Being an entrepreneur is a dream that so many people have. You will inevitably ask yourself the question: Do I have what it takes? If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need the attributes and skills to get you there. If you can master these four powerful P’s of entrepreneurship, then you will succeed.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and business success doesn’t come overnight, either. Can you imagine if people had given up before Rome was built? Greatness takes time, and the only way you will be able to achieve success is if you have the patience to wait for it. Some people confuse becoming an entrepreneur with finding a get-rich-quick scheme, but no one gets to the top and stays there the fast or easy way. According to Momeo Magazine, patience can be the key to long-term sustainability.


You call on patience when you are waiting for something to happen, but persistence means sticking with it, even when things are going against you. As Daymond John says, obstacles to small business success are an inevitable part of the process—whether you like it or not. You need to understand and accept this truth and find the persistence to get over, under, or through these obstacles and closer to the success on the other side.


Perseverance is simple: Other people will give up, but you will keep going if you’re determined to succeed. It doesn’t matter how smart, charismatic, or wealthy someone is. The person still running at the end of the marathon of starting a business will be whoever has the most perseverance. Being able to persevere through doubts and setbacks is the only way to become successful. Confidence fades, but perseverance remains forever. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to.


The P’s already mentioned are vital to success as an entrepreneur. But, how do you get the energy, will, and strength to have those three attributes running through your body and heart? One word: Passion. Passion is what helps you avoid burnout. That is why when you’re starting a business, you need to make sure that the industry you are pursuing is one that you have passion for. Some people are passionate about solving problems or helping people. Find out what motivates you and use that to drive your business success.

Being an entrepreneur rarely comes easy, and without these 4 P’s, success is unlikely to come at all. But, if you can develop these traits in yourself, anything is possible.