Many years ago, millions of households had landline telephones, and every resident had to communicate in a confined space through a cord going into the wall. As technology advanced, phones became cordless, and teens gained more freedom. Thanks to the lack of a cord, they could roam around a home while talking on the phone. Today, cell phones are nearly everyone’s main source of communication, and access to the digital world has completely changed how young professionals communicate.

Habit-Changing Communication

Email revolutionized correspondence, but communication in the digital age is all about speed. Everyone wants to relay a message quickly, which decreases the need for long conversations. When young professionals want to tell someone something these days, they will often send a short text message or use a one of the communication platforms available as business tools. Thanks to current messaging trends, teens have created new ways to text and sentences have become shorter. For young adults, this isn’t a problem because they understand the shorthand. However, people over 50 who work in a business environment may not comprehend the latest texting trends, and the lack of clear, consistent information can make the process of working together as a team quite challenging.

Adjust and Adapt

In a digitally driven environment, young professionals have to adjust to the ever changing communication landscape. They also have to keep up with the latest trends in order to communicate efficiently on the newest devices using social media tools and texting software. The biggest challenge is that this adaptation and adjustment is ongoing. The process is continual. Because developers keep releasing updates to their apps and software, devices routinely need to be tweaked if not entirely upgraded. When a platform has a major software update, the entire interface for an app may change, and a young professional will have to learn how to adjust accordingly in order to communicate efficiently.

The Etiquette of Digital Communication

Although the digital age makes the process of communicating easier, it has led to some confusion and awkwardness. Any new technology requires some accompanying standards of propriety, especially in a business setting. Just as people really had no idea of how to deal with telephones at first, they have had to learn a new etiquette of digital communication. Although much of it is common courtesy and the rest is common sense, a professional standard for business communication should be observed. Remember that sharing information with colleagues at work isn’t the same as chatting with your friends.

The digital world gives young professionals great ways to communicate if they fully understand how to adjust and adapt. One thing is certain. These technological changes will keep on coming.

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