Did we just travel in time that audio is now the trend again in media? Our grandfathers or great-grandfathers would use to tune in to radio for news and interviews while tending the farm or doing the day’s work. We would have not seen this coming in the internet age.

Daniel Gefen, the #1 Bestselling Author of the book The Self-Help Addict and host of Can I Pick Your Brain?, emphasizes the relevance of podcasts and to be in podcasts if you want to be heard. Sure, you can still write articles to get the message across, sure you can still be on YouTube for publicity; but if you want to deliver your content to the rest of the population who can’t sit down, are on the go, or are just not in the moment to read or watch videos, then you definitely have to talk it away on a podcast.

In this episode, Daniel also gives us a peek about the following:
-How to take your engagements to a deeper level.
-The link between loneliness and self-help addiction.
-His journey of success and vulnerabilities.
Create your own or be a guest, just be on a podcast!

Today’s Guest:

Daniel Grefen

 Daniel is the #1 International Bestselling author of ‘The Self Help Addict & host of ‘Can I Pick Your Brain?’ which has reached over 150,000 downloads and ranked top 26 podcasts to listen to by CIO magazine. He’s appeared on over 50 top rated podcasts & major publications. Daniel was also named the top 25 most influential influencer by Influencive. After realizing the power of podcasts he launched his 5th child: Gefen Media Group.

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Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips. I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach.

If this is your first time listening yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating leads. Creating sales and building healthy profit on previous episodes. We’ve talked about building communities. We’ve talked about the need to get on LinkedIn. We’ve talked about reviews all of these things are great.

But today’s guest is going to talk to you about why you need to be guesting on other things. And I am thrilled that he is here with us. He is Daniel Geffen founder and CEO of his media group. He is the number one international best selling author of the Self Help addicted book. And I tell you I’ve read some of that’s really good. He’s also the host of pick your brain if you’ve not listen to that you need to because there are more than one hundred and fifty thousand downloads ranked in the top 26 podcasts. I think it’s probably more than that at this point. He is also appeared in over 50 of the top rated podcasts and he’s on our podcast today which I love.

He’s been in major publications. He was also named one of the top 25 most influential influencers by influences and he has had a six figure income by the age of 23. And after that it’s somewhere in that story. He went bro got evicted with the child. There are stories here but the CEO of the Geffen Media Group is here with us today. Good morning afternoon evening whatever time you are listening to this Daniel. Thank you for joining us.

Well thank you for having me. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon and good night.

Not in that order not in that order. I want to start out this come this podcast and a little bit of a different way.

I wish we knew. Congratulations. I understand you have a new baby girl a boy.

But wait I thought you had a girl. Last time I checked he was definitely male. Let’s put it that way. Well. Well congratulations on that. That’s not your first child though.

No this is number five. We’re lucky number five there now.

And we were talking before the podcast that you would never be on this podcast so soon if this was your first board.

How does it change a little bit. Be a business owner with kids coming into the house and being able to run your business. I would assume there was more struggles when you had your first four and maybe then when you’re with your board. How does that change.

It doesn’t change at all because my wife basically takes care of everything. I’m just a guest at the house. I just show up and she tells me what to do and that’s I’m pretty much like the sixth child in the house so you know I actually I run to my office much faster and I work much longer. When when we have another kid so it’s actually better for the business.

But when I also help out sometimes you know I would think you help out sometimes I gotta believe especially would she this recovery from the birth of that child that you were doing board that you were leading dad to us.

Yeah. And my in-laws are here which is you know a good thing and they’re not so good thing depending on who you are. And. Ed

I love that we’re open to this podcast with with some realism.

You know I introduced you as having six figures by the age of 23 but somewhere in there you got broken got evicted with with one I’m assuming with one of your children.

Well hopefully yeah. I mean my wife and that’s my wife not telling me something. It was you know it was our first child.

We had our first child and then shortly afterwards we were evicted and it was not it was not fun. It was not a fun time of my life. It was 2008.

So those of you listening to this if you remember 2008 I probably don’t need to say much more.

No you don’t need to say much more. You have no plans of getting evicted with this last baby right. I don’t have plans for anything but whatever

Whatever happens happens I mean one thing I’ve realized I’m not old I’m I’m sorry for but I would say that in the short amount of time that I’ve lived on this planet I’ve realized that whenever we plan it usually we’re in for a surprise. So I try not to plan too much. I try to go with the flow take every day as it comes sometimes I take every hour as it comes because you know sometimes I’m just I guess I get so overwhelmed that I just need to just say OK. Daniel what are we doing for the next hour. Let’s just focus on the next hour. So the answer to your question is No I don’t. I don’t know. I don’t know. I have no idea.

Tons of plans. I just try to do.

Well let’s let’s talk about that a second because you have been a CEO for more than a minute. You’ve built a really great media group at this point and really great company you’ve had success previous to that. But this idea of the fact that we need to be able to go with the flow that we we don’t need to have things so set in stone. How is that helped you build your your self-esteem and how has that helped you build your business over time.

Well let’s take this as an example right now. OK I’ve come on your show and we’ve never met.

Right. Whenever this is the first time we’re speaking and and most of the people that are listening to this I don’t know I don’t know who they are and where they are but high. And they’ve never heard the most likely have never heard of me and I haven’t prepared or planned anything in advance for this episode because and the reason why is very simple because I want it to be real and I want it to be genuine and I don’t want it to be you know copy paste template id you know I’ve had a lot of guests I have my own podcast show you mentioned called Can I pick your brain. And you know I do it freestyle because I found that when you’ve got a list of questions or when you’ve got an edge and when you’ve got a template it’s script you come across as robotic. You don’t sound human. And so you can’t really connect on a deep level with the people you’re speaking to. Right. And so I find that when I’m just in the moment and I’m just being genuine and being real and whatever you’re going to ask me I’m just going to answer it with sincerity.

It’s not gonna be a canned response it’s just going to come out as is. And you know what’s interesting as well is I might go on a podcast three months from now and say something completely different. I might have a different answer to the same question because hey guess what things change you learn you adapt you grow you innovate and that’s what life’s all about and people who don’t innovate and don’t grow end up becoming obsolete like Blockbuster for example they say you know Netflix the reason why Netflix completely wiped the floor with Blockbuster even though Blockbuster was this gigantic mammoth company is because blockbuster got too big for their boots and thought that they were going to last forever and they didn’t innovate. They didn’t they didn’t you know get current and Netflix came along and before you know it who’s watching you know who’s watching Netflix I am on binge watching Breaking Bad right now and nobody’s going to Blockbuster.

Right. So that was a long answer.

Well I’m I’m OK with the log answers. I know we’ve had guests on before and our listeners are used to long answer so please feel free to give us long answers.

Sometimes though because I could end I tend to talk and sometimes you have say Daniel shut up OK. You’ve spoken enough.

I don’t know that I wouldn’t do that. I.

One of the things I was attracted to having you on as a podcast guest is because I do think you were really good at bringing that authenticity to your company to your product to your brand. You know when I when I look at your profile you talk to was that you’re just like everybody else. You have your eggs and beans for breakfast. Now I might I might not have beans but I know there are a lot of people that have eggs and something else for breakfast and and for me that brings in that that human authenticity to city to your brand. So do you want to talk about how you were doing that. Not only on your website but also how you were doing that in your podcast.

Well let’s take the words you just use.

You said the word brand company what was the other one you said brand company and product right now notice when I say those words brand company product do they elicit any emotions to they get you emotional today.

Did this do you have any feelings towards those was a trigger you in any way. And the answer is No. It doesn’t mean anything. Right. And so when what I see is when brands don’t have a face when they don’t have a press personality then people don’t connect to it. And we’re living in a generation now where people crave connection we crave human connection more than ever. Or the reason why is because everybody is on their phones everyone’s on line. Everyone has a social media Avatar. All right. Everybody’s hiding behind their laptops. And the problem is is that even though it’s really easy now to connect with so many people I mean I’ve got 5000 friends on Facebook and I’ve got you know 10000 connections on LinkedIn and you know 4000 followers on Instagram and all this stuff and the problem is is that they’re just numbers. They don’t mean anything right. I don’t know about you but when I was in math class I was literally dribbling drooling on the table because I was so bored right. I don’t connect with numbers but I love people we love people. And so if a brand or if a company or for product wants to sell itself it better have a personality because otherwise people aren’t going to connect to you. Right. So people listening to this right now you know if they want to learn about branding and how do I you know get more followers and how do I get my social media analyst off they’ve got to get back to the basics the basics are you going to tell great stories. You got to engage with people on a personal level and let your personality shine through. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty you know I mean like to share things that are maybe not so comfortable because the truth is is that people connect most with people who are vulnerable when you’re vulnerable and you’re open and you don’t have this sales pitch and this agenda.

Then we want to we want to work with you because you’re a human being. But if you throw a spammy pitch in my face and you say I’ve got this product by this or you send me to the sales page which is just so sales salesmen it’s literally you know cheese dripping off the pizza then I’m not I’m just not going to I don’t want to do business with you. Right. There’s a reason why over 200 million people have those ad blockers on their laptops because we don’t want to be sold to we don’t want to see ads. All right. You go on YouTube when was the last time you watched an ad on YouTube. Right. It’s like five four three. OK get off already. Come on Skip skip skip right. We want to get rid of it because we don’t want to be sold too but we love engaging with real people. So if you learn how to engage with people on a deeper level than you going to concrete. You’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna completely dominate your space because I guarantee you that ninety nine percent of people in your space are doing what everyone else is doing which is the same old same old just you know branding and you know building a social media following it all the city. Is doing the same thing but nobody’s actually being vulnerable and sharing their personal stories. And that’s what’s key. That’s what separates you from everyone else.

Do you think that’s why your podcast is so successful.

Yeah I mean look I have great guests on my show which really helps but it’s also because when I talk to my guests I don’t do the same thing which a lot of podcasts do which is so what’s your favorite book. So what’s your favorite color. What shoe size. Like you know just come on like. Right. I try to dig deep.

I try to get them to open up because again I want the audience to connect to them on a deeper level on a more personal level. And that’s what makes people engaged in it. That’s why stories stories sell because ever since we were very very young you know we we were enthralled by stories. We love stories right. Think about the old movies or the shows that you watch that you binge watch right. What keeps you engaged. It’s the story. It’s the character development and I mentioned before that I’m binge watching Breaking Bad right on season four right now. And the reason why it’s so addictive is because you’re following the story and as it’s unfolding and you’re getting emotionally connected to all of the characters like you know for example what’s his name that the main character.

How can I not freaking name Hank.

Yeah I’m not gonna be able to help you because I’ve never watched the show.

His name’s Hank but I said no Hank is the police officer Cheeseman. I have a really bad memory when it comes to names. Now I bet you there’s a bunch of people listening to this right now that literally really like scary.

How could you forget that they like screaming his name they’re screaming at me too because I’m not watching it.

Like how could you not be watching it. Walter Fudge thank you. Someone said it loud enough and I heard you thank you. Julie in Indianapolis thank you for shouting loud enough. I heard you OK. Walter that’s his name. Oh or they call him Walt and you connect to each character right.

You connect to each one and as they evolve their characters evolve and the story unravels and we’re hooked we’re hooked by the story and that’s how we need to do business today. It’s by telling those stories by getting people to connect you on a personal level and have them wanting more of you wanting to know more about you.

And then when we connect that we create that connection. We’re building trust. We’re building rapport and ultimately people want to buy who they’re going to want to buy from do they want to buy from someone they don’t know a brand that they’ve that they don’t have a relationship with or a person a human being.

I know I always want to buy from human beings but I like to connect to human beings too. I’d I don’t like to feel like a number and I think that is the case for many of my listeners. They don’t like to feel like a number or an asset to somebodies business. I don’t I don’t know if you’ve heard but in the United States we’ve just recently had some major layoffs with our car manufacturing facilities.

And what you’re hearing from those employees is they are upset because they no longer feel human to the companies anymore. They feel like an asset and that is the message I I’m hearing from you. That is something that’s woven into everything that you do that you are making this human connection. Why. Besides it’s good for business. Is this so important for you to have this human connection because it’s not about business ultimately.

You know people don’t really want to work. I mean unless you’re unique. I don’t want to work right. We don’t want to work we want. We don’t even want money. As such people say I want to make lots of money. No you don’t. You want what money buys. Whether it’s security you know a nice house you know you want you know take take take your spouse out for a good meal you know you know give your children a great life. You want to travel the world you know whatever it is that money can buy. That’s what you really want. We don’t really care for business. We don’t really care for money. So ultimately it’s not about it’s not about business. It’s about living. And by nature we we want a connection because we otherwise we feel lonely. Loneliness is the biggest killer of our generation especially because if you think about it we’re the most connected generation ever in history. And yet we’re the loneliest generation. You know look how many people are depressed and lonely today and yet they’re connected to thousands and thousands of people. You know my grandfather your grandfather probably only met maybe two or three hundred people in his entire life. Imagine that. And today we’re in touch. We could be in touch with hundreds of people a day. You know we could be in touch with thousands of people a day. And we’re so lonely. Why yeah. Why. Why we why are we so lonely why we craving that that deep intimate connection with other people. Because it’s because it’s natural because that we’re in bloom with it. That’s all. You know the first thing a baby when it comes out wants to do is is connect to its mother.

And you would know this. I would know this because it recently happened to me you know it came out and we won’t go into details but you know I agree with everything that you were saying.

There was a statistic and I don’t remember the numbers but I always used to think that the loneliness occurred when you’re more elderly. You know when you’re 70 80 90 that those folks that have lost spouses and and they don’t have the ability to go out as much are the lonely generation.

But there was a statistic a stat I heard that said people at the age of forty six and at the age of 40 and even much younger than that are also really lonely. We are missing that level of connection. Which brings me to ask you about is is this why you think some of us are so addicted to this self-help aspect of it.

Well okay so the self-help I mean the book that I wrote was called the self-help addict.

It was it is still it’s still it’s yes it’s still there it’s a really great book. You should read it.

I did. Oh you’re talking to the audience. I kidding. I read the self-help.

I think the reason I wrote it was because I found myself addicted to self-help and you know for me Self-Help Addiction comes from a place of really not not believing that we’re good enough.

And also it comes from a place of fear. To be able to achieve. So what we have what tends to happen is that we we use just like a person would use drugs. All right. Just like people are addicted to drugs or alcohol. We use self-help as a way to drug us. So for example I might go into a bookstore or go on to Amazon and buy a book a self-help book. And essentially what I’m buying is I’m buying hope the whole self-help industry is essentially selling hope.

And the reason why we need hope is because we don’t believe in ourselves. And so when we go to a Tony Robbins seminar or we watch a webinar online or we watch you know motivational videos we read self-help books we’re just injecting ourselves with hope.

The problem is is that you know if we if we don’t have that that strong core foundation where we believe in ourselves and we accept ourselves in other otherwise I believe I can achieve whatever I put my heart to. And at the same time I actually don’t need to do anything because I’m already perfect and those are two conflicting feelings. And yet even though it’s a paradox they can coexist. And so what essentially happens is we we escape because we don’t know how to handle it. And so the escape ends up becoming this ongoing cycle. Buying a book going on a webinar you know signing up to a course going to another event buying another book doing the cycle again. And we find ourselves in this frustrating situation where you know we’ve been doing this for years and we feel so burnt and we haven’t accomplished anything and we still feel empty and then what we discover is that even when we accomplish something we want to accomplish. We still feel empty. So you know let’s say you wanted to earn four thousand dollars a month and you said well I’ll mind if only I can earn four thousand dollars a month. That would be it. I’d be happy I’d be set. That’s it. And then you hit it. The next thing you know within a short period of time you’ll like I’m going to get to ten thousand. Right. And you feel that that emptiness that I’m gonna get. Ten thousand then you get to ten thousand and then you want 20. And that’s just how it works. We just have that constant constant pit of emptiness that never can get filled.

And we just don’t feel good enough and that’s the real issue.

And I think that ties directly into what we were talking about before with the fact that folks are lonely. I think we are searching for that that piece that makes us feel valued that peace that we can stand on our own two feet and say the world sees me.

And so we just continue to go out and search for these things we read these books and we we’re overthinking as you talk about in that book you know that that need for self help and meet we get into this cycle of being that self-help suffer. So when when we’re reading this book Daniel you go into things like we have self-doubt. We procrastinate. We’re indecisive. How do some of those things also perpetuate this self-help cycle.

Well the UN decisiveness essentially comes from a place of feeling overwhelmed and that comes from too much choice.

So going back to what I was saying before about the generation and how you know we’re so connected we also have more knowledge at our fingertips than ever before. I mean you know my 10 year old son you know you can you can find out about you know you can know more about a subject than you know than than I did growing up why that I know I’m 30. You know I’m in my thirties and suddenly my son watches a couple of youtube videos and he’s an expert in whatever it is. You know it’s it’s incredible how how quick and how much access we have to knowledge and you know the quote that people say knowledge is power.

It isn’t. It used to be. It used to be power. It’s not anymore. The reason why knowledge used to be power was because it was rare you couldn’t have access to it unless you studied and unless you had contacts with people who were experts in that specific industry or less you went to a unless you are privileged and you went to a good school. Right. But today knowledge is everywhere. Right. Imagine if you went to a city and there were diamonds everywhere literally all over the floor.

Right you go bonkers you start collecting the diamonds and then filling up sacks and sacks and people would think you’re not. You’d be like Oh my God this diamond said like yeah they’re everywhere. Big deal right. When something’s a commodity when something’s not rare it’s not valuable anymore. People don’t care for it. Knowledge is a is a commodity. It’s everywhere. All right. You can access anything you want just google it. Hey Google how do I create a rocket ship and literally Google go. Well what you need isn’t there and boom right.

It’s insane. So. So with all this knowledge you would think that we would have more power and that we would accomplish more. But that’s not the case as you know. Right. So what actually happens is the opposite because we have so much knowledge we get overwhelmed by it.

And then we get stuck and we freeze and we can’t make a decision for example let’s say I took you to let’s say you walked into a store and you want to buy a dress and I showed you you know one particular dress that that you like. And I said well and you said well what callers do you have it. And I said Well we actually have 50 colors with 50 different colors all different shades of blue shades of yellow shades of red. Just incredible array of different colors. You’d sit there you’d be like Oh my God I don’t know which one like what. And most likely and they did a study on this. You you would you would leave without buying anything but if you came in and said well what college do you have and I said well actually you’ve got three options you’ve got you know black white or red you know then you’re the likelihood of you buying or making a purchase skyrockets because now it’s much easier because now you just need to eliminate one or two and boom you buy one so the more options we have the more overwhelmed we get the less action we actually take so if you’ve ever sound YouTube and watched a video and then suddenly you click on another video and then you click on that video and then three hours later you haven’t done anything.

It’s because there’s too much information we’re overwhelmed there’s too many many choices. And you know you probably don’t know the story that the listeners probably don’t know the story. But I used to live overseas and used to shop sometimes at our corner store where I might go for soup and they would have two cans of soup. That was it not 50 not 50 different varieties with 100 different cans but two cans of soup.

And when I moved back to the United States I would go in and they would have a whole shopping I old bowl of soup and I’m like I don’t even know where it is. I don’t even know where to start with this.

What do I do I was so overwhelmed it backed a guy from the grocery store came in and said Can I help you with a bike.

No I think I’ll be OK but what you were saying in terms of choice we we have those choices all day long every day. And not only do we have them in our personal lives but we have them in business and our clients also have those choices which is partly why I think making that human connection and bonding with folks emotionally is a way to help them come over with that overwhelm and start making choices to to do business with you. So I want to switch this conversation a little bit Daniel and start talking about what you were doing in terms of podcasting and helping us as business owners connect with that human story through podcasting right.

Yes. So podcasting right now is definitely the most efficient way to create a personal connection with your audience. And the reason why is because you know first while people are on the go constantly multitasking and it’s incredible how short the attention span is today.

I think a recent study shows that about you know I would say about eight seconds is these is the average attention span with the especially the younger generation which is crazy right. Eight seconds that’s the attention span video. It’s very hard to get someone engaged on a video because again like I said because we’re on the move and we’re always moving about you know to watch a video you’ve really got to be sitting and stationary so you can’t watch a video while you’re driving you can’t watch a video while you know you’re doing yoga or while you’re running on on the running machine at the gym or outside or whatever it is commute to work.

It’s hard to watch video reading an article same thing you’ve got to really be stationary to read an article but to listen to a podcast that you can do you know anyway pretty much right. Driving running. Right. In fact I would bet that most of the people listening to this right now are engaged in some other activity. I would guess so too. Absolutely right.

So and not only that but 30 minutes of a podcast I mean imagine trying to get someone to read a 30 minute article or 30 minute video. It has to be you know really engaging and they’ve got to be able to really set aside that 30 minutes of of just completely focusing on the video and nothing else. Whereas with podcasting again like I said you can do that while doing it and doing other things. That’s the first thing I would say because you have that kind of attention span you’re able to go deeper you’re able to share your stories and you’re able to create that emotional connection with the audience that you couldn’t do on a 60 second video or a short article and so often when we get into articles we’re so professional with it that we don’t bring in the human aspect of it.

We we forget to do those little tidbits like you talked about at the beginning. My parents are here they’re helping us with the kids. We’re not throwing those antidotes into our articles in our books we probably would but into our professional blogging articles we’re probably not throwing that information in there.

Yeah it’s a very good point. The other thing I want to mention as well is that you know with with podcasting a lot of people are camera shy. You know they got it. They got to look perfect especially again again in this generation where we’ve got all the filters and the angles and you could take it a hundred different pictures pick the right one right. So people are camera shy. They don’t want to get in front of the camera doing the videos especially for a long period of time but to be able to just speak is a lot more natural.

And and you’re not focused on that in fact before we jumped on this this podcast together. We had our videos on so we could see each other. We were talking. We did. Yes. You know you said you know let’s switch off our video. And the reason why we switch off the video is so like you said is that you can you know not get so you’re not distracted by my ugly face. Right. You could just listen to what I’m saying without being distracted by that massive huge pimple I’ve got on my nose. I’m just kidding. So. So that that’s another thing about podcasts is when you get on when you get on podcasts you can do it literally in your pajamas. I mean you know from your bedroom you don’t have to go anywhere you don’t have to travel you have to get on stage you don’t have to book hotel. You don’t have to be on video and you could be speaking to thousands of people literally all over the world in your pajamas.

It’s crazy well. And even if you don’t want to speak to thousands of people all over the world maybe you want to speak to the 10 core clients you have. This is a great way to develop that relationship with them so that they can listen to you on the go in hear those personal stories you can’t do on a 30 minute business consult right.


And again you know whenever you pick someone to call one a 30 minute business consult there’s always the elephant in the room which is OK you’re trying to sell me something. There’s an agenda here. Right. I have to commit the reason why most people turn down sales calls is because they don’t want to commit to anything. They want to feel like they need to commit. But if you say hey you know I’ve got this podcast and you know I’m sharing this free valuable information. They’re like Oh great. You know especially if you make it engaging and the topics that they are interested in.

So now they’re getting to know you on a personal level again. And and once they get to know you and they trust you and they like you then they’re more likely to then get on a call and say oh you know what. I’d love to see what they have to offer.

And they’re more likely to share you with their network because there’s also that aspect of it they’re like did you hear this great podcast. You need to tune in. It gives them the ability to connect you with their network a little bit easier than to try to connect up with a 30 minute console which seems to be overwhelming for too many people. You know I’m looking at the time here and I wish I could talk to you for forever. And I want to be sure our listeners understand exactly what you offer them and and how they can tune in. So I know you’ve got some great podcasts.

What are they and where do they find them so we’ve got a weekly I’ve got our weekly podcast where I interview successful entrepreneurs including billionaires and Fortune 500 CEOs and New York Times best selling authors and that’s called Can I pick your brain and the other show is a daily show called the Daniel Geffen show with one of the Daniel Geffen show. It’s a daily episode it’s 10 minutes and it’s basically just me walking in the park talking to myself pretty much basically sharing my ideas of the day.

And they’re great ideas because this is a man who’s a father of five and he has a ton of wisdom not only in terms of fatherhood but also in terms of business because he has built successful businesses over the years and has a ton to share. I’ve listened to several of his podcast. I think there’s something that you maybe should listen to a little bit at least every once in a while. But you also have this really great book. What is this book that you have.

Daniel it’s called the self-help addict.

They could find that on Amazon notice website and in case you were gonna go there. And most importantly because these are entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses what are some of the things that you have for reference points that they can tune into to learn or maybe engage with you they can go to Daniel Geffen dot com with one F as on Geffen dot com and what are they going to find there.

Some cheesy guy trying to you know thinks he knows it all.

I have a feeling is good to talk to you about looking at podcasts being guest on podcasts which I’m learning more and more how valuable it is to be guests on other people’s podcast.

That’s definitely a group that’s the company website. Sorry I gave you the. Yeah.

So this one. What’s on this particular website.

Daniel Geffen dot com is where I have all of my podcasts and your self-help book and the book so they can find everything there is to find out more about the services I offer which will help them to get either launched their own podcast or get featured on other podcasts. They need to go to Geffen Media Group dot com and again Geffen is with one f so Geffen media kook dot com.

And if I as the host of confused you at this point you know we are going to put all of his links in there. I’ve been to his site. So if you’re looking to get listing to his podcast and getting into his book which I think is phenomenal go to one Web site and if you are looking to look at getting on guest as a podcasting guest or to start your own podcast and some of his other services go to Geffen Media Group. So those two things will be in the show notes. People can tune in but I usually give our guests an opportunity to to close out the show with something that they want to talk about.

So is there something you want to talk about for a minute or two Daniel that we haven’t covered by the IMF pricing we covered a lot. I think that’s great. Yeah I think we did too.

So let’s end with a story what is one of your favorite podcasting stories.

My favorite podcasting story. Well OK. This has been quite a long time.

I would say one of the most fascinating ones I heard was a guy by the name of Walter O’Brien who I had on my show. He is known as the smartest man alive with an IQ of one hundred and ninety seven. Well it’s it’s Yeah he’s smart. Yeah. And he he shared a story of how when he was 13 years old he hacked into NASA and stole the blueprints to the space shuttle and basically essentially NASA came and tried to arrest him while he was in Ireland and they flew over and tried to extradite him but they couldn’t. And you’ll find out why if you listen to the episode so go Jeff you go to Daniel Geffen just type into Google Daniel Geffen Walter O’Brien you’ll find the show and I’m going to ask Daniel to give us a link to that particular episode it will be in the show notes so that you can go find it and listen to it.

But it sounds like that smart young boy got into a little bit of trouble with his intelligence and I love those stories but this is the time where I tell our listeners we hope you’ve enjoyed today’s interview with Daniel Geffen with one F and that you’ve learned about the need to be authentic and vulnerable the need to connect with the people in your life and your business audience.

The fact that we don’t want you to be a number to us as much as we don’t want to be a number to you that and look at the overwhelm you have in your life more information isn’t always better and most importantly start listening to some podcast especially Daniel’s and mine and see if you want to be going down that road as a podcast guest or a podcast host all of our full show notes links to the episode as well as our social media links can be found at a o e now dot com slash podcast.

And this is where you will get all of our links I promise. They will be there. The best part about the show is our listeners. Daniel I can’t thank you enough for taking the time away from your family to be with us here today and give us this authentic view of you.

Well my past No I still in my house. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to. Come to my office and be here. As I’m just kidding. I love my in-laws. Thank you.

Thank you all for listening to and back in next week. Friday we will have more new Episodes for you. Take Ariel again.

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