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Jon Umstead says there is always a better, smarter, more efficient, more effective way. My passion is finding it.
He is the COO for iStorm Group, a property management consulting firm, and in a multitude of activities relative to his work as an independent consultant & entrepreneur through Plan Canvas.  He has an Executive MBA from The Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.

His real education comes from leading a business to over 400% top-line growth in mature markets, with over 700 employees in multiple locations. Using that experience as a backdrop, an independent business consulting became a natural next step and led to the publication of the book Business is ART(articulate, revise track). This subsequently led to the development of Plan Canvas, a Strategy Execution Management (SEM) software, that is based on the book.

This interview will give you brilliant insights to strategizing your business whether you are new or you have been in business for some time.

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