In today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Marion Bevington, a trauma transformer & creative coach, mentor and teacher. She helps her clients and students transform themselves by finding calm focus, gaining clarity, building confidence and evolving into who you are here to be.

From a humble and troubled childhood, surrounded by unemployment and alcoholism, she now work on and in multiple businesses and over the past 4 years have won a number of awards for coaching, teaching and as an author. Using cutting-edge techniques, scientifically proven and combining ancient wisdom, specialising in accessing, awakening and aligning your super intelligent body and mind, using Yoga, Shamanism, Kinesiology and Energy Psychology to help you move into success AND stay there!

The founder of Corporate Yoga London and co-creator of “The Find Your Why Foundation” joins us to discuss how she changed the direction of her life. She also shares how to heal from trauma, and how you can reprogram and transform yourself into someone with purpose.

If you are someone who want to know your WHY and become even more frickin’ awesome today, this episode is for you!

Press play to find out what to know more about her and what you can know from her today.

Tune in next week for another episode and powerhouse guest to get more insider tips!

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Today’s Guest

As an award-winning author, speaker, and mentor, she has transformed her own life… “From programming computers to deprogramming people!” Co-creator of ‘The Find Your WHY! Foundation’ supporting men & women to Find their WHY! to become (even more) frickin’ awesome!

Founder of Corporate Yoga London, and Stage Fright Away. She specializes in helping you find your true self and your inner voice, perfecting presenting, performing and speaking up as your Authentic Self.

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