Where do you start when you are just shaping up your brand?

So much has been said about boosting your presence online. In this episode, Dan Brue shares a fresh perspective on optimizing yourself towards your end goals. He believes that a guide, not a step-by-step course, can help people more effectively in knowing what clicks for their brand or business.

Dan also tackles the following:
-What it takes to bring in cash without trading your time for self and family.
-Your own platform vs. social media accounts: How to build an online foundation that lasts.
-When to delegate, hire, and learn when going through the process.

Get these new insights you thought you’ll never hear of this time where social media seems to be everything for entrepreneurs.

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Today’s Guest:
Dan Brue is the Founder and CEO of Digital Audit Pros. An educational company helping people take their passions, ideas, or businesses online, using media and courses.

Dan has a strong career in sales and marketing and has worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Dell, Netflix, and LucasFilm. He has created an international sales company, medical technology, and currently works on building his personal brand DanBrue.com.

In his spare time he loves filming, photography, canyoneering, and glacier hiking.

Know more about Dan here:
Business Website: https://digitalauditpros.com/
Courses Website: https://branding-101.teachable.com/
Personal Website: https://www.danbrue.com/



Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach.

This is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating beats creating sales and building healthy profits. Today we have a phenomenal phenomenal guest for you. I'm not even going to go into the rest of the show for you because I want to get him as much time as he can have on this air.

His name is Dan Brue is the founder and CEO of Digital audit pros an educational company helping people take their passions ideas and their businesses online using media and courses.

Dan I know there are a lot of people that are looking to do that so I'm grateful you're here. I'm grateful for your honors. He has a strong career in sales and marketing and has worked with Fortune 100 companies such as Dell Netflix Lucas Films. Maybe we've heard of some of those. He has created an international sales company. Medical technology and currently works on building his personal brand. Dan Brue dot com for those of you that don't know how to spell brew it's are you. So that's Dan Brue dot com. And in his spare time I don't know where he gets the spare time.

He loves filming the tiger fi new series.

I don't even know what that is. I'm going to miss a cameo earring. I don't even pronounce that right. Because it's a tense thing to do. It's OK.

So what can you do.

It's where you go and you literally find a river and you jump off the side of the river into into the river off the side of the rocks into the river.

And we did in the Philippines we do it in Colorado a little bit and you can get anywhere from 35 to 50 foot drops and you kind of just jump and you test the water and make sure it's good and it's risky and adventurous. My lovely lady she broke her tailbone down. Last time we went. But it's one of those things that if you like a little bit of adrenaline under your seat belt it's a good one.

I you know I brought you out of here. Can you tell me is a part of you that's a little crazy and I'm going to miss you for joining us. I love it.

So what did you do besides do these crazy outdoor activities.

So I started with a 96 seven years ago. I was starting a business for the first time and I had this passion I wanted to get our products onto the market the online market. And I built the product. I was really proud of myself. And all of a sudden I realized I didn't know the market. I didn't understand the online system. They told me I needed a brand a website. I had never done anything like that and I was lost and confused to it. So for the next five to six years I just studied and studied and research and talked to people who were experts and figured out this process where you can get a brand a website and start monetizing that Ashmont business right there online. So you kind of be successful because a lot of times in the one on one scenario you have to spend your time and we can only need so many people a day it's really really difficult. And I found that if you can build a product online that can be sold to many many people over and over and it doesn't require your hourly time your life becomes way easier to start monetizing structuring and just kind of living in general so you can have more time to do those crazy engineering type things.

I'm not sure all of us want to do those crazy horse. The more enjoyment family time whatever that looks like for everybody.

We've all got a passion. But what you say in that introduction I hear so often from entrepreneurs they knew when they need a website they know they need a brand but they have no idea what that is. And then they go out and buy these really expensive programs that come away and talk about the theory. But then they still have no idea how to implement it in their business and there are no further along than where they were before they took the class. So how are you different.

Civil lust. I'm really glad it's such a good question you really get to this Virginia. I two years less two years I've been building online courses.

I knew once I had done it 11 12 13 times I had something I knew it was there was a process that was built. So I took that process for how to get a brand built and created how to get your website online and profitable and how to actually make all that stuff start running and working for you. I turned those in online courses and then those online courses you are able to go through and just see what I did step by step in a really really fast and effective way. I think with the entire footage between getting your brand done and getting your Web site done there might be 10 hours of material you go through and watch. And in that ten hours you pretty much get a fast track to five years of branding websites and how to start monetizing the business online.

And I was really excited to do that and it has taken a long time taking that much information and breaking it down into a really easy repeatable process. That's really where the grind came in and I'm finally at the place where I can come talk to people about it instead of locking myself away into a dark hole of creation which I love. But it's also time to to see the world and see the light that it has to offer.

And I think it's time for you to share your genius and the talents and the education that you have acquired the last five or six years with the businesses that are struggling. And I continue to be surprised with how many businesses I think are successful.

And then I get into their business and I'm like holy cow. Do you even sleep at night you're so worried about your finances.

I'm glad you're to the point where you can begin to help these businesses get to a place where they know what their brand is and can start bringing in money without exchanging time for cash.

That's exactly it. Time for cash is really good save.

So with with you. And what you're doing what are a couple of tips you have for somebody that that doesn't have a website besides taking your classes. Where do they begin.

I would begin truly with mindset that takes the initial mindset to know anyone who I've worked with in the past I've realized this is probably two or three things that are really important that I see in everyone that I work with. And the first one is determination that drives that you know you have something big that drive where you know that you're about to change the world you're about to change your family's lives whatever that changes and you can e-mail it's something that's been really important because that's the first step in this. If you go into this saying it's going to be an easily easy fix easy quick that's not how business works. This is a life long accomplishment and a lifelong kind of drive. But you see a lot of people needing. So I think that's the first piece is just mental. So the determination piece is really really important and then understanding time management I've found to be a very big pieces because a lot of us go I don't have time I don't understand the winds the house I'm telling you right now the how is already done for you. I've done that now. Now what I need you to do is get the mindset and for you to get your time right. And a lot of us have a 9 to 5 jobs you have to pay the bills we asked for we have a business and it's taking 70 80 hours out of our time. This process I've done I've created where you can do it one or two hours a day and you can have it created in less than a month. That's what I really wanted to see you sign any kind of business owner or anyone that had a full time family. Anyone who has two other full time things going on they can make this manageable and effective pretty quickly so understanding the time management you're going to need one or two hours a day just to really focus on your brand and your business in the sense of marketing some of these things.

The reason that come so valuable is while it's not a lot of time from the reward in the long run is so so so valuable it's valuable in the sense of impact it's Dieball in the sense of your peace of mind and it's valuable in the sense of profit. So in those three things you can kind of check mark all through those things just with the determination you have that time management piece and then the how how do you make this happen. I think that's really an exciting time that we're jumping into.

Dan I never thought I'd talk to a branding media guy that's going to tell me that two places I need to start is a mindset and time management. I'm sure that's taken our listeners by surprise but I think you're 100 percent right with that. If we don't have the dedication if we're not managing your time right you can have the best system in the world and you're still not going to make money with it.

Right. And that's exactly it. I think that's one of the biggest pieces a lot of us have systems a lot of us have these processes that we do every day over and over and over and we leave the end of the week going.

Well look how busy I was. Look how busy I was and then and a year later they go I didn't do anything this year or I did some stuff. Where did my. Where did it all go. I think that's such an important piece. When you hear that pattern and when you see that pattern just have the humility to say OK it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate my life. And as humans I find that it's really really hard to take that step back and let the humility to say well it's not that I'm doing something wrong. It's more I just can be more effective and more optimize what my end goals are and understanding those goals are really important and I think a lot of times are the business you say I'm a product apprentice and I want to sell. Why do I need a brand. Why do I need a website when I've got the pen already built. Well the issue is that Penn has to go somewhere you have to. You have to sell it to someone. And a lot of times if we sell to individual local businesses a lot of times we do these referral networks. These things take again our hourly time and we forget that while we're doing hourly time there's an entire online world that allows you to make money while you sleep and make impact choices. And the sooner you can get that out of the market business mixed with the online business and you kind of create a hybrid you'll find that the time that you have to focus on the things you love dramatically increases because you know what those things are you understand through your brand what you function with correctly. Having a personal brand and a business brand and having those two collaborate together but also individually is so so effective and so helpful. Like I said in that piece of mind brilliant.

I hope the listeners are taking notes and I don't say that very often on this podcast but this is a podcast. Don't listen to this while you're in the drive. Sit down and take notes on this. You can do that when you were talking this last segment you talked about the difference between a business brand and your personal brand. And a lot of us are entrepreneurs. Isn't that the same thing.

Totally. It's a second question to entrepreneurs. The second you're an entrepreneur.

I consider you to be a mixed or a blended brand. And the reason that is is because every day you live every breath you take is focused usually around business. If you're like me at least in a lot of times we find ourselves being entrepreneurs and we didn't even know we were in a time. That's because your personal has mixed with that business brand understanding that there are different there is differences between that is really important.

A lot of times we put our business stuff on our per our personal social media and expect that it's going to have the same message the same impact the same result our personal social medias and our personal websites a lot of times are for our families for ourselves and how we keep our own brains organized. Our business is 9 to 5. You want to go home and have a time where you can rest where you can sleep and being able to compartmentalize those two. As an entrepreneur is the challenge. We have the 90 hours that we're willing to work and we work all 80 or 90 of them and at the end go while I'm exhausted I don't know who I am anymore I don't know where I'm going. It's because we don't have the personal brand really kind of tweaked up and understanding what you want to do because if you love to do business you love to market all these things just never stop. That's an awesome thing but you can tailor that mindset so you can be doing the things you are. For example when I go canyoning when I'm jumping off the river into these rivers I'm making sure I get a photography. There's always stuff to the videos and that goes into my personal brand and my personal brand eventually will sell into my business brand. I use that photography to help my business have really tool and high quality photos. So it's not that I'm not working on my business it's just that there's two different buckets that I can put different people in based on who they are and where my mind is that day.

I love it and I hope folks learned of it from that. But how does that resonate into the social media. I still see people struggle with. And I put my business stuff on my personal page and my personal stuff on my business page. And where is that line drawn. Like they don't know how to draw that line what their brand do. Can you share a tip or two with us on that.

Absolutely. So the first trick really what that comes down to in my opinion is is self awareness and probably understanding your brand in your personal. It's called brand in business it's called a culture. It's a really strange thing we hear business culture all the time. But a lot of times what that means is it's the way that brand is interpreted with people within the business and personal brand is kind of your life and your life is how you interpret your personal life. And in that regard. So with social media when you've got your personal brand and this is where understanding your core features are really important. Some tips and tricks you asked for what I've done is I've categorized some different words to be able to write down. And when I go through my personal brand I just write down what are the top 40 words that really describe me as a person. Just my personal if I and if I had

A billion dollars in my bank account and I never had to work again I never had to do anything for anyone else again what would I do. What really do I want to see changed or what I want to impact. When you write down those 40 words it's really difficult to write down 40 words about yourself. I. And you can break it in different categories based on design and based on your business and based on what you love to do in your personality. There's these different categories but I won't go into that. Point being you write down these core functionalities of who. What makes you you and you do the same thing with your business and you compartmentalize the two. So when you write down your business where it's you might get stuff like trustworthy stuff. The colors of blue because it's trust and it does create trustworthiness.

You might get that value in the sense of I know I want to work with cameras photography and stuff like that. Well that blends very closely with my personal brand. So understanding that those two cross collaborate helps me understand where I'm allowed to have my brain have a social post crossover with business.

If I have something like business and that's that's it is a pen but on my personal I'm a pencil person. I might not want to go ahead and put hands on my personal brand. Business is going to be more my pen brand. I hope that makes sense I know I probably jumped through a lot. But the differences between understanding the words and how those words tied together within categories is so critical because it allows you very quickly to know oh I want I have this great idea what that idea is going to fit in this bucket not that bucket does make sense.

It does. Basically what you're saying is you have a system to identify what is a personal brand for you in what is a professional brand for you. What what I coach is is we we teach folks to create these avatars as you may for their clients.

Exactly. And I like to turn that around and create avatars for yourself to be able to identify who you are in terms of a category in a structure and that's that's how I've interpreted what you're saying.

I don't know that that's how the audience is interpretative what you're saying if it's not how they interpret it you did a great job kind of re navigating exactly what I said.

It's finding those core values of your business your culture and your core values of your own selves. So you know when you're in the right or you know when you might be in the wrong.

Absolutely. And for those of you that don't remember this is Dan brew the founder and CEO of Digital audit to produce great local company here a company that you should get to know. But you started off this podcast by telling us that you've been holed up creating these courses.

What is some of this magic that you're creating behind closed doors.

We want to know so done is I've realized when I learned all these things you can go to YouTube and you can spend a lot of money with all the experts and you can do all these different things. But a lot of times like you said earlier it's just guidance. It's never a step by step process that actually helps people understand what are the clicks. What do I need to actually physically do with my hands and my mind to be able to create this thing in front of me that is effective. It is incredible. And it leaves you with an ability to kind of jump into connections and relationships that you're not normally used to seeing. What I did was I created a demo brand and my own blended brand saw something that is close to myself but also close to business. And I created a brand called three dogs two cats. I personally have three dogs two cats and I knew I wanted to show people a bit into my personal life but I also wanted to give them the business experience they needed. So what I do in my videos and my courses I teach are to build a brand and I build this brand right in front of you step by step by teach you how to build the logo. I teach you how to build these 40 words and make sure that you understand who you are so when you walk out your door you're very very confident in yourself and your skills.

When someone asks you to do something that you sometimes as I said OK well I can try to learn it. You'll know very quickly that something you need to learn or if it's something you need to say no to because it's taking the time that other places you need to have more effectively. So as you go through this brand and learn how I build three dogs two cats it then jumps into the of a brand a broom is fine but a brand is only as tangible as you can explain it to yourself. You have to have a platform to really support this brand. You have to have a platform that allows people to go there over and over and over again and be able to communicate back and forth with a lot of times the platforms we really got to know our personal brand was social media. We had Facebook YouTube great really big Snapchat Instagram I go through 20 to 30 different social media platforms. But what's unique about those is where we started building brands a lot of times we're seeing the social media can actually you do have control over that platform that's someone else's platform and they've allowed you to rent space rent land for your brand for a certain amount of time. Now it might cost you money to do that it might be free but any time you hear something is free you're getting sold some other way.

So what I understood with it was you have to have a website as your main platform as your kind of your core land that you own and you can always go back to. You have your content there and then you utilize your social media profiles as vehicles to get your message too unique to your unique audience and understanding this really entra goal your brand is at the Oriol it doesn't even exist. Coca-Cola as Brand doesn't exist in the sense of if I say Coco Coca-Cola you know what I'm talking about. That's a really weird concept that humans are able to do and brands are trusted so much today. It's amazing how often and how much credibility just by having a brand people go wow youre somebody you had to put that in air quotes because I think thats important. Once you have this brand created you have to put it onto a platform that is in your control that you are able to kind of manipulating maneuver and again then take your content and put it out into social media using the tricks and tools that works for you. For example I if I'm looking for someone who might be between the ages of 35 to 50 for my product I'm not going to use snapchat.

Snapchat does really well with 16 to 29 year olds and it just wouldn't make sense if I was to go sign up for every social media platform. That's fine but a lot of times we don't have the content to support it. A lot of times we don't have the ability to reach the targeted message that we're the target market that we're looking to reach out to. And this is really important because once you start seeing the fundamentals of how this process step by step works it allows your brain to go wow I can breathe for a second because I don't have to worry about social media. I had not worried about social media for six months because I've been building a platform that I know if I do it correctly the social media part is so much more effective if I'm doing social media every day and I remember getting a lot of likes a lot of people maybe just a few here and there some friends and family and I do that every day for ten years. It's not going to change anything if I stop for six months. And it doesn't have to be sex. By the way I did six. You can do one month stop for one month. Take a deep big breath take a break and go back and reformulate your brand rebuild your platform so it's working with today's system.

We in the past used websites as a credibility piece for a one on one that is no longer the way the world works. We are in a mode in a mentality where it's a hybrid market and online is making the most amount of money in our lives how we build our connections. And that's a really interesting place because with your hourly your bowling connections those connections you want to build are the other ones that really grow your network to 50000 100000 a million people. It's not your job to do that through your own personal social media. That's the one thing I want you to hear it is not your job to build your social media platform up to these 10 20000. It is your job to build relationships that help you build your social media platform. And you can build relationships like that until you have a credible platform that you can invite someone into and in order to do that you get your brand you get your website and then you start to monetize and you monetize through strategy and ensuring that you understand how your business. That was one on one making money how you can translate it into the online market. And that is what I specialize in helping you take that either idea passion or business and then turning into an online successful brand that is profitable and effective for your impact. Does that make sense.

Virginia It absolutely makes sense to me and I hope it makes sense to listeners. There's so much I want to say about that segment but I want to make sure the listeners understand building the platform doesn't mean you're do we know the word ability or you to farm out that we're delegate that we're hire somebody to do that work when you build a platform as you were talking about. It does take time. It's not something you put up a post overnight. And then all of a sudden you have 10000 people coming to your doorstep. It doesn't work like that. Not when you're building a platform it doesn't work like that. It does take time. It does take as you're saying a system. You know there was there's a gentleman I respect a ton that has you do this.

The numbers search on a piece of paper you know one through I don't know 150 and find the next number. They're all kind of jumbled around. And then after you do that he comes back and he says All right there's a system to this each number in this particular quarter or this particular segment of that is the next segment and it pubertal walkways around here you will find those numbers faster. And that's really what I see with your system is we can have this jumbled mass and try to find with just step one and try to find what is step two and try to find what is step three or we can dip into what you're telling us to do and build a platform when you say okay you're in Quadrant 1. This is the step you need to take. And this is how you do it. And I don't know of anybody else you really do and what you're doing you're you're clearly in a class of your own.

I appreciate the analogy is perfect because I think you're spot on it is a quadrant section and it does go through the steps and it means the world to me that you see it that way. That's the whole reason I jumped in this business I had a score mentor when I was five six years ago. He helped smooth the initial business idea that I had and he pretty much told me you you don't have a business that scalable you have a business that you can make money on occasion here and there but if you want to actually scale something into a lifetime career you have to start looking at what that looks like and that really pushed my mind into a place where I need to just search for something that there was a need and in maths and finding a need and maths is really this foundation to a business. It's understanding that there's a need over and over and over again in your specialty is or your passion is something that can help that need moving forward with other people. And when you think about it it's there's three point five billion with a B people online with an email address. That's a pretty awesome target market and some one out there and not just someone but many many thousands of people are very interested in what you are interested in and what you have to offer with your business and stuff. And I really want to make sure I could find something that capitalized on a good percentage of that three point five billion I think in the online market we're moving into the next five to 10 years. Others should be thinking that way as well because it will really help you differentiate yourself in this world that is almost being run over by travel bloggers. It makes sense.

It does make sense to me but I want to stop just a second. For those of you that don't know what the score is he mentioned score mentors score is a nonprofit in the United States that provides mentorships to folks that are starting up their business and just need some additional guidance. It's a great place to go. I also like what you were doing because you're teaching us how to build a brand. Men snapshot might not be around in two years and Twitter might change night and day between now and the next couple of years that are foundational principles which are teaching us in terms of how to build a brand and how to build a platform can be applied to whatever that platform looks like. Two years five years 10 years from now.

That's exactly it. You are. You are the master of your commander if I can take a movie quote. It's really cold when you can see that the platform you're building. What's really interesting about a platform platform and this is a psychology that really helped me change my mental state of the whole thing a platform is created with a bunch of little tiny things added together over time. It's not something where you have this one nice board and you get to put it down. And there it is. It's sturdy. It works. It's something where you learn how to do five or six unique separate different things. And when you learn all five or six of those things and mind you those things are very doable or easy to learn. But in order to do it in the right steps in the right orders in the right places that is the technical difficulty of all of this understanding that you can really build these things over time and have this collection is a really cool concept. And I think it's important because it's helped me start understanding that if a website goes down or if something happens I'm not just overwhelmed with NXT it's more like well it happens it happens the best of us. Now it's time to kind of move forward and what's the next step that's going to fill that hole. We're always kind of on a sinking ship and you're always trying to fill holes. I think that's probably the mentality that a business owner when they're running the ship a little bit and it doesn't matter what kind of business owner you are or whether you've been in business 30 seconds even in business 30 years right.

You're always trying to fill those holes and stay afloat and move forward. Dan I'm looking at the time here and I don't want to give you a couple of minutes to tell us you know anything that maybe we haven't covered. And then maybe say goodbye to some of our listeners. What is some last minute tidbits you can give us.

I'm going to jump back in. You mentioned a concept that I really like and it's learned delegate or hire. We've talked about this stuff and allow some of you may have full time businesses and you go I have no way that I could do to take on something new. You have someone who knows a little bit about a lot and they're going well I don't know if I'm ready to jump into that and there's someone who has never done any of this and they might be going well I'm I'm not capable of that because I don't even know what you're talking about. I'm really excited because all three of those categories are are really important and they all have a different place in this process. The first rule is learn is to higher. Let's say you have a business and you're doing really really well. You can hire someone into your business to build your website to build what you are looking for to build your brand. That's really really effective. But a lot of times what business owners do is they spend 15 to 30 to a hundred thousand dollars on a brand a business a Web site and a model monetization strategy. The many times they don't understand the lingo they just go. I have the money so it's going to work when I'm done this in this course process is given a really easy way for people to hire and understand the lingo very quickly so you know you're not being taken advantage of by those website designers by those brand experts by the strategy.

You're getting the basics out of the way very very quickly so you can come in as an expert and delegate what you're looking to actually or to hire out what you're looking for. The second piece of that is kind of delegation. If you don't just want to hire and you just want to delegate you already have the team in place. This is a great process because you can allow and use this course process as a tool for your employees. They will see this they can actually go through the process in a very very quick and short amount of time actually do the things that you're looking to. Or at least have the conversation and then lead into the executional strategy. And the most important piece of this is learning. For those of you who like we talked to I have that dedication that ability where you know something is big around the corner and you know what you just don't know how to get there. I understand that so well I get that concept because a lot of times it costs a ton of money to learn from the experts. A lot of times it is exhausting because it takes so much time and you know in the same position that other people are it. What's cool is this starts from the very very beginning and walks through all of those steps.

I talk about the mindset changes so you can learn how to run a business how to build a brand and how to have a really cool platform online platform that allows you to be successful from start 0 to share a package. And I think that's the to delegate higher methodology is how a lot of business owners if they start breaking their mind into that mentality or someone who has never own a business understanding that you don't have to learn everything you can eventually delegated hire out. That's a really really nice thing as well because I know from myself. I don't think House is the same. I would love to have a professional cook if I could of a cook just cook my meals all day long and I could work the things I want. And someone just brings food. Oh my goodness. That's ideal. But in the beginning when I'm learning I have to be able to do that upfront so understanding that you can learn something quickly. To then delegate or hire out the most appropriate resources. That's an incredible skill and an incredible tool that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life. And I think that is what I really encapsulate in the course is in this program that I've created and I would love to be able to talk to you and be kind of go through and and make that a reality.

Well I would love for our listeners to connect with you. I always encourage them to connect. And if the listeners are still missing me that doesn't always mean a sales pitch correct. Mean bring in though the right people into your network and make the right connections for you and your business and that's what Dan is telling you to do is that when you are are taking these courses and when you're trying to build your business board you want to bring in those experts that are good fits for you. And the more you can learn through courses like his the better owner you're going to be because you're going to make the right hiring decisions.

And if you don't know how to hire right it can consume him significantly boggle your business. And when I say boggle that means make it make a bit of a mess of your business make some roadblocks in the business and for some businesses it can have even a greater detriment to their business than just creating a bit of Habakkuk. So Dan I know you bring in a ton of talent to this podcast and to our listeners. I thank you for your time. But as I say every week this is Twitter.

I hope our listeners have enjoyed today's interview with Dan Brill the founder and CEO of Digital audit to produce.

He will have all of his links in with my podcast you can reach out to him at any level that feels comfortable to you. And I hope today you learned about a ton of things in terms of where you start with building a brand and that's your mindset and time management that you sit down and you figure out who you are as a brand by coming up with your top 40 words that describe you in really instead of just posting on social media trying to get likes and followers. Build a platform because that platform is where your money and your profits lie and too many businesses aren't building their platform. But you a listener here and now you know better and you are going to go out and stop renting space and you're going to go out and build your platform and utilize that space that you are in to make your profits. And as we all know polls show no links to the episode as well as our social media links and Dan's social media links can be found at a O.

Now dot com slash podcast. There's always the best part about the show is the listeners because we wouldn't be here without you. So please take a couple of minutes to subscribe. Give us your feedback and a review so that we can bring better content to you. The next time. And if you don't know we have some great guest lined up in the next few weeks. Tune in and listen to us. And once again Dan thank you so much for spending your time with us.

Bring you so much you're really really good. Something like this.

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