As entrepreneurs, we’d rather do things now than later. The cliché “live this day as if it’s your last” still rings true but you don’t just say it. You live it by making a plan for everything including your estate – whether it’s about where your wealth goes or who takes care of your account logins and passwords when you’re gone.

Jodeen Bergstorm, an entrepreneur of 30 years, has helped so many clients build their online business through funnels and digital marketing. But what really led her to this was first building and developing her online course in Estate Planning after having to deal with its complexities when her parents had passed on. She shares her story and the importance of having a will among others as early as possible, especially for entrepreneurs who are serving a clientele. She adds that it is a disservice to the customers when you are not prepared with a plan on who keeps the business going when an owner has died.

Other helpful topics covered by Jodeen in this interview:

-The possible details, questions to ask, and factors to consider when preparing for a will.

-The biggest strategy on building an online course and developing the membership site.

-The ways to engage within your community and in turn, improve your funnel.

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Today’s Guest:

As an Entrepreneur for over 30 years, Jodeen has helped countless clients build their online businesses to generate leads and new customers. The teacher in her cannot but help to teach you how to learn the ins & out of being successful in marketing yourself and your business.

There the trails & life cycles of life with her parents Jodeen developed and offers an online Estate Planning course to help you create a unique plan to meet your families needs that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. Estate Planning is more than just putting a will together.  There are many pieces to the puzzle that each detail needs to be looked at.

Her strong morals & integrity important when creating an estate plan that is built on your wishes and your unique ways so you can live it out now and leave a legacy to your loved ones.

Together with her, husband they raised five beautiful daughters while living in the mountains of Colorado, and rural Kansas & North Dakota.  They are blessed to have 3 adorable grandbabies so far to leave a legacy to!

Please access your FREE course now for Legacy Calling Estate Planning – Reach out if you have any questions!


Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach. This is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating these creating sales in building healthy profits. If you’ve missed some of the last episodes go back and watch them because watch them listen to them because you will see you today.

I’ve got some great guys sharing some great tips with you all. And today is no different. We have the amazing Jodeen Bergstrom with us today. I am thrilled that she is here she is the founder of four successful businesses a flower shop a restaurant a landscape design company and now a digital online business. But I don’t think it ends there. I think she’s doing some other things. I’m pretty sure she will talk to us about all that Jodeen is a certified leadership coach with John Maxwell. Dave Ramsey entre entree leadership Mantar mother of five beautiful daughters in three who can’t forget about these three grandbabies because we all know we love the Gorilla babies. To give the kids anything a little short we love them too. Jody Neza passion for living life to its fullest.

And if there’s an opportunity to grab it and embrace it as well as we have no guarantee in life that we will be there tomorrow. And fact I was just talking about that on a previous con podcast that we never know if today is it for us.

We’ve got a live like today is it for us and make sure that we are embracing all of those Odion. I am so thrilled you are here welcome to the yes you can podcast.

Well Virginia thank you very much and I’m so excited. I hope that I can serve your community in some way.

And I appreciate you because I feel there is a need for us to embrace entrepreneurship. And I appreciate your your farm and bringing to the world what people are doing because I think there’s a lot of people that don’t understand you know what entrepreneurship is and I love how you’re diving into it and bringing it to the world.

So I thank you for presenting this to to everybody thank you for coming on today and sharing with us your expertise for successful businesses.

Well I have. I grew up on a farm.

So the reality is is I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life. I didn’t realize that most of the world worked 9 to 5 because we worked from sunup to sundown and a lot of times you were either having nightmares or dreams about getting work done so you were just you lived it off. So you know I grew up with real strong work ethics. And I went into the corporate world for a little while and hated it. It was not for me you know. So I looked at other ways I’d actually went to college for flower shop design and so I had worked for a couple of years for a flower shop and then I decided I was going to go out on my own and created my own startup business from scratch and was very successful it was in Breckenridge Colorado the beautiful mountains and it was it was gorgeous and a lot of fun and get to be very creative.

But it was it was also interesting when I started there was not a lot of information on how to start a business so you know that’s what kind of got me into helping a lot of people teaching other people because I know the struggles when I first started I was reaching out trying to find associations and you know trying to find other help as along the way so that’s kind of how I started.

So it’s it’s a unique story. I talked to a number of entrepreneurs and it’s very rare that they say they started on a farm.


Well I grew up on a farm and you know I was actually driving a tractor when I was five years old and I look at my grandchildren now and I like there is no way I would put them behind a tractor. But I was the youngest. And the work needed to be done. And so I couldn’t even reached the kill the kill switch for me was to turn the key off. So you know.

But what you did when you did an end it is what farmers do a lot in our societies still today.

And it is a different mentality when you when you grow up that way because I know you don’t grow up on a farm without a work ethic.

Very true. And you know the other thing too is you just have a respect for the land you have respect for animals because you know the thought process is is that you know you feed the animals before you feed yourself and going into motherhood. You know that’s a concept and belief that you know I was excited when my baby who is now 17 got to be about eight or nine and actually got to eat a hot meal that was kind of exciting because I had been years since I know you are so busy feeding everybody else and taking care of everybody else a lot of times you don’t even get a hot meal as a mother. So in fact I just posted something on my Facebook page and it was the toughest job. There were taken interviews for the toughest job and they were interviewing somebody who was basically a doctor or a lawyer. I mean they went into everything and you know the people that were interviewing Earth like well I can’t do all this and stand on your feet 24 hours a day. And they’re like Well there’s actually quite a few people out there that are already doing this position and it was a mother and it was kind of eye opening for a lot of people they didn’t realize the all the different hats that mothers need out there. So that’s another job that we don’t that we all have that for for females and have children that we don’t usually give credit to ourselves either.

There are a lot of people with their mother or not a mother that don’t give credit to themselves for the the work and the contributions they’re given to their community. I am so one of your history in terms of how you grew up but your story’s not over what are you currently doing routine.

No. My story is not over. I actually grew up in a little town called Tioga North Dakota where about 42 miles from the Canadian border and 58 miles from the Montana border.

And my closest Starbucks is 82 miles away so I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Yes that’s true.

There are people listening to this good air Pataky did they come to the closest Starbucks is eighty two miles away but I personally am glad to hear that because that might mean there’s a mom and pop coffee place near you and you’re probably visiting that place or there’s a local restaurant that serves pretty good coffee. I want to find out what you’re doing and what you do in business currently.

Well what I do is what I was saying is I moved away for 20 years and then I moved back and when I moved back I started up a restaurant and we were in the oil boom and we moved about 900 pounds of hamburger a week. So we were extremely busy. And now that the oil boom has kind of died down I just decided that it wasn’t as profitable and I wanted to move into more of the digital marketing. And what I have I have what started out to be as I when my parents when I came back to my parents we were helping them transition into elder age and I was rather shocked to find out that they didn’t have their will in place when I moved back. And so in turn I helped I started helping them with that process and I realize that there’s a lot of details to putting together an estate plan. Obviously they had some land so there was you know a little bit larger concern as far as how that was going to go and inheritance tax and all the other things that can go with that. And then they also had some mineral acres. So got to be very complex so I started taking notes and started putting things together and I actually have created a online course on estate planning.

And then as that was going and evolving I actually ended up with some greedy siblings and it got to be really ugly and I realized that there’s not a lot of transparency in estate planning everybody thinks oh this is my business. I want to keep it you know like my thoughts to myself and my business to myself. But in the end and the reality is is that causes a lot of chaos. It can cause destruction of families. You know my mom unfortunately didn’t really get to live out her golden years because of the fact that there was so much conflict with our children and it was really sad to watch that play out. So my goal is to bring transparency to everybody and create a online course where you can learn all the different aspects because when you go to the lawyer the lawyer is just going to tell you what you need to do for your will and your trust. But if you haven’t talked to your accountant to figure out how you need to set up your business you need an LLC. You know all the details of that you’ve got to have that information as well. And then when you go to finance I mean like it or not it’s expensive to die in a funeral right now is anywhere from 12000 to 15000 dollars.

And if you’re not prepared for that you are leaving your heirs or your loved ones with a lot of you know unanswered questions and concerns and it can be rather scary leaving those people behind and expecting them to take care of it. So you know trying to bring this course all together to educate people as far as what they need to do. And as I was doing this the process that I realized I wanted to put it on an corps and I came across a software system Coalcliff funnels and so I went through the course and learned how to do a membership site. And in doing that I realized that other people needed these services too. So even though I have the online of course I actually help people build funnels and get them going in an online course too. So kind of started one area and it kind of involved and it evolved into the other areas. So it kind of crosses over and people kind of look at me like I’m crazy but like I said it’s life. And when you see there’s an opportunity you grab it and you know I just love helping people and I’ve helped several people get their online courses together and into membership sites. And so that’s kind of how the whole digital marketing evolved for me.

Well and that’s I think the story of many entrepreneurs we get into something because we have a personal experience with it or we have a personal passion with it and then it evolves and develops into something else. You know it used to be if you told people that you did two different things they would freak out.

But there are so many people that now have their hands dunked into two different buckets that I don’t think many of us even blink at that anymore. And in your story makes a ton of sense you’ve now taken up the click funnels class and you have more experience on building an online class than than many other people.

That’s all it takes is for you to be a few steps ahead of somebody else to be able to teach them how to do that and for you I think it’s incredible that you decided well if I can do this I might as we’ll share this with somebody else but I really want to stop talking about click funnels for one second and get back into some of that estate planning because personally I just lost a really significant influencer yesterday. And all of us that were clients of hers worked with her were all kind of freaking out. Now what’s going to happen her business. What’s going to happen to all of her podcasts and all of her books. And what’s happening with it. We want to know. Not two weeks from now but today. If your estate is planned well anom that communique can already be going out to your clients. So do you cover all of that in an estate planning course with us.

Yes. That’s something that is extremely business especially to entrepreneurs because you know the reality is we’re not guaranteed as much as we want to feel that we’re immortal and that we’re going to be here forever.

You know accidents happen and I always refer back to you know those forty or fifty nine people that were at the concert in Las Vegas. You know I’m sure they felt that they had plenty of time the next morning that they were going to get up and do everything and in a split second you know their lives were taken. So we just never know. You know when it’s going to happen. But as an entrepreneur there is extreme importance of making sure that you do have it in place. And you know I mean there’s several high profile Hollywood people that you know have died without a will. And you know we recently had that Aretha Franklin you know she might have been there you know and I have to state that really angers me because she had a personal representative of a lawyer. And I had gotten into some discussion with somebody on that. And you know I hold him accountable because she had hired him as the professional to guide her. And to me it is a plot for him to get more money because now she becomes instated which means half of what she has is going to go to the state and it’s going to be argued over who should get it. And of course with him being her personal representative he’s going to get the cash flow from that. So it really angers me especially because she had eight months where she knew that she had cancer. So there was plenty of time to be putting things in place. And you know Michael Jackson’s Jackson. I mean the list goes on as far as you know all the ones out there that didn’t have it in place.

And when you are an entrepreneur in your youth you’ve got a business especially you know like you said the podcast and all that. Where is that going to go. And if she has an address that you know that’s really sad because she’s she really did a huge disservice and I’m not saying you know badly but unfortunately you know a disservice to our clients and to her heirs because even those podcasts you can still monetize those and down the road they can still be there. And you want to capture them and you know I’m sure they’re great teachings. But yes that’s the other thing you know. Where are your past codes where do you have all this stored. We actually put together it’s called a bundle of love where we have we love the people so much that we’ve gathered all the important information all the documentation and we hand him the key and we say if anything ever happens to me. It’s all right here. And that’s something that none of us want to do. It’s a lot of work. But we all need to do it because like I said you know and the other thing if you have children under the age of 18 and you don’t have a will and you don’t know who you want to raise them you know that can throw your kids immediately into foster care and then you’ve got the state choosing who raises your kids. And you know it’s I mean there’s a lot of responsibility that we just don’t think about that really needs to be addressed.

I absolutely agree with that. You know you and I had these conversations that I think probably due to my own personal experience that I want to be prepared. I I don’t want to leave my family with my boss. You know my life is something that I’m proud of but not everything is in order not. Not everything is exactly where I want it to be.

So they’re going to have to come in and you know close doors for me and make sure communication goes out for me and all of those sorts of things.

I have spent time making sure that I have wills in place that I have my passwords down that I do all that.

I’m a firm believer in what you’re doing. We even had a discussion. Who’s taking care of your animals when you pass. We have all of that figured out and the person that’s going to get our animals isn’t in town. But then what happens to the animals when we die before the animals get to the person that’s going to going to take care of that.

You know we’ve got somebody here that will take temporary custody of those cats before they move on to their new home. You need to be thinking about all that. But I also had a discussion with with my spouse last night because I’m going to have a medical procedure here soon. He’s like I’m not I’m not sure how to get into your computer. Mike I don’t understand.

I thought we talked about this unit to me and those to be having those conversations to be sure that on a regular basis even if you check that box you need to go back and be sure those people that are going to have to deal with all of those things that you created.

They know how to handle them and you’re leaving them a great avenue to do that.

Exactly. First of all I want to say I’m proud of you for having things in place and a lot of people don’t think of the animals. You know what happens to them and it is true when you have somebody and they’re not in town. What’s going to happen you know in the interim because you can’t just leave them locked up in the house. So I’m glad that you’ve thought of that and that’s that’s one of the things that we do address within the course is you know how are you. Do you have anything especially you know birds. Birds are a big thing because birds can live outlive us. And you know it’s like who’s who’s going to get. Who’s going to get the parrot. That’s right. What do we do with it. You know. And the thing is you know you think oh my family knows what I want. It’ll be OK.

That’s not always true because you know I’ve been with families where my a good friend of mine had breast cancer and you know she didn’t address any of that. And you could just see you know in the eyes of them as they were going through it’s like well you know what did she want to wear what what flowers. You know I mean there’s all these thoughts and when a loved one passes there’s over 124 decisions that we have to make. And you know an unexpected death. It’s hard. And then you have an unexpected death and having to make all those decisions because nothing’s been spoken about or nothing has been discussed that makes it even harder. So you know it’s it’s out of love and compassion that I want people to know really stop and think and. And so many of us are so busy. I’ll do it tomorrow. I don’t need that you know. I don’t own anything. Be on a checking account you own something you know there’s always that favorite Jersey or you know you’ve got that heirloom of something that somebody wants. And you know if you don’t state you know and that’s unfortunately what I experienced with my parents. You know my mom wanted us all to come together one day and like go to the house and take everything while we rescheduled reschedule rescheduled and finally you know the one that showed up showed up and now even after the probate there like I was supposed to get this I was supposed to get that.

Wow. You know it didn’t get addressed in the will it wasn’t specific on the little details of who was supposed to get the secretariat desk and who was supposed to know. But mom wanted to give that away when she was alive and it just you know didn’t always work out. And so those are the kind of questions that we really want to address. We want to make sure that the transition you know and it’s covered so and even you know one of the things that unfortunately was in my mama Dadswell was that everything was fair and equally distributed well when it came to the land. Land is never of equal value. And so in the end I’m having to pay my siblings forty five thousand dollars because my land is valued at a higher level than theirs. And I mean it’s just things like that it’s like OK now I’ve got this land but how am I going to come up with. You know the 45000. So there’s there’s so many details and so many things that if you’re not thinking about it or planning it’s not even thinking if you’re not planning for it it can be a big mess.

I absolutely agree. I’ve seen it tear families apart. I’ve seen it where brothers and sisters don’t talk to one another for the rest of their lives over stuff

Over Money. It’s it’s not worth it. But as entrepreneurs and small business owners you want to be sure your accounts are set up. You know one of the things I reassured my husband I said you’re you’re on all the accounts you can go and make changes and close the accounts as you would for our personal accounts. And it’s things like that we forget. As business owners will go set up an account and we’re the owner. And what happens if who is going to have access to that. Don’t make them go through extra hurdles to handle your business. If you are not capable.

I so appreciate what you’re doing and that that field Jodeen can you give us one chip as business owners what we should be doing to prepare for the what if know the biggest thing that I can say to an entrepreneur is to get out of your mindset that you’re going to do it later because what happens is we all think that you know while I’m not big enough I don’t have much you know whatever the excuse is to just stop and actually do it because and I don’t care if you you know write out a simple will and go get it notarized and say this is what I want. At least you have something because the big thing is if you don’t have it documented and it’s not certified and notarize what’s going to happen is you’re going to become unstated and then the state gets half of everything and people don’t understand that. So you know the biggest thing as a as an entrepreneur you know stop being in denial I guess is the only thing I can say and take it seriously doesn’t matter.

All do it after the next project I’ll do it. I’m a you know just do it. That’s all I can say is because you just never know when. And the thing is is it is it’s very exhausting because it’s a lot of mental work. It’s like you know gather up where your 401k is where you know you have retirement you know if you had a 9:00 to 5:00 did you have any investments that you came from you know and finding all those accounts. And the other thing is writing those accounts down letting you know because if something were to happen to you and you become incapacitated and a guardian has to step in be that your husband or you know somebody that you choose they got to know where to find all this stuff. And you know we go into even doing a budget. So that that way they know you know which magazine subscriptions you pay on a monthly basis. They know what all you know all is going on. And the reason that we forced you to do that is so that it makes it easier for your loved ones and in turn it helps you feel better about everything because you become more organized. And it forces you to. You know I mean look at a budget if you haven’t done that you know sometimes as entrepreneurs we would get into just you know creating and we don’t look at the backside of it. So.

So that’s really important. And I agree and as as a business coach I tell my clients you need to have an exit strategy. And sometimes there’s exit strategy. And there’s exit strategy. And I would assume none of us want to leave her business by dying.

But some people do choose that they want to work in their business until they’re no longer here whatever your exit strategy is you need to have one because that’s what good business owners do. But I’m looking at this clock here Jodeen and I do want to talk a bit about finals because I know people struggle with that. So can we maneuver over real quick and talk about some funnel stuff. What is the biggest thing that people struggle with with funnels and how can we get over that hurdle.

I think the big thing when it comes to a funnel and you know working with a software are you know trying to figure out what’s best. I know there’s there’s other software systems out there. The thing is as I have learned and I realize that if you’re not a tech person then hire it out because you can waste so much time trying to figure out what you’re doing and if you don’t have that all figured out it can become exasperating. So you know that’s one thing I recommend for people is to really look at what their strengths are. And yes I’m a firm believer that we need to know how to work the software and I know you know how to do the procedures and because that’s that’s what I did as well. But there are some things that I’m not good at and I teamed up with other people and said OK you’re much better at this than I am. So when I get this will you do this for me. You know can I hire this out to you. And so I think that is the first thing on it. But the biggest thing is you know just keep it simple. I think a lot of people have gotten into. You know you’ve got to do this step this step that step and you know forty nine steps later they’re going around in circles. So you know I’m a firm believer of just keep it simple. And the other side of that too is we as entrepreneurs tend to have to have everything perfect before we throw it out there.

And my theory is throw it out messy and clean it up as we come across the problems because the sooner you get it out there you’re monetizing it. You’re getting momentum and you start feeling good about it. And the reality is as you create a course and as you do things you’re going to be perfecting it along the way. And so you know if you sit here just keep it in the background not keeping you know not putting it live you’re not doing anybody really any good. Because until you get it out there and get it live and see you know maybe your client even though you know your clientele maybe they’re looking for something different and you know even on my course I’ve I’ve read did it originally I was kind of holding everybody’s hands. But you know a lot of people that I work with are really busy and so you know I set it up so where they can go in and they can you know at 3:00 in the morning if that’s the time that they’re awake and they want to be doing it everything is there there’s video set up where they can go through and they go Oh I know you know and if there’s a question they can reach out to me and I can answer it. But so far it’s been very successful.

You know just letting them do it as they are and finding out what their needs were and there’s so much in that last segment I’m going to suggest to the folks that if you did not hear what Dean was talking about you might wanna go back in and replay that because she puts so much in that segment and I fully agree with everything that she said. What is one of your favorite things to do with funnels Sjodin and the probably. The best thing is the people

I enjoy. Going in because a lot of times what you know people love what I’m finding or my clientele. They actually have courses that they’ve done online. Like there’s units in Facebook a lot of people have put them in there and they’re like hey wait a minute I want to you know I want to put this in a funnel and so you know I always try to make sure I go in and actually learn their personality because I want. And what the the membership site to speak their their voice and not mine. I try not to cookie cutter and I try to customize it so that you know it’s really who and what they are and you know that the comments that I’m getting back as I really like this you know and when I hear that then I feel satisfied and I know that I’m doing a service to them.

Nice. And I think there’s a piece of that though even though they like it you’re not satisfied until they’re seeing a difference in their business.

Exactly. Exactly and that’s why I always tell them you know we’re going to put this out messy and we’ll clean it up as we go because you know even what we do. It may not be serving the clientele that they’re getting. So you know sometimes they have to tweak it and make some changes. So nothing’s ever perfect but you know we just go through it and see how we can make it work and go from there.

And I’ll be the first to say that funnels is it’s not easy. It’s a lot of timing.

It’s a lot of technique it’s a lot of not only technical technique but it’s also what words do you say in what order do you say those words and what keywords are you using. When do you launch it. There’s so much that goes into funnels that that learning curve is so steep. The best way to do it unless you’re going to spend a ton of time is to hire somebody and let them give you the roads and maybe they help you with the personel and then you go out and try to learn it on your own. But I think bringing in expertise like Dean is the absolute way to go.

It helps a lot. And the thing is is you’ve got to realize too that there is so much easier if somebody has set it up for you and got it all hooked up and you know all the links together because then you can always just clone it you know if you want to do another one you can clone it and then it’s just so much simpler than starting from scratch and saying OK what do I do.

Now I know there’s a lot of people that are techie and they love to do that. And if that is then go for it. But you know if the if you’re a coach then focus on what you do best and that’s coaching your clients and that’s why I always said my job is to help them do their job better and by getting you know like a membership site and in in place for them then they can focus on going out there and helping their clients and coaching their clients better.

I love it and I’m looking at that time. It never works for me. I always want to talk about things that I have the time to while these podcasts give us a last minute.

A quick tip or two that you have for us in terms of building funnels well.

Like I said the biggest suggestion are you know take away if you’re scared and don’t know what you’re doing. Raiche out to people because that’s one thing within our community.

Everybody has been very helpful and everybody you know you might find one gnarly person but don’t know brush them off be a duck. There’s always going to be that one and the minute I say everybody’s loving and compassionate then somebody is going to come back at me and say whoa that’s not true. But overall it’s a very compassionate and very caring. There’s a lot of teachers in the organization. You know my mom was a teacher so I think that that’s my passion too I love to teach people. I watched her always teaching children and teaching us as we were growing up. And so I think that you know if you’re out there struggling trying to figure out how to do it Raiche out to somebody if you want to reach out to me I’d be happy to help you but just take the step and you know and do it. Because once you get into it and you realize you know the big thing that I hope people do is strategize it’s like OK what what’s your overall goal. What do you want to accomplish here. And you know we really kind of break everything down as to what how we can monetize everything you know for them what the fastest way we can monetize it. But we really break down what their overall goal is. And a lot of questions that we ask you kind of think about but you probably really haven’t put deep thought into it and it helps bring clarity and focus to you. And you know that’s that’s probably the biggest hurdle that you can overcome is you know getting that clarity and becoming concise as what is know what it is that you want to accomplish.

And in the end result well that’s a change in perspective for our listeners today because I personally have always thought about tunnels funneling in the clients. But you’re saying it also funnels in us as the founders the owners the sales people we get funneled in just like they do and everybody gets focused in on the same thing. I think there’s a ton of value in what Jostein is doing to help you get focused and bring in more profits to your business. I always like to say their healthy profits because sometimes we spend wildly and we don’t want to do that if Jolene’s works so hard to help us build those those businesses and those funnels for us. But Joe D. This is where I’d say to our listeners I hope they’ve enjoyed today’s interview with you Jostein and they’ve learned about creating their life exit strategy if they do not have their life exit strategy. And what I say their love letter to their family because when you don’t have that exit strategy in your business is not their passion. Give them that love letter.

Thank them for for taking care of you and more importantly let’s get some money in your pocket so that you can make sure when they do take care of you at that life exit strategy that they have reaped some benefits to working through some of what you have built a lifetime building. I know I’ve loved today’s episode your full show notes links to the episode as well as our social media links and Joe Deines thinks which is more important because you want to contact her connect with her can be found at EoE. E Now dot com slash podcast. And as always the best part about my show is the listeners. So if you like the show take a few minutes to subscribe. Give us a review. Tell us what your Lubben what you are not Lubben. Let’s get it so that you absolutely love coming back here next week and of course your friends Sjodin.

Thank you so much for taking your time out this morning. Rearrange your calendar to be here for us. I appreciate you in your friendship. Atonce.

Thank you so much and I hope by bad at some value to your listeners and I’ll look forward if anybody has questions I’d be happy to reach out to them and help them in whatever way I can serve them.

And I just appreciate you for adding value to me and I hope that I get that back to you guys you have and we will see you back here next week.

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