Hiring managers understand the challenges that come with finding the perfect candidate for a position. Here are five elements to consider when looking for the best person for the job.


This will most likely be the first exposure you have to a potential candidate. In addition to the meat of the resume, be sure to pay extra attention to the resume details. Any sort of grammatical error or spelling mistake is a red flag that this candidate might not be a good fit. Especially if you receive a large number of applications, it will be critical to be able to weed out the resumes that are not up to par.

Skills Testing

Depending on your industry, you may be able to offer a skills test in an effort to rank your potential candidates in a purely objective manner. Issuing a skills test before hiring will let you know that a candidate can handle all of the rigors of the job. Administering a test with black and white answers will take out the guesswork and eliminate the subjective elements of the interview process.


How candidates handle the interview process is generally a good indicator of how they will respond to job stress and challenges. Do not be afraid to ask the tough questions during an interview. It is these questions that will reveal the candidate’s character and ability to step up to the plate when placed in difficult situations.

Harness the Power of References

Do not make the mistake of overlooking the references on a resume. Be sure to follow up with all of these contacts and thoroughly ask the right questions in an effort to ascertain if this candidate is what you are looking for in a new employee.


After you have gone through the proper interview protocol, you will need to look at all of the intangibles. Central to this examination is an analysis of a candidate’s personality and how he or she will mesh with current employees. The ideal job candidate will be a good match with the existing company culture and will seamlessly fit in with the group.

By taking care to go beyond the resume when looking to hire a new employee, you will ensure that you are thoroughly vetting all potential candidates and putting yourself in the best position to make a successful addition to your team. Doing a little extra work during the hiring process can make for a sound investment in the long run.

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