Entrepreneurs are the heart of any community and the community should support them with ideas, inspiration and insights to be successful or move their business forward. Yes, You Can! with Virginia Phillips wants to do just that. Virginia wants to spotlight experts, innovators, professionals successful in business, government officials, and CEOs of private companies or public companies who can provide a perspective for entrepreneurs. Of course, she doesn’t want to forget about nonprofits who also support small business and entrepreneurs.

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“Virginia Phillips has a podcast you can’t miss! Tune in to hear one of the most powerful and info-packed interviews from one of the best in the industry. Learn how the fastest and largest ever FB group was created. Learn trade secrets on how to do and so much more! If you have ever thought about building your business through social media, you don’t want to miss this powerful interview by Virginia Phillips!”

Savoi Ragsdale

Author of Absolute Best / Speaker/ Coach at Absolute Best