Many people, over the years, told me to write a blog. I would drag my feet, write a blog or two and then I would stop producing it. I never knew what to write about; why anyone would read my blogs; and I did not have confidence in my writing abilities.

My journey to produce regular articles is like many other entrepreneurs who don’t consider themselves writers, including some of my clients. Many small business owners don’t see the immediate return from the time they spent on a blog and they chose not to expend hours on one post that no one will likely see.

A couple of months back I committed to writing a blog article once a week. I can’t say it is easy. Now, it isn’t taking me as long to write an article and I am seeing the value of having weekly content I produced. I am now encouraging others to write their own blogs.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider writing regular content:

1. SEO – It does wonders for your SEO. You will add more keywords to your website, give more opportunities for people to link back to your site and will add regular content to your site. The additional content will improve your rankings and the overall visibility to your site and company. There is increased competition to get on page one of google and fresh information on your website will help you get the edge over your competition.

2. Credibility – When you produce a piece for your website and share it with your network it shows your knowledge and your perspective. Your clients and readers will recognize your dedication and efforts; you will build your credibility over time.

3. Relationship Building – It gives people additional opportunities to engage with you by liking, commenting, and sharing your content. You, also, can share your articles to add value to FB groups, newsletters, other websites, and much more. It is a good tool to build relationships with people in your network.

4. Free Advertising – You can add promotional information for your business and links to your sites in every article. It is also a place to spotlight your clients, share your successes and product launches. It is a great opportunity to engage an interested party to become a lead.

5. Creates Reusable Content – You can use pieces of the blogs to create memes, social media posts, and slide share content. Reusing the content in new mediums helps to create consistency with your message and for your brand; ideally driving more leads to your business.

6. Give Life to Your Website – Websites can grow stale and leave people wondering if you are serious about your business or if it is still an active business. Posting regularly to your website and your social media pages gives life to your business and your bottom-line.

7. Tell Your Story – Writing is a great place to share your stories with your readers. If you give them a little bit about you and your experiences it will increase the ability for them to trust you. Your story can become a catalyst to new engagement and increase profits.

8. Adds to Content Library – Creating a library gives you additional assets to your business. I know of a company who is selling high-ticketed packaged because they wrote enough articles to charge people large amounts of money to get access to them.

9. Challenges You – Everyone who writes will tell you putting pen to paper challenges them to manage their time better and to listen to their network more. Developing a writing habit takes discipline and commitment. It is a constant challenge to improve yourself, your writing, and the quality of your published work.

10. Create Opportunities – Every time you write, you invite others to engage with you. This can generate leads for your business, speaking opportunities, business partnerships, media contributions, and more. People want to showcase others who are thought-leaders.

If you are thinking about blogging now is a good time to start.  Make a commitment to do it, plan out your next several articles and starting typing. As my mentors told me, over time it becomes easier and you will become a better writer.




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