As an entrepreneur, are you also stuck in the “shoulds”? You should have a blog, you should be on Facebook more, you should be active on social media, and the list is endless. Do you really have to be on everything to reach your audience?

CEO and principal content creator of Keynote Content, John Cook, has a lot of relevant input when it comes to sending a message that creates impact. He shares that you don’t have to have something new all the time. It is more important that you can deliver your take on matters that resonate with you and consequently affects your tribe too. It is more important that even when you send an already existing message, you can give it your own voice.

In this episode, John also talks about finding your “content personality”. There can be pressures about being on every platform available on the internet when you have a business. But really, you can be on one platform where you can be comfortable and be your best. You don’t have to be a blogger, if speaking on stage is where you can communicate better. You don’t have to vlog, if you can express your thoughts through articles.

Learn more as you listen on.

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Jon Cook | Podcast Positioning Elements

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Hello and welcome to. Yes you can with Virginia Phillips. I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach.

If this is your first time listening to yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired. Get insider tips for generating these 3-D sales. We all love building healthy profits. You know I always bring on these amazing guests. I really love the guests we have on today.

I think you will love the guests we have on today because it’s something you might not have thought about to bring into your business. John Cook is the founder of keynote content a content services and coffee writing agency for. Your thought leaders and he is based in Denver Colorado John and his team helps speakers coaches and consultants craft and share messages to change the world. He believes influencers have the power to shape every industry and rising leaders need a consistence. I think that might be a key word there. Consistent voice to achieve lasting impact. John welcome to the podcast.

Thank you so much. Virginia It’s great to be on here. Thank you for this time.

Thank you.

Can you give us a little more insight why you chose this particular area of everything you could do to reach out to folks.

Absolutely. So when I first got started into this this context I wanted to really branch out into copywriting and in crafting stories at the encouragement of a couple of mentors a couple different friends I say you’re a great storyteller you’re a great writer and that’s something you should pursue. And my wife encouraged me to do that and I wouldn’t have jumped into this without my wife Kara encouraging me to make that jump. And as I was getting into this more I I started a bit more soul searching and bit more thinking about I can make a significant amount of money as a copywriter for organizations. I did I did quite well with some Fortune 500 companies as their their copywriter and a couple of different accounts. And it occurred to me but I don’t want to be just helping sell another sandwich or sell another car or whatever might be whose messages are the ones that are really making the impact that are that are not making a sale nearly as much as they’re intellectually contributing to a better tomorrow.

And so as I was talking with different speakers different coaches consultants I said this is my crowd. This is the people this is the people that really can’t connect with and I can buy into their messages with or without a paycheck attached because I believe so much in what my clients are offering.

You know I’m sitting here listening to you say that and and and that’s the sweet spot.

We all want to be in our business where when we show up to work it feels cold.

Absolutely. Absolutely. And I think for a number of people who are saying I haven’t really found my crowd and it’s easy to settle and not go through the tough conversations and figure out who are the people that I really want to help not the people who can just give me the most money.

And that’s really where money is made when you’re not focused on money and you’re doing what you love. I believe that’s when the money comes in. Has that been your experience using training that you have with the coaches and the leaders that you you teach.

Absolutely. It’s one where I notice a significant jump in our in our revenue that we generated after I say you forget the money. I’m not concerned about the money we’re at a point right now or money is really not a concern from a company standpoint because we’re focusing on connecting with the right people.

And when we focused on what are the right people really meeting for us to solve and the stories that they need us to share and we focused on serving before selling it made a tremendous tremendous jump. And there was never a point I can’t recall a single point where were. So we have to make the sale. We have to make a sale even when we’re having early couple years.

But it’s more like who are the people that we can really connect with and be remarkable I think as little kids we we want to grow up to be remarkable when you think about that word and you’re that keynote content guy.

What is remarkable mean to somebody like you when it comes to coaching your clients.

What what is that remarkable state you want us to get to and I think for a lot of different people there is this pressure that well I have to do this I have to have a podcast I have to have Facebook lives I have to have a Web site and a course and a mastermind and all these things. And really it starts to just add into more of the noise and what we found that if you really create a great product. That’s remarkable. And what do we mean by remarkable it means that people will connect with a product they will connect with an experience and talk about it saying if unless people are talking about your content about your book about your podcast where it is then you need to go back and think about why aren’t they talking about it. Is it just because it’s more of the noise or is there something truly original and fresh that you may be saying the same type of content whether something’s in the wellness industry or fitness or whatever it might be or in the even in the business coaching space and like well there’s you’re one of 10000. Yes but how can you be remarkable by not being just a business coach to anyone but but being a business coach for female entrepreneurs in the 30s and 40s that’s starting to get more into your niche market.

And so the more specialized you can be the more focused in your niche the more remarkable your content is likely to be OK so there are several things you talked about in that the first piece the original and fresh is you know when you talk about the content with audiences being powerful content doesn’t always have to be original and fresh to be powerful.

No. And when we think about like the original and fresh content it means that there’s that doesn’t have to be this pressure of oh I have to come off something that nobody’s ever said before. Because it’s not going to happen. Everything that’s been said before has kind of been set in different form or another but it’s the it’s the way in which we say how do I have this sound so much like me. How does this pass the sniff test for my audience. And that doesn’t mean that with original and fresh means Hey I came across this great article is I found on income entrepreneur or somebody else’s podcast or I was in a conversation somebody else said this. And it struck me as being very profound I’d love to share it with you. Some people might have heard that that podcast before or read the article. But the fact that you’re sharing it because it resonates so much with you. That’s fresh that’s original.

They’re getting your perspective and that resonates with me so much right now and I hope it resonates with the audience. But I I binged watched and I don’t normally binge watch some videos out on YouTube where a doctor had taken another doctor’s content and put his spin on it gave them all the credit for the original thought but then put a spin on it and I will tell you I connected to that doctor’s content way better than I did the other guy’s content.

Is that what you’re talking about original and fresh and tying it to who you are in resonating with the audience.

Absolutely. And this one where we work with different clients my team and I have a team of six and myself. And when we connect our clients when I’m looking for is you we don’t have to create so much content because the world does not need more content which almost seems like a completely you know the antithesis of what we’re trying to do with our company. But what I mean by the world is we need more content. It means that there are over one hundred forty five million active blogs in the world nowadays and there are over 18 million active podcasts. There’s no shortage of content. But what the world needs is your perspective on what’s important to them. That’s what they’re creating. When someone picks up a book or reads a podcast this is how do I really get Gary V’s perspective on this or Seth Godin on this or Maria folio or whoever it might be. How do I really get their perspective in a way that says I. I’m curious because your perspective helps take my perspective to the next conversation brilliance.

I think it’s brilliant. And thank you.

And you look at that. Is that where you start to have these coaches and leaders craft their stories absolutely in it.

I think for for clients who come to us and we were blessed with speakers coaches and consultants I think one of the first things that we do is we say Let’s relieve some of the pressure let’s take some of the should out of the out of the world because we don’t anymore should show it is a very shameful word. So let’s take out the shoe ads and find out where do you really come alive with your message. And part of that is identifying and we have a what I call our M3 clarity framework and it’s just a simple framework that we walk all of our clients through for the first M is manifesto and we start put together what is a way that you can articulate what matters to you and what makes you different. And then we go into the second in which is your market that’s really digging into you know more than just an Avatar because people say oh I have a customer Avatar. Yeah but let’s dig into over 100 different questions that go beyond the avatar and find out what’s really keeping your audience up at night. What’s the status that they seek. And then we dive into message and that’s really what is the content style that fits your personality and your time commitment your resources your industry your audience interest because people come to me and say Gosh I feel this pressure I have to have a podcast or or to do a Facebook life every day and be posting on Instagram every hour and it’s it’s exhausting and I’m going.

We don’t need to add in that much more content but just saying how do you consistently show up in a way where your audience says I know that every Monday at 11:00. Virginia has a Facebook life or every Thursday at 9 am. Mike does his podcast launch or it sends out a new podcast interview. So when we think about also inside your your timeframe I mean seasons come seasons go. Somebody who might be starting as like on an absolute rock star business coach and then you know health concerns hit or maybe you have a kid and you’re needed to do the the parent life more your time commit the changes or whatever it might be. So it says let’s take some of the shows and some of the pressures off and find out what is a great fit for where you’re at right now when you finish that last sentence.

What does a great fit for where you are at right now.

That indicates to me that you believe as a business grows as coaches grow who they’re appealing to might change is that what you’re really saying to us who we need to look at our market and our message.

Absolutely. Because when we’re thinking about from a technology standpoint and entrepreneurship entrepreneurship was a middle aged game about 25 to 30 years ago. Many of your entrepreneurs were starting out. They they had already been in their industry 15 20 years. Now you look at entrepreneurship and the way that many recent college graduates if not three college graduates or even middle school students are stepping into entrepreneurship not even considering a traditional education background. So for somebody who wants to speak to entrepreneurs and really all I was a business coach for entrepreneurs and started 20 years ago well your client looks very different right now. You might have a Caleb Maddox who’s 16 17 18 years old now where your client 20 years ago was a white man in his mid 50s looks very different. And so I would think that also the way in which even the courts take the health and wellness function and nutrition and functional medicine is an incredibly growing and much needed approach to the medical and an overall health care field. Well when we look at you know if you’re reaching out to health and wellness entrepreneurs finance four or five years ago functional medicine a function nutrition attrition was really still pretty obscure as far as the actual topics and the way in which people were going to talk about how to help somebody grow their health care practice as an alternative medicine specialist. And knowing now the topics changed but also some of the demographic and the makeup and absolutely it’s finding out what is your audience looks like right now.

And it’ll be probably very different in the next four to five years what I’m hearing through that John is there might be work in there for us. Do you. So let me back up a second. I know a woman that initially when she started thinking about coaching she wanted to coach millennials right. When they left college and I said to her what are you going to be doing in four or five years from now when they’re millennials leaving from college as coaches. Do you advise us to develop a market that’s more evergreen. Or do you advise us to go with a market that we can grow with them.

Great question and it’s one where a couple of our clients are really help with their in the consultant space for corporations who are engaging multigenerational workforces. And what I mean by that is that it’s these are the consultants are saying hey we’re recognizing that the largest workforce in the world right now is no longer baby boomers. It’s millennials. But then also how do you engage millennial talent with Boomer leadership and what’s that even look like. And so when I say that you know to answer your question saying Do you have more of an evergreen approach or do you have more a or situational or kind of a a trending type of approach to market and a bit of a copout answer is yes both. And what I mean by both the saying there is there is a lot of freedom and saying What is it that you provide. I provide business consultation services to engage talent. OK. What does that look like. Some in some cases might be. Well I’m engaging millennial talent to rise into more junior leadership into mid-level leadership opportunities in the next five to seven years. Great. That’s exciting. It still fits inside your you’re more evergreen approach of helping corporations engage talent for better better talent development over the years retaining and growing talent.

But it fits inside the trend of millennial talent transitioning into the largest workforce agreed and as I’m sitting here listening to you what’s going through my head and maybe some of my listeners heads as you make that sound so easy really easy which means you’re good at what you do what I love you for that but I know there are so many coaches that believe they’re good at what they’re doing. But I have no idea how to communicate that to other people to gain sales. How do you bridge that gap to really begin to as you say in the manifesto portion fuel that passion for what they do to make it a business proposition.

Sure. Well we think that when we create these manifestos and I tell us to a variety of different people that the manifesto development for our clients is the hardest it’s the most challenging service that we offer to our clients because the manifestos end up being about 200 words 150 to 200 words. And what makes it most challenging is that it’s not supposed to be a thousand words. And so inside you know give you a longer answer to give you some more context for this. Inside that manifesto of development we’re not just articulating what is it that matters to you like what are you passionate about and why is it matter and what makes you different. But we’re also saying you’ve clearly identified the problem. Now how do we connect that problem to a solution. And so many different people that I’ve met who are coaches saying well I’ve got I see a problem and here’s my solution and they rush forward with a service or a course or a book or whatever might be without considering that between those two is market and market is who are the people that are actually going to buy this. Who are the people that are actually going to have this felt need. Is this the exact need that they’re feeling and and really to to look at how do you take from articulating your passion into actually a known service and connecting those two is saying I need to be in constant conversation with the people that I’m serving not just my clients but the people that I really want to connect with. You can’t do that unless you get out of your bubble and and you know have cold email introductions to people saying or or putting out a survey out there to a subscriber list where it is saying what are you facing right now what’s on your mind why what you lost sleep over in the last 30 days or two weeks where might be and giving them an opportunity to speak into your business so you can speak into their lives.

I’m quiet because I’m digesting that and I hope the listeners are digesting that.

You know I think that’s the crux of where coaches get into their into their own way. We feel like we’ve got such an ability to help people but we don’t know we’re meeting them where they need us to meet them. What you’re saying is to get out of our comfort zone. Go ask some people where they’re at so you can meet them there is it why is that so difficult for us coaches to do one.

I think part of this. That’s a great question because it comes back to why is it so difficult to connect with the people that we really want to help and I think some of it is an inherent in some in some small cases and definitely not most in some cases I think it’s inherent laziness. I wanted to get into this you know start my own hashtag hustle on the side and but oh it’s a lot of work to be an entrepreneur. Oh it’s a lot of work to be a coach. I can’t just tell people on there they’ll accept my my perspective as gospel truth. Oh I I need to show some proof of or some burden of proof that I’ve done the work that I can. That my process actually works. Again that’s for a small small part of the coaching population but I think primarily what keeps many coaches and consultants from really stepping out and talking is I think there’s there is some fear it’s going. I’m not sure what they’ll say or I’m not sure who you talk to are not sure what questions to ask but I think there’s also some of the the uncertainty. I don’t even know where to start. Do I do a survey. Do I do kind of a walk in the street. Do I do a meetup or a lunch or just start calling people. And I think it comes down to one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. Is mentorship. You have to you cannot be a good coach unless you are being coached yourself.

I agree with that and I agree with everything you said and I know there are folks out there that have those high level of fears that are stopping them from asking the question. But I think the overwhelmed the not knowing where to start. The if I go out there and I look like an idiot is at the end of my business things that create that fear.

Do you really guide them through that or do you push them out of the NASCAR to go experiment on their own and that’s another great question I think comes back to when.

When clients come to us and say I don’t really know who my market is and I don’t really know how to articulate the problem that I’m passionate about helping helping people have a healthier life. OK that’s great. Are you in Jenny Craig. How do we really dial that in a little bit more and for them for the clients to come to us and say John if I’m if I’m really being honest I’m kind of afraid I’m afraid of what if I reach out to people and nobody response. It’s that feeling of rejection and whoever’s listening to this you might as you’re kind of on your way maybe you’re on the treadmill right now or you’re stuck in traffic or you’re waiting to take the train into the city whatever it might be you might be facing these fears you might be in a situation where you kind of go in either it’s the fear of the unknown. Well I think I don’t think I’ve seen this imposter syndrome or it’s a feeling of the unknown. I don’t know what to ask or I don’t know who to talk to or do you know what say whatever it might be I promise you there are people out there who are craving what you have to offer. They need your message. And when we really can push past that and have the courage to say if I get my message out here and I can help change ones it’s one person’s life. What could that mean for their future forever. And when we answer that question Virginia that’s when we really start to get into these conversations and say How do I not reach out to people I think there’s a lot there I love hearing from you you know we call you the content guy but we haven’t really talked about the content piece.

Is the messaging the content piece that you really coach people on or is there another piece of that content in we miss this whole podcast that we need to talk about before you leave us.

That’s a great question. So it’s one where when people mean to say OK copying content was it even look like. So my team that we provide copywriting services we provide content creation and we say once you have an idea of kind of what your message style is and and people say OK well I need this sales copy put together. Great. That’s part of the message part of the content that much I can help you with or I need his blog or article or I need you to help me. I have a number speakers that say hey can you help me put together my feature talk. I had a client coming in just a couple months ago she said Hey I’m doing a keynote talk for for eBay. Can you help me put together my my my talk. Absolutely. So I’ve held I’ve helped clients put together content for Ted Talks and for a variety of different events and conferences. But all of it falls under the umbrella of message. What is it that we’re really wanting to say to your audience that can help them take the next step with you. And what I mean by that is whether it’s a Facebook Live or a podcast interview like we’re join right now or a keynote speech or if you are the you are that one breakout session at the end of the hallway on Friday afternoon and that nobody can find that room. And by the way the AC is not working in that room whatever it is when you’re connecting with those people in that context. It’s saying What does my message look like. And so part of the messaging is just finding out what do you want to say and then how do we package it in the way that really appeals to what your audience is looking for. That is also of course beneficial profitable to you in the end.

I love it. I love it. I love it.

So John tell me if if we worked on that water two tips that you can give us to drive our content home for our target market and to develop this great manifesto.

Well when I think about people say well focused on benefits don’t just focus on features which is very true. And I think a number of people have said in life let’s say you want to buy a vacuum while this vacuum has a 2.5 speed and it has you know this like record as this hose and attachments and accessories. Those are all features we’re really wondering is like will this vacuum get my carpet cleaner than that other vacuum and so when it comes to coaching he’ll say Well I can help you lose X number of weight or be able to lower your cholesterol or be able to build your business or whatever might be. And those are benefits and that’s great. But I also think ay ay ay ay a connected way in which you want to think about this as saying also what is the status because it’s not just benefits but you’re your content your copy whether it’s a sales page or whether it’s a podcast episode of saying we are making promises and the promise is what I’m going to tell you is more valuable than anything else so you consider doing with your time for this hour or this minute or 20 minutes whatever might be into our copy our content our messaging whatever it is that we’re we’re working on needs to fulfill on the promises that what I’m sharing with you is more valuable than what you thought you might have gotten somewhere else. And it’s not just the benefits but it’s saying it’s recognizing that when somebody is reading your sales page or somebody is going through your content it’s us being able to clearly show to them. I get it. I understand what you’re going through. In fact I’m articulating to you that even with maybe even the exact words that you’ve used to articulate the same problem I get that problem and also here’s my proven plan to show you how to fix that problem. Here’s what other people have gone through. Does that sound like saying to you is that a status that you want to have for yourself.

There is so much in that little tidbit you gave us.

I hope your listeners are listening when I hear that I immediately go to teaching a dog and I don’t mean to buy any sense of the word diminish what coaches do or influencers do but when you teach a dog you have to be the most exciting thing in the room.

You have to give that credibility to that dog that that they know that they can trust you. And what I hear is that same nature aspect. We don’t bring into dog coaching and training that we have to do that with their potential customers and clients that we have to show them we’ve got value that we have to show them we understand them and they can trust us. And here’s how they can trust us. Before we move forward.

Absolutely. And I think when it comes to four coaches really the approach I like to take is I I have an extraordinary obsession with making your tomorrow better starting today and I can’t be half hearted about it. I can’t be unclear about it but it’s saying even if. Well as I. I can afford to be a little unclear because in some sense if I’m obsessed with helping you it means I’m willing to ask more questions to get more clarity. And for so many coaches I mean it’s one where I see a lot of assumptive behavior in coaching content as coaches are put out this way. Your business is facing this and this this is this this and it goes.

Hold on a second.

Who says so it’s less of assumptive if they can say clients have told me this and this is what Sarah said. And this is what Taylor told me. And this is what Vance told me. And here’s what Stephanie told me about her business. And if we can be able to then back up it doesn’t it’s not assumptive because people told me that but as the hey your business is this and your business is going to do this the next year. Hold on a second. And whether it’s through our content or or through our sales copy but also through our in-person coaching content I strong caution I give to many coaches is Do not assume your answers are the answer for each client. And what I mean by that is so my client so many coaches are going to a new client meeting and say OK well thanks it’s great to meet you and here’s what’s going on and I recommend you change this this and this. Have you gotten to know them have begun to ask questions or are you assuming maybe on a false premise. And that’s why when you do when you really are engaging in good conversation with your clients you can then start to reflect back to them hey here’s what Stephanie told me. Here’s what David mentioned about his business and here’s what Esther said last week talking about you know being a mom and or whatever might be in reflecting back to them that I have heard you and I can reflect back to you the value that I see in the challenge that you’re facing right now so there.

There are several things I hope our listeners are taking away from that. One is I’ve heard you two I can value what you might be facing in terms of hurdles. But the third part that you talked about earlier is that promise today to make tomorrow better not three years from now not five years from now not 15 years from now but tomorrow better I think when coaches can begin to get that relevancy for them.

That tomorrow needs to be better. That window really really opens for them.

And there are tons of questions I want to ask you about this but John I want you to give us one of your favorite examples from your coaches in terms of how they’ve applied what you’ve learned and changed the lives of somebody that they were coaching.

Well is one where I have a client. And ironically her name is Stephanie and she called me a couple years ago and before I could really say hey Stephanie she’s a like John I hate my blog I hate my board. Hey hey hey hey. My blog. So hold on a second. It’s good to talk with you to tell me about your your blog. She said I spend 60 to 90 minutes three four days a week creating blog content and I hate it. I hate it. I picked up that you hated it. Tell me kind of what. Why are you creating your blog content like that. You should. Well someone told me that I should be blogging on a regular basis to build my reputation as a thought leader and I said OK well let’s just pause there because again showed us a very shaming word. We don’t need more shows in our lives. So let’s talk about do you like blogging and as it just kind of as a concept did you like blogging when you first started. I couldn’t think back to the very beginning she said No I hated it as it’s so the only reason you did blogging was because someone told you you should do it. So yeah. OK.

So are you more comfortable in front of a computer keyboard a microphone a video camera or a live audience.

And essentially what the conversation led to is really identifying what is your content style or your content personality. As my friend Shannon says what’s your content personality. And from there we identified she and asked her question. We’re the kind of moments. Are you a writer who speaks or you are speaker who writes because she’s an author and she’s a speaker and she said you know nobody’s ever really asked me that before. And she said. But she said I didn’t meet a single deadline on any of my books. But I love speaking I could speak for hours in front of crowds and really just sharing our message sharing stories sharing our process.

So OK let’s do this. You have and you’ve always had permission not to blog. So let’s stop blogging and let’s start creating short videos. And so she spends 30 minutes once a week creating short two three minute videos kind of matching it all together.

She has three times the amount of traffic she’s quadrupled her business by simply not blogging.

I hope the coaches are listening to that because I know there are coaches out there that are doing the shoots and they hate it and it’s eroding their business and they don’t know why they’re not getting traction because they’re doing things that they should be doing and not doing the things they need to be doing.

Like Stephanie was doing IEDs. That’s such a great story to tell to end with here in this podcast. But before everybody goes we want to know how to connect with you John.

How do we connect with you on what you’ve got going on in 20 19.

Absolutely. So one with a few different details and I try to like definite when I come on to share it on podcasts. I don’t like to make any type of sales pitch. It’s one where you know that’s not the point the points keep you great value. It’s one where if someone wants to connect with me and continue the conversation they can visit my Web site. Keynote content dot com. Katie why o TV. See you in TNT dot com. And I believe that might be in the show notes as well. But it’s one you can also find me on any type of social media platform. I’m there. I’m not super active on social media but because I don’t feel any pressure to be. People say oh well you know I’ve done a Facebook Live in two weeks because I didn’t want to and nobody asked me about it to now. So maybe I’ll do one tomorrow maybe I won’t. But you can find me on on social media. You can find me. I do also host a podcast copy and content for thought leaders who actually give an issue about their audience. And it’s one where I would love to have Virginia I’d love to have you on as a guest as well to share about your message because based on our conversation earlier I think you can add tremendous value to our audience as well. But yeah if you wanna go ahead and check it out. Keynote content we can you talk more about you know how can we help you get more clarity in your business especially heading into 2019 you might be stuck. You might be confused you might be even frustrated and maybe hitting your head against a brick wall saying is this even worth it again.

And remind our audience who your target audience is. Who are you looking to connect to.

I’m looking to connect with speakers coaches and consultants which is a pretty wide latitude but also it’s one that we have our own manifesto that you can find on our Web site and it’s under the start here page where it really talks about the fact that we don’t work with jerks. Life is too short to work with jerks so we don’t and we won’t. And I doubt anyone your audience really qualifies as a jerk. But it’s one where we we really are looking for those speakers coaches and consultants who actually give an issue about their audience. You need to care about serving people and then selling.

There is so much I gleaned from this. The S word is now new in my vocabulary you need to give it ish abound. I didn’t know that was a word after that’s a word. I love it.

Well you can fill it in with a four letter word or not but I choose to ish because so many people go Yeah yeah ish is a pretty good word.

I think it’s it’s about like be in my vocabulary and many other countries that are listening to this but it is that time more I tell our listeners I hope they’ve enjoyed today’s interview with John Cook who is my neighbor up the street.

I didn’t even know that until recently and I hope you learned oh my gosh the list goes on about maybe what you learned about creating original and fresh content being sure that when you are creating original and fresh content it’s the content you want to create and not the content you should be creating because that matters a whole lot that there’s that you’re working on your own manifesto that you know who your target market is and most importantly you get that message right you get that content right to produce that powerful content to turn those potential customers into current customers or clients. Those show notes links to the episode as well as our social media links and Jon’s links will be found at a o e now dot com slash podcast. And the best part about the show is always our listeners. Please take five minutes to download subscribe and review so you can tune in next week for another. Phenomenal phenomenal guest coming on. I’m really excited about the next guest that I am interviewing because he has asked for more than a year to be on my podcast.

But today is John’s day. John thank you very much for being on this podcast with us and I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

Absolutely. Thank you so much for being here for this opportunity I. I value your trust it is priceless to me and I wish you the very best. And I’m so excited for 2019

In the future. Thank you John. Thank you for coming on. Absolutely.

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