If you were to rank the important skills for your business, sales negotiation and marketing are probably pretty close to the top. After all, who doesn’t want to make more money? What most people probably don’t know is that both marketing skills, and negotiation skills, are secretly one in the same. Here’s how.

The Power of Persuasion

Both marketing and sales have one goal in mind: To close. In sales closing the deal generally involves handing over money, the signing of a contract, or both. In marketing, the deal can be considered closed when the potential customer clicks on the link, visits the storefront, samples the service, etc. In both cases, the individual is using techniques and tactics that allow them to identify or create a need in a potential client, then presenting them with a solution to that problem. Basically, they make a promise, and that through either explicit or implied promise, they fill the need and make the customer or client leave feeling satisfied.

The Potential of a Promise

These promises are the core of both marketing and sales. The explicit promise of the good or service, plus the implied promise of the context come together to frame the deal and bring the customer to the table. The implied promises of a deal are in many ways more important to the sale than the explicit. If a salesman comes to the table with a lot of knowledge of the industry it can make a big business feel more confident, while a smaller business may feel a little intimidated. If the negotiator uses icebreaker topics, for example, the client will feel more at home and at ease.

Marketers use the same techniques, just in a different form. For example market innovators who use social media to post memes and have fun with their potential clients imply that they are fun, so their company must be fun, so you should choose to go there. A company that has a no-nonsense twitter account, and uses their feed to post about information in the industry, implies they are a very serious company who stays up to date on the latest information so you should trust their authority.

Who Does it Matter?

In you’re a small business, which SBE says about 99% of you probably are, then you know the value in having transferable skills and being able to have people in the company who wear many different hats. If you need someone on your sales team to get a big rush in for your clients maybe take a look at the marketers, and if your marketing team needs some fresh blood, consider sending in someone from sales at least part time to get ideas moving.

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