Have you ever dreamed about  ‘WHAT’S POSSIBLE’ for you and your business?

These 30 minutes will change your business, enlarge your vision and most importantly – TELL YOU HOW to ACHIEVE IT.

Our guest, Brandon Bishop, will teach you that – The SECRET to GOING GLOBAL…is to start LOCAL!

There’s nothing like hand-to-hand, belly-to-belly closeness to build a relationship.

That’s only STEP ONE! Then what?

Brandon will share the secret to building long-lasting, strong as steel relationships and partnerships. (Here’s a hint: when you find out THEIR STORY you’re half way to a solid foundation of friendship).

In this day and age of – LIKES, TWEETS and INTERNET FRENZY – you’ll learn to pick out what’s relevant to you and important to your future success.

What’s Your Story?

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Today’s Guest:

Brandon Bishop brings various forms of Entertainment to the living rooms or streaming devices of millions with TV.  His talent fills a multitude of venues with excited followers of various forms of entertainment and expos. By telling stories, he creates smiles on the faces of humans.

Know more about Brandon here:


Ep 25 Brandon Bishop – Video Storytelling.mp4

Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach.

If this is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating leads creating sales and building healthy profits. If you missed some of the last episode go back and watch them because I am told they’re getting five star ratings and you can’t be missing that. But today this is why you tuned in. We have a phenomenal phenomenal guest today. He is the CEO the producer the talent director of a s y TV. I don’t know if you’ve all heard of that before but if you haven’t you really should be tuning in to S.Y. TV. He is also the author of the upcoming Bilic believe Fred whopper Garagos we all want to know what that is. We can’t wait to figure out what that is. He spends a lot of time in Colorado Springs Colorado in Detroit Michigan and many other places not only in the United States around the world and I am grateful to be having Brandon Bishop on our show today and sharing with us some of his insider tips. Brandon thank you for taking time out of your day to be spending it with our listeners and Virginia How are you.

I am wonderful good yourself. I am fantastic. It’s been a very productive and exciting day today so I can’t complain too much I probably will eventually about something or another but I can’t complain too much. Gotcha gotcha.

So give us a little bit of background on who you weren’t. What do you do?

Well, it was a cold October evening when I was born in Detroit Michigan in 1973. Don’t we go back that far?

It’s up to you all. I think our listeners are little more energized to generate sales. But baby. That happens at Colback Taylor even saved my life story for the next book.

But now I’m the executive producer and owner of the Assai TV network. I use to pronounce it. You can say S.Y. aside doesn’t matter as long as you watch it. It’s a lot of fun. It’s I was a professional wrestler for a lot of years Rabasa 16 years I own my own professional wrestling promotion called Asylum Championship Wrestling. I really wanted to do more than just the wrestling and have a video Web site featuring the wrestlers doing different variations of shows like food shows and Gerner animal shows and travel shows featuring the wrestlers that I had booked. Well, the wrestling kind of faded away. You need to get to a certain age and it starts to hurt a lot more than it used to.

You know you kind of grows up out of it. And I still want to do those shows digresses got passionate about doing that. So you know the asylum network which was a little too dark and also already copyrighted and turned into the inside TV. And you know we’re doing those shows and it’s been about three years that we’ve got all those 40 shows lined up right now. 35 that is airing in a time that is on the way. So it’s been a real labor of love. It’s a passion project it’s just a ton of fun to travel around the country and just eat things and Abbott ventures and make friends all along the way. It’s if you don’t check it out. Real Simple you go on your Roku box office. Everybody’s got a Roku box these days they look up S.Y. aside TV and get it that way or it can just go to a S.Y. TV.com and all the shows are available there it’s only two ninety-nine. And for your listeners, if they put in the coolest that’s 5 0 c o o l e s t because of people in the world. I’ll give you a month free to check it out right now.

Very very cool. But but you know as I’m listening to you do this intro. I know the vast majority of folks that are listening and are downloading this are still

Wondering how you get into TV. How do you how do you do that? How do you just decide you’re going to be producing thirty-five shows how do you get the right equipment. How do you do this?

You tell me. I don’t know how he did it. And by we I mean me and I have no idea how I got this thing but together we launched in July of 2015 with I think eight shows maybe two of them still exist and none of them are really that good. They were just cheaper cameras or just it was it was a pipe dream. So I got maybe this could turn into something but in the meantime we got lots of fun. Like you said three years later. Holy crap we’ve got celebrities that we’ve got you to know these amazing people just all over the network were available all over the world aside to Kadak. And it’s it’s it’s a little mind-blowing if you really look at the full body of work.

I mean we were we’ve got about 40 shows that we’re keeping right now but we’ve also done about another 15 to 20 that we’ve already canceled just because we moved on and we like doing more. Yes, and they just run their course. But if you really look at the overall body of work it’s really overwhelming. I’m extremely proud of it. And it’s I can’t wait to see what I’ll be saying and.

Next time we do an interview a few more years I can either. I want to be staying in touch with you I hope our listeners to stay in touch with you because I see you going places which is why I wanted you on here.

But there are several things you mentioned in them that last little segment that I want to highlight a little bit when you look back now at those earlier shows there’s a level of not meeting your current standards your standards have grown over time. Do you think you would have launched the same shows, in the same way, today that you did back then with your new level of standards experience and knowledge breeds opportunity.

Did not have the experience and knowledge that I have. Now three years ago or even four or five years. Years ago we actually started filming for the n-word in three years I have knowledge and experience that I don’t currently have. So who knows what kind of shows are coming out of the woodwork every day and I mean this every day because it’s the new thing. We meet a new person. A new story arises because that’s really what the whole network is about telling stories. I love telling people stories that normally would not have a platform to be told. And it excites me whether it’s a tragic story like. We’ve got a show called My Story living with cancer where these women with very different ovarian cancers talk about this is that this is their life. This is their life story that they’re giving me and trusting me with to air it on. You know and I’m not going to get away and I’ve introduced for them that they don’t have much time left and that’s a terrible thing and are wonderful people. But you know we’ve got tragic stories like that. Then we’ve got uplifting stories about people that have overcome addiction or you’ve got more awful stories about people living on the streets we’ve got. And it’s not all that kind of stuff. You know it’s not all we got shows about domestic violence. You know some pretty deep topical stuff that we’re trying to raise awareness for. It’s not all that means we’ve got the food shows we got to travel shows we’ve got the adventure shows we’ve got paranormal shows comedy shows. There’s literally something whether you’re a kid all the way up until senior citizen and everywhere in between man and woman doesn’t matter what culture you are doesn’t matter what. Whenever you subscribe to there’s something on this network I truly believe that will relate to you.

I really hope people reach out and start just enjoying it and adding to it. And like I said I have no idea what kind of show we’re going to have three years from now five years from now 10 years from now. But I do know one thing it will be in existence and I will keep chugging along like the little engine that it basically.

Well there’s one thing I know for sure I don’t see video or TV going anywhere maybe in terms of the realms of the way we watch it currently might change. But it’s not going anywhere it’s going to be around in 5 10 15 years. But you talked about this collecting stories and as a coach I talk to the folks that I work with that it’s so important as a business owner to collect stories and here you are telling me that that’s what drives you during the day is you want to collect the stories whether they’re humorous silly impactful. You want to be collecting those stories of your clients or your viewers while I host a show called go there.

That and it’s basically me going around coast to coast north south eating things you know from from food trucks all the way to high skill restaurants. And but the thing is it’s not just about that it’s not about me going around eating things it’s the stories of hey you have a restaurant. Goal is that they talk about their restaurant. They talk about a certain dish. We talk about the Rockbridge. They learn to cook from their grandmother. You know we’ve got so many shows that are just different and variety different genres. But the root of everything is that we’re just telling her stories. I’d love to hear success stories. I love to hear inspiring stories I like even more so sharing that with our viewers. And so far it’s that’s kind of our whole angle. We just like to give people a platform that they normally would have which which I love.

And I want people to know there are platforms like yours out there so whether they’re a small business owner or whether they’re just a person that wants to hear other people’s stories or tell their own stories.

There are other platforms but personally I’m really really interested to find out. How do you know which stories are worthy of being told and which part of that story do you try to extrapolate to share with your viewers.

It’s kind of a natural selection from somebody has a story there are desperate to tell.

They’ll make themselves accessible people with just home stories which is you know we’ve all got good stories and bad stories but you know those people don’t usually stand out and they don’t usually care to share their story if they don’t have much of a story to tell. So you know somebody who is passing away. Of course they want to get their story told and out there for Sejdiu somebody that is very proud of something of course they want to share that with somebody. So I mean those stories always come at us. We don’t look for him there. We’ve got a new show on the horizon called The Gift which is a really close friend of mine named Nathan.

He’s a those all kinds of stuff of the community. He’s actually the reason we did the recovering addicts show called Art of addiction. He’s recently come under some health issues and there was a big question mark in front of his future and it’s heartbreaking because I love the guy to death but he wanted to do some good stuff for some families. You know just in case it’s his it’s his time. So on the way out he’s you know we’ve reached out. We’ve already shown the couple episodes. Get ready to finish up or he’s just helping other with autistic kids go through college where he’s in and then we’re getting the stories from the families. A little girl who’s had 16 heart surgeries. You know these are all things that are not even airing yet on the site either. Coming up at means a gym for us of course we’re not here to exploit those stories by any means but we give an opportunity to those families to share with the world and to share with our viewers obviously to raise awareness for what they’re going through and helps families and I’ve noticed a ton of stuff like that we’re going to really go out to Vegas to do a show about Vegas and all the cool stuff out there.

We just got a new show called The Chateau which is about this house up in Monument all places that is a kickass Playhouse where the girls just like cats. You know it’s a very empowering show. Believe it or not, it’s not just a sexy show. Now it’s very empowering these girls are. It’s a safe spot for them. Lot of them have things to get over and they’ll come together and they have these great parties. They literally just talk for five hours about all the programming we have coming up here. It’s just like I said I love telling stories and sharing people’s stories and all the while I get to tell my story as well my son has a show on the network called the BTX Mounzer show where he visits different cool arcades and fun family friendly type stuff. We have shows for seniors. We have shows like a show. Your has a shot

Has a show on a side TV. Yes. Yes she does. And it’s funny because she watches it’s Paisleys records and mice and a little laser pointer and aquarium since shots are just things moving around my cat sits at the edge of the couch meowing in a very weird way and watches it and yet the screen and everything. It’s super adorable. I thought it would be funny if it were to that actually gets yours.

Well that probably gets a lot of can’t be yours and some hona homeowners and cat owners that are excited to have some TV for their little pats.

In all of this I I’m in thrall to listen to and could listen to you talk about all of the shows that you’re producing and why you are so excited about the shows and what’s happening with that. But you do also have another side of your your business that I wanna to be sure that we’re talking about with entrepreneurs because I think there’s some ways you can really support us. You also work with entrepreneurs to produce videos for them.

Absolutely. And it kind of goes back to the storytelling.

I love people but the system so to speak and don’t and there’s nothing wrong if you have a 9 5 job I get it. I’ve done it most of my life but I love the people that can finally shed that stand and succeed

At actually putting their own thing together whether they’re attached to a brand or whatever it is they’re doing their own thing. They’re putting as much work and honestly yes you know when you are your own business you work twice as hard for probably sometimes half the money. But there was a certain freedom there is a certain pride there and I had a door that I have it myself.

I love the fact that I’ve paid my own bills for the last three and a half years with my own hands with my own cameras with my own talent so to speak. I love that so much and I love other people that do that.

I love having that common bond with them so I can help local businesses or even national businesses or any kind of businesses that require my help. I am there for them I’m going to keep it inexpensive. I’m going to keep it. It’s fun and encouraging is possible because there are just a reflection of me and vice versa.

And I love it. I think anybody that’s going to get to know your space the story they’re going to be able to tell is going to have energy to it. Every time I see you in and see you on

On social media or in person or on TV for that matter you always bring energy. Are you one of these people that is always energetic because you love what you’re doing so much.

Yes and no. Depends on what hour of the day it is when I’m at home I’m the grumpy old man yelling at kids to get off my lawn. Not really but you know there’s definitely a comedown down it’s part of it. But. I try to put on a good show for it. Nobody wants a debbie downer in their day. Nobody wants to see people being it just brings everybody down. I was filming today at this event was actually being interviewed and you know one of the other guests there was just bitching and moaning about everything just so negative and it almost broke me down a little bit like she’s Mamluk to shut up.

You have your own business you’re being featured on interview type of show you’re getting free promotion. Shut your mouth. Do what you do but a big smile on your face make those around you happy.

So I mean everybody of course has ups and down days. Of course we do. This is your business. You’re the face of your business. You can’t put on a good face. Then why are you in business. Knock it off go work for Time Warner or something. Answer Some phones for a cable company. You know make some fries with you get out of your own business if you can’t be the face of it or hire somebody to be the face of your business. There’s

Lots of folks that run a business and have somebody else really be the face of their business know that please be yourself. But I asked you that question because I think there’s a piece when people try to do their own recordings it falls flat. It just is not worth listening to.

If you get one name say that everybody is a Virginia Phillips you know I mean not everybody is great. Wait wait wait wait.

I’ve had my moments I’ve worked really hard to get to this place right up.

You go back and watch my YouTube videos you’ll see that I just got that actual for me.

I’ll make sure to do that. Leave comments. I was a musician for my entire life. I was a very shy kid. My son right now is pretty shy. And I push him and pushing and pushing to get over that because I don’t push him to do anything. He’s got his own life. He’s 11 years old he’s already a published altering his TV show. He’s a great kid all around. I push you when I push what question that come out of that show because I remember being in that show. It’s a very lonely lonely place. As a kid or an adult you cannot be in that shell if you’re going to be a motivating type front person for your business you catch them. Sure maybe you have a electricians business or something and maybe you’ll do OK but you’ll do a lot better if you show up with a huge smile and someone who’s yazin people will want to be around you. They’ll want to call you they want repeat business. They’re going to want to watch your TV show so to speak. I preach that constantly to my own son and to everybody I know around me who does business

So it’s it’s I like I said I was a musician my entire life mainly a singer in front of the stage and that’s how I broke out of that show myself. I’m in front of this band to play music. I have to perform I’m looking dead in the audience and the first person they see. The main thing they’re focused on. I have to be funny to be cagey. I have to be exciting and I have to have some kind of talent. So you know of course we all suck in the beginning but you get better and better and better than I got into standup comedy which I did for a little while and that was a complete icebreaker. Then I did you know I was in the Army for a long time and you have to have a certain level of charisma to be in the army in this. Not everybody but if you want to be successful no matter what you’re doing. Charisma helps. I was a pro wrestler for 16 freakin years and I mean you want to talk about all forms of entertainment and charisma and talent and everything wrapped up into one little allt. There’s nothing like professional wrestling if you’re doing it and it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever done and I’m still a musician. Still Russell occasionally I still am.

But since I got into the TV show host at that point I was ready to be a front person for a TV show or for old network of my own business and it like you said it takes a long time to get decent at what you’re doing no matter what it is. But some people naturally have it some people will never have it. Those that will never have it is probably not going to go as far as those that do say that but it’s the truth.

It is the truth.

And for those that don’t naturally have it and I think you know whether you naturally have it or don’t. Hiring somebody like you is hugely helpful for their business because you bring that intangible that culture into that that energy into that environment can change the whole production of a video or TV slot because of the energy you bring to that table and I think sometimes when entrepreneurs hire folks like you they don’t even think about that intangibility they just want to know what kind of experience you have what kind of videos produced it produced and they don’t think about how that fit is with them. So explain to us when we’re looking to hire somebody like you. Why that intangible piece is so important.

Well even when you do hire somebody who has the charisma and the drive and the mark ability to get a wordmark ability marketability. It’s a word today that is now on to drive your product and services even if you hire them if you’re a negative nancy behind the scenes you’re going to ruin that person and he’s not going to he or she is not going to care. About pushier products so you still have to be a charismatic leader. I mean as far as hiring somebody to do it I’ve never had to not tooting my own horn but I enjoy being the face of my product they enjoy being the pitch man. So I really don’t know to be honest with you but if you’re going to hire somebody to be the face of what you’re doing just make sure that they believe in your product.

Well I didn’t even think when they were hiring you that you would become the face but if you were there filming them the energy that you bring can change the outcome of the final product. Yeah I mean

I just think it’s best to be your be your own man no one’s going to believe in your product more than you are. So it’s. And it’s hard to rely on other people. We all know that it’s really hard to get someone to buy into your dream even when you throw a bunch of money at them. It just it’s almost impossible. I’ve worked with about 30 different people on these shows and I love them all pretty much love them all. But if they were all to go out there and put a tenth of the effort that I put into promoting this network and this Expo evidence that I’m doing a tenth of the effort then we would be much bigger than we are right now. But you know they don’t do it because it’s not their dream and it’s not their forced or not making the lion’s share of the profits. And I get that that’s fine if somebody came up to me and said Hey Brandon I have this car dealership I want you to be the pinch me and for it I be like awesome. I did make the car I don’t really drive the car at all. You know but hey it’s a great car ride into this got you buy one right now. It’s you know anybody can fake the funk if they’re good at it. It’s. Believe in your own product to the point where it hypes you up to two you can get to that point.

I fully agree with that. For those of you that are just tuning in and I don’t know why you’d be doing that on a podcast you should be listening from the beginning to the end right.

But this is Brandon Bishop with I call A-S y TV so that the listeners know how to find you. But you also say it’s azide TV word.

So however you pronounce it that’s OK.

I know you are producing great TV shows in great videos for entrepreneurs but Brandon I know I know you sit back there and you wish entrepreneurs would be doing something different or more with their videos. What are some of those things that you’re hungry for for us to be doing with our videos and give us some tips.

First of all and I want to get some slack for saying this possibly for my friends in the advertising business. I used to sell radio ads I used to sell print. I used to sell TV ads. It’s a dying market. Yes you can absolutely get some results from TV radio and print but is nothing like it used to be back in the 80s and 90s when I first got into this game of advertising and marketing and promotions.

It was it was TV you’d make flyers you’d put it in the newspapers and magazines and radio that doesn’t do it anymore. It’s not going to. Maybe if you have a special event and it’s really. And you also don’t know who’s listening.

You have no idea Social Media Marketing is it now and it’s going to keep growing as it until the other stuff eventually just fades away and eventually absorbs into social media marketing. I’m not just talking about Facebook and all this stuff Mossel talking by your websites and all that people watch little three to five minutes sometimes 30 seconds or less. Little clip videos of what you’re trying to sell or what you’re trying to promote. People don’t sit there and listen to the radio like they used to. Unfortunately they’re online. You can go on Facebook and spend 100 bucks on a commercial that goes out directly to your demographics it will tell you how many times and see how many times they clicked on how many times it’s been followed through. And you get immediate results. I’m not saying don’t do TV and radio and print and all that stuff. If you have the budget by all means do everything but if you really want bang for your buck you’re going to do it the right way and you need little videos like these to promote your stuff. Now I’m not saying that because I happen to that for a living. I’m Zain because I do that for a living because it works. I come out there I shoot your story and I like to show what I call documentary style promotional business films. What that means is I’ll come out.

I’ll canvas your building with the cameras. Oh get you your story from your lips. You’re the one promoting it. Once again going back to the being the face of your company we show your products and services. We share all your information and you had this nice little film as you can share however you want as much as you want you. AUDIENCE And it’s you know sometimes you can buy a commercial from the cable company and you don’t own that commercial on that commercial. So you’ll be lucky if you get a copy of it I’ve had to go through that. So yeah I mean it’s it’s a video world. People like quick and easy they like to just click on a video. Oh that’s cool. Check it out. And it saves you from having to say the same things over and over and over and over again like Hi I’m Brandon Bishop I own a television network. Instead of saying that’s stuff over and over again there’s a video of what I do and then follow up with the video. So yes I do those kind of videos I do them for dirt cheap all the other production companies out there that do film Haiti because of it. But I keep a low overhead and I enjoy doing it and I get a lot of contacts out of it. And once again I could tell stories.

And I know you can tell stories that people are listening to this and don’t know you can tell stories yet.

I know where they said tune into to watch some of the stories you have stated but this is the time in this show that that I give you the floor and you tell us what we should have already asked you at this point in time in the podcast. The floor is yours brain and the whole floor is mine.

I can shake it down and do some dancing. You can. Awesome awesome. Really I mean check out a site like I said if you go there now to a S.Y. TV.com and you type in the coupon code 50 Tulis 5 0. Coolest as in the coolest 50 people get to have it for free for a month. You’ll get your free month. Check it out. Let me know what you think about it look me up on all the social media stuff I’m pretty sure all that going on there. I’m really proud of the network. And are really proud of everybody on it including myself. My son like that and we should do a Virginia Phillips show on us. The other thing I’d like to talk about is every month we do the society business expo.

What that is is I grab onto you. Yes you here in Colorado Springs. 20 30 40 businesses. We pack them all inside this awesome place called the social. Big open room we have live entertainment. We have different food vendors every single month. There’s amazing our staff there are amazing drinks. We do all kinds of business networking while we’re doing the event. You can sell your stuff for about your services advertise advertise shake hands that work and honestly and we also raise funds for different nonprofits and charities every month through a silent auction. This time we’re doing a bunch different stuff I think a lot of Conservatory’s going to do live performances of music. We got a ton of new vendors this time as well. Hopefully Virginia can make as well. And we’ve got plenty of room for more more more more more only like 35 bucks to set up a beer booth the next event is September night at the social.

Look up on Facebook there’s event pages and there’s the actual business page and there’s everything on the poster and you can sign up online as well. Look it up. Click alike join us.

We’re having a lot of fun doing these events. Last month was a little slow because apparently everything in the world was going on at the same time and it was a nice hot day out. But I know no no September 9th is going to be actually been promote the heck out of it and we’ve got twice as many sponsors almost.

Lots of food. These events are so much fun for me. You get to go up and talk about your business like a full minute in front of everybody which minute doesn’t sound long but once you’re up there talk in front of a couple hundred people you’ll see how long that is. And it’s just a really good time. It’s like a business networking meeting. But elevated to a very entertaining level I think even and it’s free for the public.

So you don’t have to get a vendor booth. You don’t have to pay the 35 bucks or the 25 bucks depending on location and bar. You don’t have to set up a vendor booth. We want you there anyways. There’s shopping there is like I said we’re raising money for charity. This time we’re going to do a little passport challenge. We have to go around to all the vendors that are on the list and check them off. Do you want a prize. It’s so much fun. And I get to put my brand my television network at the center of it which is the reason I do it. We raise money for charity which is the reason I do it. And we have a really good time some vendors have made up to 500 plus in a night. Others have made none.

Those are the ones back to the original store here. That kind of sit there and are afraid to be the the face of their product. Get out. Bring people with you. Mingle around the clock. The crowd shake some hands and network if you don’t get a sale that night you’ll get one later. Trust me if your product is up to snuff maybe your products not up to snuff. I’m a very Wirginia I’m a very honest person. You know if someone sucks at their job I’ll point out to them and try to help them if they don’t want help. Stop stop doing your thing. Stop.

Quit. That’s about it. I’ll help anybody who wants help. I’ll cut rates down to do films through them so they could promote themselves and just reach out to me. It’s real simple I’d love to help you about the work with you. I do this for a living also.

So I’d like the business out if you need me I’m here well and in what I heard in that segment is for those that are Colorado Springs and Colorado listeners this is a great event but if you’re outside of Colorado you give us a ton of tips in terms of how to Praet how to promote an expo how to show up as a vendor how to get clients as a vendor out to really just show up for an event which is one of the areas you’re so good about. But it’s not just about the event it’s the story you’re telling at the event. It’s the priest story of the event. It’s the Post story of the event. I hope our listeners understand that as he was talking about that in and if you didn’t go back and listen to it and listen to all the tips that he gave to you that you can utilize at your next expo or it’s real simple it’s not real simple but it’s not too hard if you’re doing your appearance and you’re an entrepreneur and you want to sell your product or get your product or promote your services or just be out there networking.

You can’t sit there with you know an RPF which is arresting beat face with your arms crossed sitting behind your tables wondering why people are going to come up to you and approach you.

And at least inquire about what you’re doing there. You have to have good signage you have to have a good product you have to have a good attitude you have to have a good sales pitch. You have to reach out to everybody who comes within six feet of you Hey I’m here. But you look at my stuff. Come over here buy something. Sign up for something let me get at least your email so I can contact you later. And before the event is you know when your video rabbit it starts as soon as you look your spot at the vendor it doesn’t start the minute you show up it doesn’t start after you set everything up and the doors open. Oh I’ll start as soon as you book your spot. At that end it what I mean by that is as soon as you do that start telling everybody about the event. If you get Brayley’s five people to come to your store that is your store for that night or that day or wherever it is that is your spot. Your products your services your base your place your store. If you can’t really fight people fight don’t get their friends and family are who they are. You get promoted to bring five people. Get out of business or learn how to do it. And everybody like I have 30 to 40 vendors at my event if everybody brought five people even three people that place is packed.

And those three people are going through all the other vendors and people are coming to your your vendor booth without just being lazy and they will be booted to the next book. The next thing now is not thinking like that you start working on that a bit make make your own flyers if they don’t have that make it a big page just for your product. At that point there’s no excuse for it.

It’s called Wirch exactly and I will tell you Brandon when you first started this expo and I know we are so over time but when you first started this expo I anticipated that the crowd was going to be small.

And I was so thrilled with that because I was able to bring in our client and work with that client so that he would grow into those shoes at the next expo. He knew exactly how to show up and could really extrapolate what he needed for business for contacts to bring the people knew how to show up. So sometimes they’re small brand new Expo’s in your community can be great great learning grounds and you go around to those that are more Vacheron in the Expo space and. Take every ounce that you can get from their brain and apply it to your business. Yeah I know you’re running out of time here but

I guess my ultimate goal for these monthly Business Expo events is to do one or two maybe spring and fall where we have about 200 small business owners entrepreneurs all in the same giant event center. We’ve already been talking to the Chapel Hill defense attorney here in Colorado Springs and I actually have been talking to people in Michigan as well about doing big big big events featuring everybody we can get in there doing the live music doing tons of different foods and all these different businesses working under one roof together and calling it the Colorado Springs Expo or whatever we’ll come up with catchy name.

That’s the ultimate goal and I’m I’m practicing with these monthly tools and we’re making better and better and we’ve done four of these things right now. Three of them were really good. One was kind of slow. What are you going to stop because you have a slow night now you’re going to be frustrated because you are slowly getting there. OK we’ll try again.

Right. You hop back and you take those lessons from what you learned and then you apply it for the next time.

Absolutely. Go ahead. Are you saying I was agreeing with gotcha.

But you Brandon and I both know that. It’s where I say. Hope you enjoyed today’s interview with Brandon Bishop.

But we are out of time. I hope you learned about his TV platform what the need is for you to do videos and show up as the the right persona for your business and more importantly get involved in your community get involved in these local expos like Brandon puts on here in Colorado Springs and in Michigan. And I assume other places in the United States some time soon because I know if they’re successful in one city he is going to duplicate hate that poor in another city. Brandon I thank you so much for being on today. I want our listeners to know that full show notes links to the episode as well as our social media links and your social media links can be found at a 0. Now dot com slash podcast. Brandon I just want people to know that they can reach out to you correct.

Oh absolutely. I’m here for you. And they do that Oxfam you on Facebook. I don’t like writing too much on Facebook but until I get to know you. Just get on Facebook. If we hit it off we’re going to stop because this is just another word.

And his facebook link will be in the show notes. And as always the best part about the show is our listeners because otherwise it’s just brain the night talking to ourselves. We would like you to take five minutes to download subscribe and of course tell us what you liked or didn’t like about this show. And more importantly bring some friends next week to listen to our next week episode because I tell you we’ve got some great great great incredible people lined up for our podcast once again. Brandon thank you for your time this afternoon and thank you to our listeners for joining us.

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