LinkedIn is special and sometimes it looks like it’s not for everyone. Unlike other social media platforms, it is mainly focused on employment and business and the secrets to maximize this platform are not easily accessible for its users. Perhaps the reason why some say it is dead.

But this is not true. Melanie Milletics, Attraction Marketing Expert and Sales Marketing Consultant, demystifies the workings of LinkedIn for us in this episode of Yes You Can! She shares that LinkedIn has made some recent changes to allow its users to make even worthier connections – engage with people who matter and those who will create an impact to your venture. She also shares some tips on optimizing your welcome page and profile so you can convey your message and your brand on point, thus attracting the right networks.

Other helpful topics are also discussed:

-What are the best types of content to post on LinkedIn?

-How do your mindset and subconscious affect your online presence and business persona?

-How often do you need to make changes on your LinkedIn profile headlines and descriptions?

Check this out and learn from the one who’s been there and done that for even before “social media” was a big thing.


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Today’s Guest:

Melanie Milletics is an Attraction Marketing expert and Sales and Marketing Consultant who has been working online since 2001. Herexpertise is in getting more leads, referrals, and sales using LinkedIn.

Melanie is also the entrepreneur’s hypnotherapist. With more than 17 years experience in coaching and consulting in sales & marketing, she intimately knows the subconscious blocks that keep entrepreneurs in self-sabotage and financially stuck for years on end.

Happy wife and mother of 2 teens, she holds firm to her rules for life which include “The more FUN I have, the more money I make” and “Empty Calendar, Full Bank Account.”

Melanie’s social media links:

Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach. This is your first time listening to. Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating leads creating sales and build these healthy profits. If you met some of the last episodes you’ve missed out. You need to go back. And listen to some of them.

I’ve gotten some really good reviews on them and I don’t want you to miss out. So go check them out. But today today I’ve got a phenomenal phenomenal guest for you. Her name is Melanie Mila Tikse. She is an attraction marketing expert which I love and a sales and marketing consultant who has been working online since 2001. I don’t know about you all but it’s almost 2000 in 19. She’s got to know something. And she is going to be telling us a little more than something today but her expertise is in getting more leads referrals and sales using this platform. We all know called Linked In. Welcome Melanie to the show. Thank you so much Virginia for having me.

I’m excited. I love her. Yes. And yes people who love.

Well you’ve come to the right place if you love. Yes. People tell us just a little bit more about here.

So I did start way back. I wanted to be able to raise my children so this incredible opportunity of working online really appealed to me and then I learned everything that I could from people who have gone before me and I still adhere to that today. I am a eternal student studying from those who are experts and better than I am so I have developed an expertise generating prospects on my own across social media before it even had a name social media and I recognized that a lot of people that come online today can be very much overwhelmed by the information that’s out there. They’re not even sure where to begin. And I have a heart for the entrepreneur and I choose to teach them a very simple and direct way to not only start from scratch but then scale expand to the point where they have an online enterprise.

Oh oh no I’m I’m going to start right.

Hit me very hard right outside the gate Melanie. Awesome. And I know you can handle this. Yeah. I’m really in places that linked in his dad.

That’s ridiculous. LinkedIn is coming to life. Actually since about November of last year and like a whole lot of changes that happened and that perception might be because when you go online and you start to work you realize that about a third of the platform doesn’t even understand the power of it. So it may feel like a lot of people that you’re reaching out to its. But I’ve always been about massive numbers and connecting with as many people as possible so it doesn’t faze me in a shouldn’t faze you. Guys like Dennis actually coming to life. I actually make connections that it might take people 6 months or more to get to me when they do. They are the most outstanding people to have connected with. It’s just that they don’t even have the app on their phone. Yet it is growing. It’s growing now and people are learning the power of the changes that they’ve made make it really amazing for lead generation for marketers all kinds.

And any business I want to ask you you know for those of us that aren’t as familiar with LinkedIn as you are. What changes did they make recently that we should be aware of. Because you say those changes have done some things to reinvent it invigorate folks coming to LinkedIn. What are those changes.

Well they’ve made it more of a social platform. They made the ability to message people the notifications that people get in their e-mail inbox. They have improved groups most recently so that they can become more active like people are used to using facebook groups. They have added the ability for us to upload native video which is like the number one way to market.

The list goes on and on. But things that most people aren’t utilizing they are not new.

But there are new to you. They can get you a whole lot of eyeballs on your content. Things like the c o power of the article feature that they haven’t linked them. People don’t even use the article feature. For the most part unless they know how powerful that can be not just for getting your branding out online den but across the Internet because those articles are just like a blog but even more so because well who loves LinkedIn Google loves lots of things and LinkedIn is certainly certainly one of them.

I don’t think people some people that are listening to this now those of you that are regular LinkedIn users you know that you have the capability of doing a blog on LinkedIn. Why would somebody want to do a blog on LinkedIn versus their own website.

Well you can do both. And I do recommend people to know that you can take the same block posts as you have on your Web site. Put it on LinkedIn and then link back to your blog. If that’s your goal which is a good one that makes a lot of sense. So but having it on LinkedIn the power of that is as people are connecting with you and they’re going to your profile to find out who you are.

Those articles live right on your profile there on the left side of your activity and they can click through they can stay on the platform which is important. People do like to stay on the platform until they decide they trust you enough to go through your links. So having those articles on the platform means they can go back and they can learn more about what you do what your message is how you’re serving the community without ever leaving LinkedIn and that’s all the difference between somebody deciding that they actually want to have a conversation with you and them going maybe some time.

So putting those articles online then I feel like it’s crucial if you’re going to work LinkedIn at all and take your content and put it into LinkedIn and so when you say take our content and put it in linked in that content. Is it just blogs. What other content can we put on LinkedIn. You can take.

I’m going to get that I actually a really good use of the content right here. So we’re going to answer that a little differently because what you should do is if you have a piece of content let’s say it’s a post right. You should have a video that you can embed in that blog post. So the first thing you do is you take that post in video and embed right or put it on the articles section or link them at the same time.

You can create a number of different posts to share online. And over time which includes and link back to the blog you can link from London back to your blog straight go for it. You should create an image that you can create that you can have a little intro plus an image post of two different posts created from posts now and you can just use a verbal over a little bit of verbiage that’s going to lead them back to the article or the blog. So you have all these different ways that she can post on LinkedIn and you can just take that video and make it a native linked in video that links back to your blog or capture wherever you are. You’re leading that person. I hope that makes sense. You just you take your content and you use every every aspect of linked in multiple ways and move multiple times to share content. No I wouldn’t do that all in one week. He taught me to write an article. But you know filings back to it all in the same week. But over time absolutely.

I love it. But we’re talking about posting within LinkedIn but there’s so many different things you can utilize with LinkedIn and leverage LinkedIn. I I maybe want to shift the conversation a little bit to where do you recommend us to start with LinkedIn with your profile optimization they first thing you must do before you start connecting is to make your profile stand out.

And there are certain rules to follow that link Dan and they are different from if somebody is using it for a career. Very different than if you’re an entrepreneur you’ve got a business that you’re promoting on line and you’re looking for clients. It is a very different way of doing your profile. And so the first thing you must do before you even begin to connect is Tim. Make sure that your profile speaks to who you are and what you do and why that person that you’re connecting with will and want to connect with you. That goes before you even start. And people may neglect that and think that this is a you know connect a connect zone let’s just connect with tons of people. But if you’ve got one sentence and in your profile that tells me who you are and what you do see it’s not enough to get those conversations going. Yes. And it could be so much more powerful that you do optimize your profile first.

And I see those profiles all the time you’ll go in and they state they work at x y z here the dates and there’s no information with what they do at that location. And for example I was in somebody’s profile the other day that they had the title of what they did at the top different than the title of what they’re doing currently. And I I’m like What do you what do you do. It just was a really awkward place for me to start kind of building that in. How do you recommend somebody start optimizing their profile.

Well there are absolutely rules and instructions and the first is you want to consider what people would search for if they were trying to find you because you just said you really confuse. So you probably wouldn’t choose to connect with that person. If you didn’t know what they did right and that person is never going to come on that search they’re not going to come up and search just isn’t going to help them. So consider the search engine optimization really it’s because the LinkedIn linked has a search engine. So consider where people are going to search for when they find you. There’s actually a couple different ways that she can do your headline which is the most important.

You can either say in a very catchy way what it is that you do and who you serve write in your headline or you can use search engine terms you can use whether your Yolla a sales marketing consultants or a media manager or you know social media manager what it is that you do. You can use those as actual bullets for your search engine. So if your headline you’re about me or your welcome section. Oh please. I actually read these welcome sections and the more people that get to know they’re going to arrange a welcome session and you’re welcome section. Biggest tip I can give you is do it in first person. It is. I mean I am a x y z i help you to do this. I need you. OK. So in the welcome section and use all 2500 characters use it all fill it up and then your experience section that can be in the third person. And that can very much like showcase. And bullet point what it is that you do what your company does that is more like a you know Web site explaining what your business is versus how you can think of the welcome section as the about me. Right. And the the experience section as your which your company does.

That’s a great explanation. So if we come back to your profile and we’re looking at the profile the top section that’s underneath your picture at the top we can we can do a little with that. What do you recommend for us to put in terms of our title in that little bit of introduction when we get right at the top.

You can either use CEO terms use as many as you can to describe what it is that you do or you can say I help x y z do this right. And you want to do that in a very bold way don’t make anything vanilla whatever it is that you do. You are going as you are doing it better than anybody else. Use words that are bold and boldness as you just go across the board for all of your content on LinkedIn or anywhere but be bold about what you do. And either way works and you’ll hear different experts say different things. But your title is the number one as CEO part of length and for the search engine for people to find you. So either way as long as it speaks to what you do and as many different terms as people in terms of people might use to try to find you or use the social media manager again you could say you’re a social media manager and that’s really boring. You would say I’m a social media manager and I focus on this. What platform you focus on might be as specific as possible. So if somebody wants to go find somebody who can help grow their Instagram for example then I says so or if you’re a health coach. That’s so general what you would say. I’m a health coach and I focus on whatever it is that you do make it and who you work with. Who is your ideal client. What do you do and how do you work with them if you can squeeze all that in that little title. Be Beautiful that that takes somebody is gifted. Well yeah that’s kind of a thing.

So the next section is is really kind of that that welcome Marion fact when I look at your welcome section it does really say welcome and then it states right in that next line I am the LinkedIn leads lady as you say you do it in first person. It’s very conversational. But I’m one of these folks that get in there and I’ll finish it and it’s done. And I’m like it’s great. And maybe I’ll never have to touch it. And then it’s like a month later I’m like I hate it like it will then change it.

That’s actually it’s amazing thing about late and I want to say this you should change it. Let’s say you’re going at this. You’ve got a new branch or a new expertise and you’re like my perfect process is going to be women who work in H.R. departments. I don’t know I’m just making it up. And you write your profile to speak to that perfect person that you want to connect with and do business with.

Well what if two months down the road you think you know what I do. I have a client she’s a nurse and I just really loved working with nurses. Well then you change your profile to speak to the nurse. You just and you can. You’re allowed because you got 30000 connections demise and then you change your profile. You’re welcome sections that speaks to be the perfect person that you want to work with. And then you go and you connect with them. Ida Oh I love it.

So was the linked in Leeds Lady Melanie Mila Tick’s is our guest here today. She is giving us a ton of information in terms of how to optimize our profile but that is only going to get us to a place where we get search did and maybe somebody peeks at us the first time but there is a whole slew of opportunities to build in leads within LinkedIn. Did you want to be talking about something else with our short time here today. Melanie

Yeah. Because I want to warn people because there are others who will charge for profile optimizations with and promise the moon and stars like that’s all you have to do on LinkedIn and then as I build it they will come. And that’s just silly. LinkedIn has powerful powerful connecting features. So when I think of this thing in three ways Virginia first you’re optimizing your profile then you are engaging in social prospecting. And third you’re going to master marketing online. Then all the features. So number two is social prospecting it is the absolute key can think of links and as your business networking group on steroids. If you’re going to go to your local community are your new chamber of commerce or whatever the meeting is that you’re going to to connect with the movers and shakers in your community linked things like that but you can like hit up the 20000 a day. No not really but you could you could shake hands with hundreds and you wouldn’t be able to do that necessarily in person. So that’s exactly what you’re going to do next you’re going to go in shake hands. You’re going to introduce yourself and to educate people about what you do you’re going to be educated about what they do and you’re going to find out who is open or who has connections that would help you just like you would at a business networking group. This is no different except that you can you have a whole lot more people to talk to. But I think another analogy in the business networking group is good because sometimes you’ll go and you tell me this is Troy and assist and you’ll find that you’re like oh my gosh there’s only like 2 people in this room that I really want to talk to Hrdy just seems kind of either me or just not real friendly or communicative so I need to find that only then do. Who cares.

So if you have to connect with 20 people to find two amazing people go for it and expect that it would be you would never walk into a room full of people in your community and expect that every single person is going to do business with you.

Zaman Illington so you’re going to connect. You’re going to send a welcome message you’re going to engage with them in the inbox and you’re going to hop on the phone if that makes sense if it’s a good fit.

Then you’re going to go from there. So that’s social marketing. That you are talking about so supporting in this worlds of linked in this social prospecting that we’re doing.

How do we really sort. Who are those those good people and not so let’s say we made 20 connections yesterday. How do we how do we track that. Do you have a great tracking inability to know who these are the two people I want to stay in touch with.

Here’s how we move forward on that. Well I have I use nimble but there are many CRM. So there somebody who is really great and we’ve actually struck up a conversation we’re getting on the phone I am then I have added them to my nimble. But that could be any CRM that you use. So in the rest of the big arrest that people are in my inbox that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re out of the picture because I’m going to use the marketing features to stay in front of them forever. Right. Yeah the the key the key people that you want to stay in touch with you do need to kind of take them out of link because LinkedIn they used to have a tagging feature or you could actually tag people. And that way you would know who to get back to. They don’t do that anymore. They’ve got it. But you can use the search feature in the inbox so you could you could search for all the messages where you said give me a call for example because those people who actually want to that aren’t you rate or something you could use some search term that you always use when you when you’re saying this is somebody I want to stay in touch with. And just a tip you don’t have to use that. But it does work. The the search feature for the messages is really robust.

It’s good. It’s good to hear but they also have this thing called Sales Navigator right.

Yes. Howard how does that help us stay in contact with potential clients.

Sales Navigator has the ability to search for people and you can actually beautiful thing about South America that are as you can search for people and you can find people who are actually active on LinkedIn. So we actually started this conversation and I said that a good 30 people on LinkedIn are not active. So you can actually start your search for your perfect prospect in sales navigator and search for people who are currently active. And that means that they’re active on the platform. That’s going to give you a higher connectivity and better conversations than you’re ever going to home. And then you can mark people as you know at different with different terms so that you can go balogna as I’m listening to us talk here today.

There is this sense of overwhelm. Like what do I put here and how do I move that there. And I know that this is striking fear in some people.

How do you help your clients overcome that fear and get really productive on Linked In Well if you have education and you have instructions that are step by step and you’re just taking those things one at a time. That is exactly how you overcome fear to think of all of this and think that you have to navigate this whole world on your own would be overwhelming. I use the learn from experts. Right. And I’ve been at this for 17 plus years right. So you should probably choose to learn from experts and experts that are teaching you how to level and with a step by step instructions. Everything that you do. Any news any new skill that you want to master is going to take time and education. That’s how entrepreneurs you know are they call it the law of delayed gratification. Right. So you’re not going to step into LinkedIn tomorrow and be a whiz and you’ve not done this before. I do recommend that she get educated because if you know what you’re doing then you’re incredibly courageous going after you.

And sometimes even if we know what we’re doing when we’re not courageous we we might know how to make the clicks and we might know what to say on LinkedIn but we still aren’t doing that. Another trick of the trade it or a specialty that you have to help your clients move past that.

I absolutely do because I often speak to people who don’t actually need a sales and marketing cancelled lady to encourage upgrade. I an actor here and after working on you know with entrepreneurs for all these years I recognized that a lot of people are working from a sense of self sabotage across the nation in doing the things they know their business requires to grow. And I became a hypnotherapist and I actually work with people to eliminate those self limiting beliefs that are holding them back and then rewrite a script I rewrite the script. So if it’s courage that you need boldness that you need if you need to be bulletproof against rejection. If you need powerful public speaking to one of your skills the fact is as an entrepreneur. Having that old ness is going to serve you more than anything. And what I find is that my clients who do the hypnotherapy will apply the courses that they’ve been racking up for years so it’s the most incredible payoff. It’s like everything that they’ve learned there. Now they have full permission to be there. You know there shined their light as bright as possible. I say breakthrough to reach your highest potential and they go forward to do everything that whatever that self limiting belief was holding back the rapid transformational hypnotherapist. It’s not like his traditional Netherby either cars.

You know sometimes when people think about hypnotherapy it’s like you know you’re on stage and somebody you know gets you to do stuff that you don’t normally want to do and they’re freaked out about it. You’re not going to have us doing anything we don’t want to do. And

As I say impossible. And I work with the conduit where I work with you to find out who and what you aspire to be. Because I’m going to go in and rewrite your subconscious so that your copy of subconscious actually works for you and with you.

Well and that’s what I wanna talk about for just a second. That subconscious for us is so powerful whether or not you’re working and linked in or you’re working on something else that subconscious really is the driver to moving Newport in that subconscious is not aligned to where it needs to be. You’re never going to be as productive and have the success you could on LinkedIn without somebody intervening like yourself exactly.

And it’s actually so counter-intuitive sometime when we go in and I play detective and I find out why is this person you know not doing his social prospecting that they know will make them money. Why are they not doing it. And you go in there and they never never would have guessed it. That was when in their history that a belief about themselves and their place in the world was developed. It’s it’s it’s amazing. And then and you just take that out because it doesn’t make sense if you’re understanding in hypnosis has the most liberating transforming power and people do really just the right.

That’s what we’re talking about here today seizing on this LinkedIn for sales. It also has to deal with mindset and if your mindset is not right you’re not going to appear bright on your profile and you’re not going to connect right to folks.

Melanie has seen this over her course of the last 17 18 however many years she’s been working with LinkedIn. And I tell you she has a trick of the trade that you’re going to want to dip into. But she also has an incredible incredible LinkedIn class. Can you give us a little bit of an idea. If we want to learn more about LinkedIn and how to generate sales because a 30 minute podcast is not enough. Where do we go to get a little bit more information on what you offer to help us learn to leverage LinkedIn.

Ok. So it’s linked who lead system dot com. You can also connect with me online dance. In case you kind of get lost. But the linked inlaid system which is linked lead system that comes as she is going to cover. Profile optimization social prospecting and all the incredible ways that you can market using LinkedIn it step by step and you can hear that she’s also going to take care of that subconscious.

The other teachers aren’t there out there aren’t thinking about she’s thinking about that. She really wants you to get to that place.

Melanie give us a couple of tips one on how we can work with our subconscious to move forward.

But to what other tips might you have about linked and we haven’t talked about Sir I will say that the number one thing that you can do is learn to monitor yourself talk and change it. Your mind is like a computer program whatever you put in it spits back out and the words that you say to yourself and believe are the most important. So monitor yourself talk and change it. And you may have to lie to yourself. And that’s just fine. You might have to lie to yourself that you really love your Green Swamp smoothie too. That works just tell your brain that you’re excited about this. Oh and as far as LinkedIn goes my gosh. Thousand potential amazing people. I would like for you to get the idea that there is a limit on the number of people that you can connect with who would love to buy from you who are ready to buy from you. And they’re right on LinkedIn. They’re waiting. So don’t play small. Get loud about what you do get clear about what you do get loud about which you and can have a virtual assistant do that for you.

You can outsource you could outsource jobs out work. All of this I mean you really should know who you’re connecting to on LinkedIn.

You should be in there doing some of that work but you don’t have to do all that work as an entrepreneur. You can outsource that. There are some incredible people that can make those connections for you and move your business forward for you on LinkedIn utilize them like Melanie who can teach you how to leverage the best tools. LinkedIn has and she also keeps up with all the changes that LinkedIn is doing to make the platform better for us. Melanie you have given us so much today if anybody has listened to this podcast for the last half hour they should know that you know you have to not only optimize your profile but it’s way more than that if you have a great optimized profile and then you never engage it’s not going to probably drive a lot of business to you. It’s a great billboard and people drive by it every single day and maybe never call you but when you start getting into that social engagement that’s when it starts getting good. And I tell you when I utilize that platform I can connect to people that I haven’t imagined. Give us a quick it real quick story as to somebody you’ve connected to over the years that you thought there’s no way that I would ever be able to reach out to them if it wasn’t for LinkedIn.

Well I have a funny one actually because what I love about LinkedIn is people call you hey. So I get calls and I’m not like I could give you a slew of them but one of the best calls I ever got was my phone rings or my business sign on the blue I pick it up and it’s a guy from India.

Thinking this is a politician and a college professor and a.

And he has a charity in his community and that’s all he wanted to say. He said it in less than two minutes. And he said you know I connected with the link on linked and I just wanted to call and say hello and introduce myself.

And he’s like I’m a I’m you know I’m a politician. I’m like oh my gosh high school and not even really that was it because I was you know trans of transcontinental globalization but I just I thought it was so amazing that I would get a call from a politician in India and awfully and because I put my phone number on there I imagine that I love it.

I love that he isn’t shy to call somebody in the states and say hey this is who I am. You never know who’s going to know somebody that you should know. It doesn’t sound like he called to pitch you or do anything. You just called to say hey and that phone call stood out to you for some time. He is now standing now to you as somebody that she remembers one of your best stories you have that ability within your own linked in to do that within your network. It’s a great great platform but that platform only works if that subconscious is right. She’s talked to us about using her linked lead system linked lead system dot com and we will make sure that you can connect up with her. Well first of all you can connect up with her and linked in at any point in time. But we are going to make sure you have the capabilities of doing that. But this is unfortunately that time where I say I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s interview with Melanie Milah Tex. She is an amazing woman who has been in LinkedIn for a long time but also does something really cool things with your subconscious and you know you’ve learned today you’ve really learned how to get a little creative isn’t in your messaging. What you need to be putting on LinkedIn such as blogs and how to revitalize some of your content so that it pays off for you in terms of that social engineering or networking that you might be doing on LinkedIn all over our full show notes links to the episode as well as our social media links and Melanie’s social media links are found at a 0. Now dot com slash podcast because that’s what we do. And as always the best part about the show is our listeners.

We ask you to take five minutes to subscribe review and of course download us onto your cell phone so that when you get into that realm when you are ready to listen to your podcasts you can tell any you of any anything that we missed or any last second stop that we should capture before we say goodbye to everybody. I’m just going to leave them let go only in one direction. I love it love it love it. All right we’ll see you back here next week. Take care.

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