but in today’s climate you had to be out there having a lot of conversations you have to talk about money. You’ve talked about pricing and you have to you have to be willing to have those conversations to earn the business. So I’m quite frankly really sick of the level of entitlement that a lot of people have and I get it.

When you’re a creator you want to be the visionary you don’t necessarily want to be getting customers but I think that it’s sort of the name of the game and in the current world that we live in I do think it’s sort of the name of the game and we live in the information era right now that people are just bombarded by all kinds of information they can’t even sort through it to know what they want. You must be doing that outreach marketing. And I think you also must be doing pull marketing. We’re not going to talk about poll marketing today. I want to get in and talk a little bit about what you said in terms of your outreach marketing. Is this the same routine everyday you do. I know financial advisers they get in and they have a certain number of calls they’re going to make during the day and they’re going to do that day in and day out until they get the right number of folks coming in.

Do you have a routine like that. What are how do you proceed during the week.

Yes. So I think it’s really funny because this is where you know when I sort of describe myself I say that I’m very like a hard skills soft skills because I believe in sales karma. I believe if you do the effort people will come to you and find you. But yeah I know I make 15 you linked and connections every single day. Anybody who accepts my request I send you know I send some sort of conversation starter to you. I have very much the goal of having three conversations with people a day three to three new contacts a day. And then I also think that there’s the folks that like if you’re looking to you know like to leverage influence or marketing or something like that. But like when there’s people that you’re looking to collaborate with or talk with or partner with or you want them to buy or use your stuff that it’s really like yeah you need to strategically go after that and so you know it’s the same thing. What I do and my software job is I tell people I’m like there’s a there’s the numbers you have to have the volume because it’s totally a numbers game of sifting through and finding the buyer but then you also have to go after things strategically and do that serious value add a very tailored email so Yaffe are my personal businesses I do and I’m constantly networking. I’m always having conversations with people and I do know my primary platform days because they think that it’s where folks are most receptive to networking is on LinkedIn. So I sent 50 new connection requests for folks who I think look like you know ideal clients for what I am offering and then I try and schedule up to three conversations a day.

So yeah I guess I do have a daily routine.

Great I love the idea that you have a rule of three.

There is some scientific Don’t ask me exactly what it is but I understand there’s some scientific proof that our brains really thrive on numbers of three year loss in terms of bliss that we need to be tracking. So the rule of three for you to have three valued conversations a day with new contacts I think is phenomenal when you talk about value add marketing.

Sarah what what are you talking about.

I’m talking about. I mean I believe you always need to make the ask for people to opt into your stuff but value and marketing to me is saying that you know you’ve identified.

You know what let’s talk about specifically you know for for women and balance somewhat less offer a job out of us for women and which is the women’s wildness organization that I’m a co-founder of. And you know oftentimes we’re looking for influencers to sort of tout our retreats come on our retreats talk about our retreats and we’re also just looking for women who want to come in general.

Right. So I am looking for professional women who can afford a 2000 dollar tree rate. So I’ll be on LinkedIn if I’m sort of working the women imbalance piece of my life. And I’m I will send you know just tips like TIPS around the floor up sort of core offerings that we have which are personal development nutrition movement in women’s health. And so it might be just sort of three tips where you can meditate as a busy professional. That’s something that I know we’ve sent out before because this idea that we understand that moms and working women don’t have necessarily 30 minutes at the beginning and end of every day to sit and breathe without kids or dogs or husbands you know barging in on their space so value out marketing is sending something that you know that your prospective customer can apply to your. Apply to their lives today. And it is that they know that it’s how you become an important Prigent or an influencer. Virgin is it as it develops a relationship of trust where people think like wow this woman and bounce organization isn’t actually just coming out here trying to get me to spend money. They’re actually going to add value to my day to day life. So I’m going to opt into subscribe to their newsletter or I’m in or respond to this woman that has been reaching out to me on LinkedIn because the stuff that she’s sharing with me is super interesting and very relevant to the problems that I in the challenges that I face and give you a life.

Now I don’t know whose quote this is but there is a quote out there that givers gain I I see so many people that don’t use that. And I think we all see that in our social media especially that people friend you and then they want you to automatically like their business page where they want you to automatically come to their group or they want you to automatically get into their program and you’re seen when you do value add marketing you’re reaching out to these people maybe on LinkedIn and you’re opening up saying hey I think you’re cool here’s a tip out improve your life better.

Basically it’s like hey you know and I think there’s. And that’s where I sort of say there’s the numbers and there’s a strategy. So I think that like when I’m just sort of looking generally for folks who might come on our streets for example I’m doing a lot of like it’s kind of spam right. Like I say it’s spamming in some capacity.

But you will catch a few people that think you know when all we need is a few happy customers and our businesses to be successful. Right. We don’t have to take over the whole world at least in the beginning so yeah I do a lot of outreach and provide tips and then for the folks that I’m trying to develop a more strategic relationship with. That’s where maybe I’m opening up with something still very relevant. Right. Very tailored looking at their LinkedIn profile maybe checking out their websites seeing what they are talking about and saying hey like I think there may be some value in having a conversation and seeing if we can collaborate. At the very least I’m interested to hear what your up to people have to talk about themselves. So you know and getting those folks on the phone maybe in a more conversational ways than a sales way and how brilliant is that I wish more people learned how to do that.

We had a previous episode where we talked about LinkedIn and how to connect on LinkedIn. So I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole too much.

Yeah but this is about you doing value add to people one of the areas you do value add with women in balance is really building a community. What what made you decide to build that community and why do you still choose to build it.

Oh my god it was an accident that I love about it. So women in balance started as a treat.

That’s right. It was this idea that we were although interestingly we said we want to create a space for women to gain access to the resources that they need so that they can show up better in their lives has been the mission of women and balance from day one. Nikki Doherty My business partner and I thought that we were going to do that by creating a huge retreat business that was sort of the initial intention after we launched the first retreat because of the nature of the conversations that we had there you know which I think we have this really interesting blend of really spiritual kind of personal development but really practical tools when it comes to women’s women’s health.

People were really interested in the conversation so we made a Facebook group that was going to be for retreat attendees only. That’s how we initially thought we were going to keep this conversation going. You know people spend five days together. It’s a great way a seamless way for people to stay connected and in conversation as they go throughout their lives.

Well all these women that you know some of the topics that we talked about because we you know I think when you combine personal development with some of these really pragmatic conversations they had it was really interesting so they just started dumping their friends into the group. They were like my friend needs to know about this. So then we started doing retreat events and so the community I would say is an embodiment of when you have aligned with a mission or a project that is bigger than yourself. Because the reason that we keep doing it is because we can’t stop. It’s bigger than us. It’s like we have to continue to support the conversation the the the notes that we get regularly about how women have found resources that have helped them as they move through various stages of their life. As women’s as women and women have found jobs created partnerships done all these crazy things out of the community. You can’t stop when people give me that those sort of testimonials and so I would say that within a year or so it was I guess within 12 months of creating the business. And we launched just our first retreat. I mean we had a 500 person community pretty quickly. And the nature of the conversation was so authentic that now we’ve tried to make sure that again when we go back to that initial mission of creating a space where women have better access to these wellness resources you know we became more intentional about sort of the folks that we invite into the community that we want to speak to the community. So yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty crazing women announces a beast in and of itself.

I continue to be enamored by your business model why you built your business model. What is the drive behind it. Because when I coach Sarah I I talk to people about building these experiences within your community or having near your clientele have experiences that they can talk about in what you built in your community. You were giving these folks an opportunity to go to their friends and say I had this experience over here you should come. That wasn’t your initial driver but you found the gold than that. How is that the building those experiences for people change your ability to be a leader for your business.

Yeah that’s such a great question. I think what’s really cool is that in building the experiences so the person experiences and then actually building an experience online has allowed us to reach reach more people and reach more people authentically right. We don’t charge for people to be. We’re not sort of jumping on the bandwagon that a lot of folks are moving to now which is like you have to pay 50 bucks to be part of our community.

I think it is.

And tell me if I’m answering your question. I mean what’s really cool is having a few really sticky loyal customers rate with our retreats. And now we have we do have a membership program but it doesn’t. You know having it or not having it it doesn’t limit your access to the conversation. But having the retreat the recruiter really I mean they’re very intimate and they were designed in a way that they’re tiny and you get access to wellness providers. And I think that when you have a few very loyal customers that have these transformational experiences they want to shout from from rooftops. And what I think is really cool to your point is that this digital forum gives them a way to extend the invitation to their friends and price isn’t an issue right. They don’t have to think about like while my friend can’t afford to go on a retreat. And when you talk about you know when we go back to what we were talking about a few minutes ago about value added marketing on Facebook community is value and marketing all day every day. And what’s really cool is because we’ve also built the sort of intermediary layer.

You know there’s Nikki and me and then we work with about 20 wellness professionals in the four core areas of luvin personal development nutrition and women’s health. They’re constantly offering education to our community. And so we’re showing the level you know we’re exposing a level of authenticity and the level of sort of genuine ness that we are as an organization. In our Facebook community and so that it’s cool because it comes full circle like we don’t have problems filling retreats or selling to beds because people trust that there is good content.

I don’t know if that answers your question.

Maybe it doesn’t. I think it does. Maybe the listeners were like that did they answer questions at all. I have no idea what’s going on. But we’re talking to Sarah Dunn the owner and operator of women in balance.

Amongst other things that she does Sarah I want to talk about a little bit. This value add you’re talking about retreat’s you’re talking about community you’re talking about the four cornerstones within the House but are you a big core your business is about selling health products to people.

We’ve just had something that has not happened on this broadcast before. The recording was dropped right in the middle of the podcast. So we are going to pick you up where they’re recording started back up what the recording started back up after I asked a brilliant question to Sarah about the fact that she has this community that she built the community was built because she sells healthcare products and those health care products are associated with an MLM called iceage Onix. Please listen to the next portion because you will gain so much about where this conversation goes. Thank you.

To your point about this big value out it’s like I am everybody that’s not everybody. Most people that are and women in balance know that they can come to me for nutrition or if they are interested in aligning with the opportunity or whatever. But the relationships that I have developed and the folks that have come into my network marketing organization because I created women imbalance separately are folks that have you know integrated them the products into their health practices have been on products now for years.

And so I think you know to your point about like this is where I’m going to be super blunt I think a lot of people think that they’re adding value but in the back of their mind there is there always wanting to get there always wanting the money. And I think that women can balance what it has done as far as my other business offerings has been amazing and it’s because what we created for women the balance and the value that we have there comes 100 percent from a place of. I want you to have this information period. And then when I’m selling these other things people might be interested in them but because when I was offering information or when Nikki and I were building women a balance and the community it was actually never to create a leader funnel. It was actually to create a community that that’s how you become an influencer and a leader and somebody wants to buy from is because every piece of information every tidbit of marketing isn’t there isn’t a get at the bottom of it. And so people I feel like are more inclined to buy from me and from my business partner because they trust us. So it’s an interesting thing because I don’t want to tell people and I don’t know how much you talk about sort of marketing on your other podcasts but I think that it is important to me to ask. I tell people that when I work with them it’s really important to talk about it and to make a formal ask what people. But if people feel like you are out to get them they will run far away with far away and they will have no interest in participating in any community or any offering that you put out there.

So I absolutely agree with that.

You know as we talk about the fact that you do all of this value add and build this community and are an influencer an influencer doesn’t come because you’ve held a retreat or have a community you are doing more than that you’re on podcast. You’re doing all of these little Exter things that together combined influencer what is your idea of becoming an influencer when you think of influence or what does that mean to Ceradyne.

So an influencer to me is somebody who sort of has the what we were talking about it has relationship has has a trusted relationship with a with a broad community or with a community period. And when I talk to people about how when I talk to people you know because people ask me all the time Well how do you become an influencer. I tell people that first and foremost you have to be a good person. Genuinely you have to have good intentions and you have to show up as a good person consistently and then you have to show up as a. You have to be a good person to show up as a good person in the relationships that you have in your life and then you have to make good offerings consistently to your point. It’s not a retreat rate like consistency is key. And so I think that I think that people I once heard somebody say you know if you’re trying to launch a business and you launch at your friends and family and nobody buys that it is very much a direct reflection of what your community thinks of you. And are you willing to go to work to become the person that can have and lead and hold a community that people will know. And haven’t hold a community and then be in a place where people will trust you enough to spend their money on you. And I think it takes a lot of work. I mean I would not have thought of myself as an influencer before I started with I suggested or before I started Women imbalance. And maybe that’s you know I think I’ve always been a good person. But developing those really genuine relationships working through the sales piece of not having a get mentality and going out and giving and giving and giving is I think how do you become an influencer.

I think you’re right it goes back to the givers gain. I think those that are true influencers don’t don’t always think about what am I getting out of this relationship.

I don’t think they go in thinking Oh if I can’t do that unless I’m getting a sale they know that they’ve achieved enough influence in their community that sometimes you just give to the community as you said you don’t want to charge for your community and other people are charging you. You want to give that opportunity to your community and I think that’s what influencers do. Do you think influencers can only be influencers if they have a large following or if they have a large amount of dollars in their business or in their bank account.

No absolutely not. I think an influencer anybody who acts just like a leader right like anybody who can do it can be a small group of people and I have to tell you that my favorite person to point to and as my boyfriend my boyfriend is a movement and mobility coach and he is an online training business. Yes so has an impersonal business but he has 200 followers on Instagram and he has had 20 clients reach out to him through paying clients come to him through Instagram. So I know that might sound like a lot to some people who listen to this podcast but that might sound like nothing. I mean in the world of Instagram when you talk about wanting to get major art and ships and everything you are looking at you know needing over 100000 followers so 200 followers is damn near nothing. And to me that speaks to the fact that he is very clear on who his audiences. He’s very consistent in his message. And so 10 percent of his audience is willing to invest in his services. And so long answer short Absolutely not. I think you can be an influencer in a tiny community. You know and I also think you can be super successful in and not need a ton of customers so I know you don’t need a lot of money in your bank account.

I think that’s crazy. Some people still believe that. So

I want to know kind of do other influencers think that way because if you are like your boyfriend and you’ve got 200 followers in your closing 10 percent of those followers which is incredible that there’s always that kind of internal social judgment that we have that they’re better than us because they have got more followers or they’re better than us because they’ve got two more people in their picture or they’re better than us because they’ve taken six more pictures this week than I’ve taken. There’s all of that internal judgment we do in social media. And and I think we’re always comparing ourselves with one another and that has nothing to do with if you’re influencing people no.

And you know I think there is. I did like a deep dive on social media and we don’t actually get too far into this but I did this I am guilty of sitting in that comparison chair and I think two things I think. One is that if you find yourself in looking at social media and you’re really feeling like crap about your business and your lack of influence on social media get off the apps like and go out into the world. First thing I would recommend.

But the other thing that people should know is there is so much data on this and I don’t just mean like people misrepresenting themselves that’s an entirely different conversation. But there are paid for followers. There are apps out there that are helping grow followings. You can buy in by almost anything on social media if you have even just a little bit of money to invest in it.

So to sit there I think you know when I accidentally uncovered this because I had a friend that started an amazing organic growth social media company and I was like wait a second. Tell me about this. And he was like well you know for 37 dollars a month I go into people’s Instagram accounts and I go and I applique them so that people start to follow them. And it’s you know he’s like on our age we help people grow their accounts by 200 followers a month like blah blah blah blah blah. It’s a whole business and it is probably more about social media. It helped me understand that the numbers are nothing and the other thing is is that you should give you more sort of examples. I have a friend who is a personal trainer. She’s a 180000 followers on Instagram and I can tell you that she is not making a lot of money. She does not have like a guy she has some she had something like product for free to tout her pictures but she’s not like having a booming business versus another friend of mine who has a thousand followers on Instagram. She’s a life coach and I think she’s going make 500 thousand dollars this year. Not that that has to be everybody’s school but like then the followers the likes they mean nothing.

It just when people hear that they don’t mean anything and now we’ve we’ve gone far away from where our mission is which is creating more sales generating more leads in gaining more profits. We’re now talking. Well it’s good. People need to hear this.

And this is where conversations go on this podcast but I want to turn it back to you Sara because we were over time.

I know we’re overtime work overtime but I want to give you just a little bit at the and to tell people how to connect with you to tell people you know what you’ve got going on in your world. And of course one more value add tip for them yeah.

Well let’s start with the value add the value add tip.

I know. I don’t know if this is something people have heard a million times I’ve heard a lot now that I’ve been in sales for a while but learning to hear no. And then moving on I think is the most is probably the most.

And knowing that it is not personal is I think probably one of the most valuable things I’ve been in my corporate job that I’ve applied to my other businesses like I really used to think that people told me no because of something I did I said or how I position my offer. You know I also suffered from that I’m small and insignificant and that’s why people don’t want to opt in to my services. And I now work for a company that was purchased for over five hundred million dollars. It has 6800 customers and I sell software that I think is really valuable and you know people still say no every single day. And so you just have to keep on going. And so that’s where it’s like showing up to your dreams whether it’s like a certain number of clients you want to have are a level of impact or a community that you’re trying to bring like just putting your head down and doing the work.

No it is part of the process I think as biggest offer I can give folks. It’s brilliant. So how do they connect with you. And yeah the best way to connect with me is on on Facebook or

Facebook Winston or Instagram. God I’m such I’m such a millennial in that sense. But Facebook Sarah you’ve done zero to Instagram it’s just Sarah underscore you underscore Duyn and then linked in Ceradyne. You can find me. There aren’t that many of them. Yeah.

And what if they’re interested in one of these retreats are interested in women in balance are interested in learning more about the Genex either as as a professional or as a customer where do they.

Where do they go. They clearly connect with you but they can connect with you and ask about all of those things. Correct.

Yes. And so for everything I see jox related come find me personally and we’ll set up a time to chat. And then for women imbalance for women in balance community on Facebook is free and open for everybody to opt in to them women imbalanced us is where you can read a little bit more about our retreats and various offerings there. So yeah. And if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out like like we were talking about in the very beginning. I’ll talk to anyone.

So she will I will testify to that she’ll talk to anyone. And I love her for that.

I am going to tell Sarah and the folks that she will give us those social media links. If you’re not sure you wrote them down right we will have them all in the show. It’s like we always do. But this is the time where I say I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s interview with Sarah Dunn and you learned about building a community value add marketing. Why Celes Karma is important and so much more. Polls show no links to the episode as well as our social media links and Sarah’s social media links can be found at 8 o. Eat now dot com slash podcast. And as you know the best part about the show is you the listener if you will please take five minutes to download subscribe.

You will get these to you every single week you won’t miss out and read if we want to know whether you like it shows or not. We’ve gotten some feedback from folks and they say they love it but we want to be sure we’re still giving them quality content. Every week we will be back here next week with some more phenomenal people. The lineup is growing and getting really really good. You want to be tuning into us. Sarah one more time. Thank you for being here this week.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s always fun. Gail always thank you.

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