With the massive growth of internet users throughout the world, how significant is it to be on top of Google searches? How do you get yourself found in an ocean of websites?

Our guest, Tom Casano, takes us briefly to the rather mind-boggling world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He shares some bits and pieces of SEO lingo and gives an overview of what makes a “keyword”, how you can align your content with the people you are looking for, and  how search engine algorithms affect your page rank.

He also talks about the following:

-What does it mean to have a comprehensive content to drive more traffic?

-How does linking back with other credible websites impact your presence on the Internet?

-What do you look for when hiring an SEO team for your business?

We got to tell you, it’s going to be technical, and that’s a good thing!

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Today’s Guest:
Tom Casano is the host of The Sure Oak Podcast and an SEO consultant. Tom is the founder of Sure Oak, where he does SEO consulting work to help clients rank higher in Google and get more traffic. You can listen to The Sure Oak Podcast where Tom interviews other digital marketing experts.

Know more about Tom here:



Hello and welcome to yes you can. Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach and this is your first time listening to.

Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips and generating leads creating sales and building healthy profits. I am really excited to have you all join us today because we have a phenomenal guest for you.

But I’m already been speaking. Before we get on this podcast so I know he’s got some great stuff in his pocket for you.

We are talking with Tom Casano. He is the host of The Shirō pod cast and an asset consultant.

But he does way more than just that it does not his full life.

I will tell you that for sure Tom is also the founder of Shirō where he does consulting work to help clients rank higher in Google and get more traffic. But it doesn’t end there because Tom doesn’t want you just to get more traffic. He wants you to be profitable in your business. You can also listen to the own podcasts or interviews other digital marketing experts and gives you a wealth of information. Tom welcome to the podcast. Give us a little bit more information about who you were and why you’re joining us today.

Fantastic Virginia. Thanks for the lovely introduction. I was so happy to be here.

You’re so awesome and amazing and I’m so happy to connect with their listeners. Yeah I am. My name is Tanga Sanno. You know that I live in New York City and I have an agency I’m an FCO consultant and we could talk more. I got my start actually in a life coaching business doing lead generation. And now it’s you know it’s become a second business doing SEO for clients. A lot of people want to rank higher on Google get more traffic get more leads for their business. And you know now we have about over a dozen people in the agency helping other clients get more traffic to their site joining Morley’s and growing their businesses.

In New York with 12 employees helping other businesses generate leads and get more traffic I don’t know it gets any better than that on our podcast but I know there are people thinking already how does he do it. How does he build a business like that in New York. And how does he generate more leads and more traffic. Can you give us an idea of your journey to get to this place where you’re at in business.

Yeah it’s a really good question and we could talk about a lot today. You know I started a life coaching lead generation website in 2013. I didn’t even a plan that but it’s just sort of the way things happened. And as I created that business I started working with life coaches to generate leads for them. I realized my own challenge of generating these leads because you really need the traffic you really need people to find you. And so much energy and effort goes into some an endeavor like that to really make it significant and impactful in terms of getting traffic to your website. You know getting yourself found getting those growing your business you know getting customers coming in the door. And it took me quite some time to figure out how Google works why I wasn’t writing hire how do I get more traffic so I spent a good about three years really honing on a CEO. And then you know that business life coach spotted our com eventually you know went from basically zero traffic to over 20000 organic visitors per month which was enough to generate 200 leads per month for the coaches on the platform. And then once you know we hit upon something with link building we could talk about and basically got authoritative back links to the sites that really five Bakst our traffic in just two months it went from about 4000 to 5000 visitors from us over 20000. Once that happened then I was like Oh man I’ve got to help other people do this for their businesses where they might be more and B2B space or more and a consulting service or selling a product or a service that’s on a much higher price point because the value and the leverage for a business that’s let’s say I don’t know a five or 10 million a year business you know I helped them increase their organic traffic by around 20 percent 50 percent should create a lot more value and so that’s how I then kind of entered into the agency businesses that helped give some some background.

It does help give some background because I mean people always want to know how did you get to to being so successful because so many of them struggle I mean less than 5 percent of businesses make it five years in your you are you know close to the five year mark of you started in 2013 and my math is good and you’re sure you’re doing what you need to do is a business owner growing leaps and bounds. So people want to know how are you doing that. As CEO is clearly a piece of it for you. And I’ve watched a couple of your videos you have a couple of tips in terms of where people should focus on their CEO. But I think before we get into that we need to understand what CEO is to the Internet.

Can you give us an idea what a CEO is for sure and I kind of just want to speak to your first question for a second because as any as you know Virginia’s any entrepreneur knows it’s a lot of hard work.

It’s a lot of commitment dedication and from a personal development standpoint. I really believe in intentionality in the law of attraction and commitment and focus on hard work and a lot of grinding you know a lot of late nights and a lot of hustle because you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re trying to figure things out. Speaking about a CEO it’s again it’s an area you know in the year 2012 I knew nothing about a CEO. I did not know a single thing and actually I have basically my own version failed and then struggled with my previous websites. I lost them you know they’re alive I created blog posts and nobody came and said you know I’m like where is everybody. So a CEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization and a search engine is Google or Bing or Yahoo. And all that really means. I mean if you look at the term it just means you’re optimizing your website your content for search engines for Google and you know obviously when people are searching on Google if they search for you know hire a business coach. You know if you’re ranking in the first position there then people will click on that link just like you do when you do a google search and come to that Web site and the power of getting that traffic from Google can be very substantial you know if you look at websites that are getting ridiculous amounts of traffic every single month from Google it’s from doing SEO and so we can unpack what that means because there it winds up that there’s a lot of complexity and sophistication because Google’s algorithm has over 200 ranking factors and so it kind of creates this little bit of mystery.

And the other part of it is that Google has it as more of a black box. They’re not going to tell people actually what they’re doing to rank websites because if they did people would manipulate the you know Google and just you know spammy websites would try to be in the first position. So then Google rolls out what’s called the algorithm updates and they’ll update the algorithm to try to get you know the best results for users at the top of the search results.

And of course everyone wants to be at the top so it’s competitive. So does that help kind of explain what a CEO is I’m a little bit about how it works.

I think it does I hope that’s the case for the listeners.

I want to be sure the listeners know if they have any questions we’ll have all of your social media links in the podcast now so they can reach out to you. Host the podcast and connect with you for additional questions if they don’t understand what Essy is. But but I’m gonna take that the next step further. Okay so now we know what it is and I’m let’s say a a new business or a business. It’s been a while. I’ve got a beautiful Web site. It’s posted like I’ve put it out there to the world. An incident. It’s almost like nobody knows I exist.

Yeah. And I’ve been there many times for long periods of time. And that’s it’s really painful. At least it was for me you know and all his hard work and effort into your psyche got a beautifully designed.

You created this blog post. You know you look really good on there and then it’s like where’s everybody how come nobody is coming so you know is there’s a few different areas and we really have to familiarize ourselves with as we’re thinking about getting traffic from Google. One of the first most maybe I’m kind of a little bit basic but important areas to really recognize is called keywords and keyword research and all that really means is every time I search for something in google let’s say I’m searching for find a life coach. That would be a keyword in Google. And so we can look at the search volume every single month and realize OK maybe in the U.S. you know a thousand times a month people are searching for find a life coach maybe across the world that’s a bigger number if we include Germany and Brazil and all the other countries that maybe is not in English. So when we do keyword research Google Google will give us the data or other other third party will give us the data and say look for these keywords we’re getting this many searches per month and what we do with that is that we’d say OK on my Web site. Maybe I’m talking about how to get a life coach or what are the benefits of life coaching.

Maybe no one’s searching for that. Maybe no one even knows what a life coach is right. There’s actually I think I forget what it is. There are 4000 searches a month for what is a life coach. So using this example from my own experience from that business. So once we understand the actual keywords people are searching in google and we get the the volume data of how many times per month people are searching for that then that will allow us to actually optimize our Web site so that instead of talking about things that we think are important and that people want to know about. We’re actually writing about the things that people are actually searching for every single day so I might think it’s important that you know that life coaches can help improve your life and make your life awesome. But actually it turns out that people aren’t searching for that right. They’re searching for what is a life coach or some other kinds of keywords and we can know the search volume and that will help us to realize OK you know what I should be reading about this topic and a blog post on this because that’s what people actually want to know.

So that will help to align our website and our content with what people are actually searching for there is a lot in that segment and I don’t tell my listeners this very often but at the half year around summer you might want to be taking notes and what he’s saying. You talked about keyword search.

And I know a lot of folks in their head when they think of a key word it’s like there’s one important word. But you were talking about it being like a root of words.

And there’s this idea of a long tail keywords search. Can you give us an idea what that is.

Yeah so if you think of all the search I mean if you think of the searches you’ve done whether it’s Google or Bing or wherever you’re searching all kinds of stuff or what you’re putting in you know best pizza restaurant near me again or you know here just like people are and know its voice heard.

People are just saying long sentences of many words together so a key word is. It’s also called a search query which is just a fun fancy way of saying the whatever someone puts in that search box and hits search or hits the button there.

That’s the keyword. So so it could be. It’s really like a key word phrase. And then just meaning that it’s multiple words so key words sounds like it’s one word but really a key word is multiple words like you know how to how to build your biceps right how to build your biceps that’s five words. But that would be we call it that the key word. And then we could talk more about keywords because if let’s say we’re talking about a keyword like building muscle I don’t know where this example comes from let’s say it’s building muscle. Well there might be a lot of people searching for building muscle every month. You know maybe it’s 5000 or 10000 a month but if we might think of a keyword and making these up so we’d have to actually see what the actual key words are because this is the problem is we don’t want to make up keywords and assume we know what people are searching for we actually want the data to say oh people are actually searching for this and with these words. So maybe you know we find that there’s a keyword like How to Build Biceps fast How to Build Biceps biceps fast and maybe that’s five or six words. But you know the more the longer that that phrase is let’s say it’s a seven or eight word long keyword less searchers are going to be for that and that’s called The Long Tail.

And the reason is called longtail. Because if you look at a graph out a chart there’s going to be many less searches. There’s a lot less searches for those kinds of keywords that are very long like you know best pizza restaurant in New York City open after midnight. Like I don’t know how many words that is maybe it’s 10 but not many people are searching for that moment if you search for like best pizza in New York let’s say or best pizza near me. And so the reason we’re kind of discussing this is because it’s much more competitive. If we’re just going after something that’s like one or two words long you know if it’s like if it’s I don’t know coaching right if someone’s going to search for just the word coaching there’s going to be a ton of competition and a ton of websites and a ton of searches for it as well but you’re never really going to rank for that because you’d be competing against the biggest best. You know coaching sort of organizations that are out there but if your keyword is how to find a life coach you mean less or just for that but also be less competitive.

So that would be called a longtail keyword thank you very much for that explanation. I know it’s helped me get clarified on what to in that word search is. But there you also talked about how to get data on those keyword searches to know whether they are highly competitive or not so competitive. How is that done.

Yes so Google offers a free tool.

It’s called Google keyword planner.

And if you have an Edwards account or another change the name to Google as if you have a Google ads account you can use the tool you can. There’s a lot of different ways you can use it it’s fun to play with. But also there’s a lot of other free tools out there so there’s paid tools. And if you just stink if you’re going to Google right now and you search for free keyword tools or keyword tools you can get that data from a lot of different sources so a fun one to play with is called answer to the public dot com. That’s one where again you just put in a word let’s say you put in a word like entrepreneurship writer or entrepreneur and then you hit the button and then it’ll be Violi suggestions and it’ll fine. You know here’s all these different keywords that people are searching for. I forget if that one actually gives you the search volume which is important. There’s other ones there’s one called Oubre suggest which I believe that Neil Patel who’s a pretty big marketer you just he just acquired that one. But if you you can basically find these tools out there and you know you put in what you think what your business about if you’re a roofing contractor then you type in roofing you hit the button and then it’ll tell you how many searches per month and if you’re a local business you’ll certainly want to know locally. I mean searcher’s there are we could talk more about that but it’s different. So you want to think about are we looking for how many searches per month are happening in my local city area or is it across the whole country of the U.S. or is it internationally because my business or service is serving anyone anywhere around the world.

And at this point in time if there is a listener that is just getting introduced SEO their heads are hurting. I hate to break

I’m sorry. I like I don’t even know where to begin with this.

We are listening to Tom Casano the host of sure Comcast and an asshole consultant which leads me into when we get to this point where we know we need CEO.

We understand the benefits of Osseo we understand ANOP Vescio to be dangerous.

We should probably look into hires some expertise.

But I tell you many of the entrepreneurs out there have no idea how does how one CEO from another. What are some tips you have for those of us that might hire an NCO as expert to get the right fit for our company.

Yeah it’s a good question ridging and if people’s heads are already hurting I don’t know if they’re going to hurt any less.

It again is another challenge because the age in which we live in with marketing technology it just gets more complex and it’s it’s actually hard to sort out who is who can say what they age who can do what they say they can. You know it’s good to have obviously indicators of credibility or that someone has case studies someone is trustworthy. You’ve seen the work that they’ve done in the past and you believe that they can do the work that they’re saying they can do for you. But in India real world there’s some challenges because it’s there’s been a lot of history of people manipulating the search engines and so there’s been a lot of spam. Google has been fighting spam since the you know Google first started because anyone who understand understood to understand how the algorithm works they could manipulate it. You know if if Google was looking at one of these key words on a page and let’s say on a page on my website Virginia I had the keyword there twice. And on your Web site you had it in there 20 times Google might say oh you know this page must be really more relevant and much more about the cure. So they drank Ewers. So then people would figure out these little tricks these little hacks and like manipulate the algorithm. So the problem is that it’s created these sort of unscrupulous kind of spammy tactics that people do which that’s kind of one of the first things to try to that you know and it’s sort of one of those places where you pay for what you get you know and forget to pay so 150 bucks a month overseas.

It’s probably you know it could not only not it couldn’t it could not only not really help you reach your goals but it could also hurt you because you don’t want Google to penalize you and all those sorts of things. But I would also say that I think it really depends on people’s budgets and their goals. I think if you’re a small local business I think it might be much less competitive and makes sense if you have a small budget. If you’re looking to get more traffic from across the country across the world some of your topics might be much more competitive. And I would say you know if you’re if it’s appealing or interesting and you really want to do SBO for your business or Web site you definitely have to have a strong intention and a strong you know a good enough amount of resources to make it worth your while because it really does take a lot of heavy lifting to compete. You know if you’re trying to compete for a keyword that the Huffington Post is ranking number one and Forbes.com and inc.com or ranking member doing three it’s going to be very hard for you to get on the first page Google because of course everyone wants to be in a position or while everyone wants to be the first search result when someone searches for something. So how do you find the personal I guess I guess it really depends. I mean you can come hire me so you know that works. But yeah it’s a challenge. I don’t know if that helps or complicates matters even worse.

And no I think it helps I think what you are helping us with today is to understand some of the lingo is if you don’t know the lingo then you can’t ask for the potential expert. Even the right questions.

So you’re not making a smart decision without that hiring all of this information you’re giving us today is truly helping us understand better.

But you know as I look at the time year I know that you have talked about two areas that have helped your search with Osseo and you are breaking with CEO. One is the comprehensive content guides interview is link learning campaigns. Can you explain to us why you choose that and what those are.

Yeah that’s a really good point and I’m glad you brought this up because this is something very worthwhile to talk about. So whether you’re doing your own SEO or you’re going to have someone do a CEO for you you’ve got to focus on the right things.

I think I mentioned there’s over 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm. Google’s like wildly smart. They’re getting more intelligent every day and they use machine learning and all this kind of stuff AI. So if you were to focus right to figure out what are the ranking factors that are going to move the needle for your business or your website to rank higher the most. These are the three I would basically reduce it down to so the first would be keyword research which we already talked about pretty in-depth and optimizing which means that if people are searching for the key word X Y Z Well you’re creating a blog post on your website. You want to talk about the title being x y z and having the header of the blog post be x y z and in the content you want to talk about X Y Z because it is basically optimized. Tell Google no OK this web page is about this keyword this topic people are searching for X Y Z. The second thing would be to make that content very comprehensive very authoritative and long form. So we live in a world now Virginio where every month WordPress is a press alone. Is publishing over 80 million blog posts per month and that’s been going on for a long time the trend just continues to rise is going to be over 100 million per month so you’re not really going to compete with your new blog post that’s 500 words or a thousand words when you know there’s tons and tons of other content on the web.

It’s a very saturated market in terms of content. So you really have to go the extra mile and say I’m going to ride or hire someone to write a more extensive and comprehensive authoritative guide. There’s correlations of the the pages that are ranking the best and Google have the highest word counts. So on average it might be like 2000 words. So if you go ahead and write a 3000 word a 4000 word complete comprehensive guide that’s you know really helpful high quality and it almost sounds daunting I think at first but once you start writing and cranking out some content you know maybe spend a half hour every day before you know when you’ve got your 2000 3000 4000 word guide when you publish that that’ll give you a much more competitive advantage versus the 500 word blog post out there. But the third and actually most important ranking factor is link building. And this is how Google began. This is the reason why in the late 90s when Google kind of came out of nowhere and I don’t know if you remember at that time there was all these other search engines excite and AltaVista and these these things that don’t exist anymore.

The reason Google won was because they were able to crawl the Web defining count the links back to websites and to say OK the Wall Street Journal has a bit Jilian back links to it. It must be a very authoritative and important website. Joe’s little blog over there that has to back links to it probably doesn’t you know isn’t that authoritative isn’t that trustworthy. And there’s no real social proof that Joe’s little blog is something that we should be ranking high with. We don’t know if we should trust it so much therefore Google would be able to rank the Wall Street Journal’s article at the top of the search results creating allowing people to find better information that they were looking for. So with that in mind you fast forward 20 years and Google is still primarily doing the same thing they’re saying OK if Virginia’s website has all these people linking back to it and if there’s authoritative websites linking back to Virginia’s website of Forbes is linking back and you know Inc.com is linking back then it must be a pretty authoritative and trustworthy people. It must be good to contact there for Google’s algorithm is saying we should probably rank this much better than if nobody was looking to it. So the thing is you need back links to your Web site. You need authoritative back links to your Web site to help prove and indicate to Google that you know your stuff is authoritative their social group people are linking to it and you can’t really fake that.

You can’t force people linked back to you. You can’t you know do some things like make Inc.com link back to you. There has to be a real reason that they’d want to or you have to have some kind of authority or influence. So this creates a real challenge. What happened over the last 15 years or so is people would just do all these spammy things they’d try to automate link building. They’d you know pay someone to just basically spam comments all over the web with a program you know just create all these fake low quality junk back links from you know for cheap outside of the country and then Google eventually caught on and then penalize those sites. So this becomes the biggest challenge and we could talk about a more in-depth. I’m not sure how how far we want to take it but ultimately what you want is other Web sites to link that to your Web site which will help Glueck to indicate to Google that my website is trustworthy authoritative has good stuff on it and therefore Google you should help. And you know you should rank higher because people are linking back to me.

What a wealth of knowledge time has given us today in terms of all of these tips that you can be doing with the CEO or you can be hiring somebody like Khumba to come in and assist you with this because even those that are in the world understand it changes on a dime. And it’s not the easiest thing to get. We’re really good at it yet. It takes effort and it takes time and you have to put in the work for it to to show long run. We’ve been talking about you know this is essentially a platform that you’re building for

For entrepreneurs to tap into in terms of how you’re educating them in terms of Osseo. Can you take a couple of minutes and tell us. Well a little bit more about how your business operates with RCL and why we would be interested in doing business with you.

Yeah that’s a great question and I apologize for anyone’s head hurting from the to the complexity of what we do at our business is actually a direct mirror of of just about everything I’ve spoken about because in order for any Web site to be getting more traffic from Google every single month which means that that website is ranking higher when people are searching for things that websites showing up near the top of the results or certain keywords that people are clicking on it and coming to a website in order for all that to happen which as we now know is search engine optimization. What we really need to do is the things actually I mentioned and so that’s what my agency my company does. We focus on Lync building. We focus on keyword research and optimization. We focus on creating high quality content. And there’s a couple of other things in there there’s some very technical stuff. I mean I guess it depends on you know if you know some of the website development kind of stuff. So you know you want to make sure that Google can come to your Web site that your pages are not broken that Google can crawl your Web site and index those pages into their index so Google has their copy and they can help people find your pages. There’s all these little technical nuance things there. And so that’s what we’re doing for clients for websites and businesses to help them rank higher get more traffic and grow their business. Does that help.

It does help but I always also ask you is your ideal client because sometimes you get these folks say come on Hodkinson are really really great only working with clients that are earning 5 million dollars or more. Can you give us an idea what that ideal client is for you to see some of these people listening can tell right off the bat if they could be a potential Corian Trea Yeah that’s a great question.

We went up turning a lot of people away just based on budget are currently our minimum budget is around 3000 dollars a month which I assume many listeners probably would you know would not be within the budget but there’s plenty of other freelancers and service providers out there that might be a thousand dollars a month or 500 dollars a month. It really all depends. And again it’s quality thing. So there’s a certain threshold you know you really wouldn’t want to spend 200 bucks a month. I mean maybe maybe you do want to put that into your own education if you’re trying to learn on your own but it’s a whole different arena where you know you really might want help of someone to do it for you. If you’re really going to go out it and try to learn on your own you really have to like a lot of time and energy into it which could pay you back long term. But there’s a lot to do there so your ideal clients are you know bigger bigger businesses that have bigger budgets that we can really do more extensive and consultative more effective work to help grow their businesses.

And with that answer my guess is there are few people listening that are now disappointed because they wanted a diary of Zhari but that does not mean they can’t continue to build a relationship from you and can extrapolate some information from you because you’re on the airwaves all the time. And I don’t know how you do offer any sort of online classes that people can learn from. Give us an idea if they don’t that. Three thousand dollar budget a month.

How they can stay in your quarry under Brison now that you say that it makes me realize more and I still need to have an offering that’s that’s at a lower price point for people staying in my court. So there’s the short podcast where it’s very similar your pockets Virginia. It’s learning from from people how they you know are successful in business what they’re doing especially with digital marketing and different strategies are using online you know please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn on Twitter. I’m all over the web come to our website site.

We’ve got videos on YouTube and on our Web site that you saw and you actually mentioned about that will educate you. Some of the things we discussed today about some of the ranking factors. And yeah you know I think I think there’s there’s a couple paths. One is self education or learning online. So I don’t have any courses or classes but I try to just open source and make that stuff free online. And the other is you know maybe trying to find a freelancer or a smaller you know kind of Nescio service provider whether it’s a consultant or freelancer an agency or maybe it’s a piece of software maybe it’s a tool that will help you whether it’s QE research or whether it’s with Link Building help you get some of that. You know people generally struggle with link building and you know there’s there’s definitely options and solutions out there.

There’s also courses that I haven’t done but people like Brian Dean has a course out there. There’s a lot you can you can learn online. So I wouldn’t say it’s cost prohibitive but it would say it is competitive. And so if you know if you want a rank or a keyword and get Traven for a keyword like computers you know you’re not going to be Best Buy or Amazon right. So it really depends on your Neish. It really depends on your locality. If you’re a roofing contractor in Milwaukee I think it’s much less competitive. If you’re trying to sell computers internationally you’re you’re never going to be number one unless you become best buy. So I think that’s something to consider as well.

I think those are all really great points I just want to be sure that our listeners understand you are accessible to them.

You are on the airways you’ve got a ton hosted on LinkedIn.

You will connect with them on LinkedIn. If they reach out to you and say they’re a fan of your show. So we will have all of his other social media links in this show known so you can stay in contact with them and as a coach I want you to get to the point if you’re not there yet where you can be hiring him Tim to come into your business. So that’s where I want the listeners to be thinking about OK I’m not there yet. What steps do I need to take to hire somebody like this into my business. Where do I need to make those connections and move that forward. And it was one of the places that you do that. And so listen to him get his education get his free education and move your pendulum forward so that you can hire him maybe in six months or nine months or 12 months. That doesn’t mean that he’s not going to be a great resource for you in the meantime. Tom thank you very much for being on here. Is there any last minute tips that you want to give to our listeners.

Yeah thank you for all the shadows Virginia and its show. Please come shoot me a question. I mean Linköping connector Twitter where you gonna find me. So thank you so much for that. Virginia.

I’d love to hear people’s questions and build relationships and get to know you and see what he found valuable questions you had as any last minute tips it’s a little hard to try to summarize but I would even say at a higher level you know Aecio is not right for every business. There are some businesses where Su’s is really not the best path forward if it you know or in your situation to the listener you know if if you’re trying to go after a very competitive space it might be challenging or or if you’re you know in like a low.

Again it depends on the budget and on your resources. And I would also say that as one marketing channel out of many and so for some businesses they find good traction. Using Instagram or using Facebook ads or using Google ads I mean there’s so many different ways to do marketing. I’m actually at the moment experimenting with LinkedIn and adding connections and optimize my profile and then working on posts that I think can help you know to be a little bit more. I don’t want to say viral but maybe get more visibility and be more interesting get more engagement so as you as one marketing channel out of many and you really kind of this is something I struggle with. I get shiny object syndrome as an entrepreneur. I don’t want to do everything I want to do. Marketing sales and really I want to believe in myself. I’m not focusing so I’m trying to get myself personally to just focus on the top 1 or 2 or 3 marking channels for my own business and so I would encourage others to do the same because with something like a CEO it is a big enough sort of venture that you know. If you do it halfway you’re not really going to get very far with it. So I would encourage you to either do it all the way or maybe you don’t do it at all if it’s not the best fit for your business.

I think that is a phenomenal tip because everybody is talking about a CEO and so many people don’t have it and they feel like they’re missing out. And that’s not always the case. It might not be right for your business. When Tom and I were talking before we got on the podcast I said Aecio hasn’t been a focus for me because it’s not where I need to spend my time. But that’s changing for me.

You can change and pivot within your business and look out what platforms are great for you and look at what tools in your tool shed you need to invest in and that will give you the best. Are try and to hear that from an expert to say CEOs who are really really great tool but it’s not always the right fit for everybody. And if you’re going to invest in that tool be sure that investment is going to have a return on your time your energy and your money or the way don’t spend it there. Go spend your time money and energy somewhere else. Tom I thank you so much for being on this podcast with us today. As always I run out of time I still have 18000 questions for you but the time for the episode is up today and I hope our listeners have learned about what is a key word search. What does a CEO. How do you get your day. Why do you want to invest and why you want to invest in an expert like Tom for your Osseo efforts. There is a ton we learned today and I want to tell our listeners that polls show no links to this episode as well as our social media links and Tom’s links will be found at a O E. Now dot com slash podcast.

And as always the best part of our show is our listeners and we ask our listeners to listen subscribe and give us their feedback as to what they liked about the episodes and what they want to see different. Tom once again thank you for joining us today and we do wish you the greatest success and we thank you so much for doing an absolute blast.

You are amazing and I really appreciate it. I love you all. Thank you.

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