We at Yes, You Can! underline the most important step in starting your business: Venture out with a helping hand, by outsourcing work to a virtual assistant! Flesh out the latest with Brittany Fleming, who talks about managing that effortless flow from your business with virtual assistant services, taking on the previously burgeoning responsibility of making your life much easier.

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Today’s Guest:

Summing up her vast learnings from her company Assistance by Brittany, her desire to help and organize stems from her early years: Brittany received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Ohio University and has continued to develop her passion with helping others and her community.

She believes that small businesses and their owners are essential to our community growth and sustainability. When you work with Brittany, you will always have someone in your corner to support the client and their business goals. Her passion for fitness also translates to her everyday adventures: She currently trains in Mixed Martial Arts and is working to become a professional fighter.

Know more about how Brittany can help you here:

Ep 24 Brittany Fleming- Working with a Virtual Assistant.m4a

Hello and welcome to yes you can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach. If this is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips to generate beats create sales and build healthy profits. I know as a business owner that’s what I want to be doing with my business. And so many business owners struggle with that. And today we have a phenomenal guest who is going to help us with this. Her name is Brittany Fleming. She is a virtual assistant in the Denver area. But you don’t have to be in Denver to use her services because she’s virtual. She owns a company called the assistance by Brittany first and knows Brittany received her bachelor’s degree in social work from Ohio University and has continued to develop her passion for helping others and her community. She

Currently trains Ms mixed martial arts.

Gosh I can’t imagine that I would want to be in the gym with what other people do. So she trains in a mixed martial arts and is working to become a professional fighter. Oh you’re going to want her on your side. I tell you that she believes that small businesses and their owners are essential to our communities growth and sustainability in with her.

You will always have somebody in your corner and a fighter yet a badge to support you and your business goals. Let’s join together and welcome Brittany to our show to talk to us about how virtual assistance can help us in our business. Welcome Brittany. The Virginia

So good. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. I mean clearly we know you like to be physically fit. You like challenges. But how did you get into virtual assistant work.

So I’m a single mother. I have a 5 year old and I just noticed between training and having to work all the time I can’t. Get her to everything. I don’t have the time. That I would like to invest into her so I want to. I’ve always wanted to start my own company. As obviously being a millennial. I’m very Giansiracusa you know. Doing stuff on the computer and. I just. Took it from there.

There are a lot of us Brittany that spend a lot of time on social media but we don’t want to be a virtual assistant.

You don’t want to be without got to work so you and helping your communities in this way. I know you have this this big passion for community building. Why is that so important for you. Well. Going back to being a single mom I think I’ve had to rely on people and organizations in the community so much. As. I. Did

Also getting my social work degree I did work with nonprofits as well very small nonprofit. So. I just always tried to keep my focus there. And. Yeah that kind of I just saw how much help also people needed on social media. For me it’s kind of obvious stuff is very simple things. But for others. It’s not. So. Wherever I could assist them with

Well I think you have there’s this gift to care for other people as you say stand in their corner.

You know you did that by going to school and doing social work studying. But I really want to I guess get into the nitty gritty with you a little bit. Who are some of your your favorite clients to help.

Obviously I love helping personal trainers. Oh yeah. I have other virtual assistants and help with. I also try to. Target black owned businesses.

Why. Why. Those two areas why black owned businesses and why trainers I would assume trainers because you believe you have a connection with them because you’re in the gym often. But is there another reason why trainers. Well

I know we have. I was talking to one of my coaches and Sears is you know telling me how she wants to just train. That’s the whole reason obviously she got into the personal training but instead she had to spend all this time marketing and you know going out promoting and all the stuff that she doesn’t want to do. So that was the main reason for that. As far as businesses I’m. I’m biracial. So I have a connection there too. And that. I just. Like building up our community. And joining together in

And I and I love that. But let’s let’s talk for a second about these trainers so what I hear you say is the screeners want to stay in their geeing their genius in the gym and in coaching whether it’s in the gym or outside a lot of them don’t even do coaching anymore in the gym. But for you you find not only they want to stay in their genius but they also want to not deal with the headaches of. Many of those details with entrepreneurship.

Yes absolutely. And I found they don’t even know they don’t. Even know where to begin. So. I guess I’ve had a lot of fun just going through this thing very simple thing for them like. Figuring out their scheduling showing them how to use Instagram and make a Facebook business page. And that brings in more clients you know like. Within a few weeks. I get reports back of them gaining clients. And. You know this increased visibility.

So let’s talk about that a second because you know sometimes I bring on these really big big wigs to this show and then sometimes I bring on folks that aren’t so big like yourself who’s who’s running a business out of their house doesn’t have 20.

I’m assuming you have 20 employees underneath you in your home. Not all small businesses that don’t even know how to find the time or don’t have the technical ability to do social media. There is a lot of folks that I coach they don’t they don’t create a social media post. Quite honestly no.

So so you just take that work from them.

How do you work with them to know that you are producing the right things for them.

That is difficult I guess. But. Usually they have no idea what they do bring to. The result they’re pretty quick. To see. You know that I am doing something for them I mean within. Two weeks of putting something together. Like I had a girl who couldn’t even. You know get her Facebook messages that pop up wasn’t in the right category for her. Business Page. It’s just simple things like that.

So let’s talk about Alex a second because I don’t think people have any understanding that there are categories for that. Can you explain that a little bit to us

Yes. So. When you make your Facebook page or your business page. You can. Pick how it’s going to. So whether it’s health Ulis. That. Is. An online tea. But if you don’t know all the ins and outs there’s so many options and Facebook business page that you. Have to really explore and get to know. What was going to produce the best result.

Well that’s a really good insider tip for those that are listening when you set up a Facebook page. First you want to hire somebody that knows what they’re doing. That gets them in their genius and gives you better results.

But to you also will help them land in the right place to get more visible. I was talking to somebody recently that said you know I was surprised when when people were telling me they weren’t seeing my posts. So do you track when the posts are getting put up and in the comments and shares and stuff are happening with the post so that you know that that client is getting some visibility

Oh yeah absolutely. And. I think it’s a little easier to do on Instagram. To be able to track it. When you say so when you set up an Instagram business page you can check all the analytics and everything like that. With Facebook it’s a little more difficult. But I can. Still see the posts that do the best. And that what time and all that.

So because you focus on this particular niche do you find that it’s easier for you to keep your costs down and make sure that you’re delivering value for your clients.

Yeah. With personal training it is easier to keep the costs down. And usually they have a lot of content that they. Already can post on Facebook and Instagram because. Those are huge for fitness. When I go into other. Markets such as a virtual assistant or I have a little wine and paint shop that I feel. It definitely becomes a little more difficult. I have to. Charge more. They want more services. Yeah. Well first my training is to keep the car down.

I love it. I love that you have this ability to really knit because you know I was talking to somebody else yesterday. They’re like I don’t know how to manage. And once we decided to niches because that was an area you were already familiar with.

You understood as a client what folks wanted in that arena. And now you’re just helping them deliver their services to your community.

Exactly. Is there things that you do as a virtual assistants to understand the community that’s your service scene better so that your post lands better with that audience or is it that you’re just familiar with the services of the company that allows you to be more successful. No I think that you. I tried to do a lot of research to figure out what people want to see what

The audience is going to connect to it. So obviously I’m in the gym I’m talking. To the coaches and the people in there but I join a. Facebook group. I get all over the Internet. To figure out tips and tricks. How I can best. Increase. Their ability and their engagement.

And I want the audience to understand this what this virtual assistant is do doing and what she’s telling you she’s doing it she will do social media post for you but she is also going out to you or now at work.

The people that you’re pulling from to get clients and she’s doing all the social listening for you that as a small business owner you’re not doing because you’re in your genius. I think those pieces with your services Brittany that people forget you do. And they want to know why it costs so much to make five post will work. Only me is it’s it’s not just the five posts but it’s the content in this the fact that you were bundling all of these other services with those five POWs.

Yes. It takes a lot is definitely a science of psychology. Behind having good posting connecting with people. And you that you could spend for ever on social media. Obviously you know. Just connecting and getting the word out there.

I would I would not go. I said I would agree with that. Yeah. You’re going to say something else. Oh I just have you know. Usually two people

They don’t just want to post me they want other things that go along with that. You know they want me reaching out to potential clients. They want me making lists the post. And. All that other stuff.

When you say list of posts what does that mean. Like. So I have one

With a virtual assistant I work with. She is also a blogger. And she is sharing. Other people’s content from Facebook as well. So. For her. And her personal pages I’ll go there and find. Other articles that people. On Facebook have written. So she can share them.

I love that. And many many many levels. And what you’re beginning to tell me is your virtual assistant work is much more than than some social media post and some social media strategy.

You do quite a bit of virtual assistant work in the admin realm.

Can you give us an idea of some of those things that you do in the admin round because believe it or not Brittany a lot of people don’t even know what virtual assistants do.

Yeah we do a lot. So. Perhaps my. Clients. Send out email. Figure out your scheduling. Like when one of my personal trainers. She was having all her clients just text her. When they were available and I was like that’s not. Facing. Any sort of way let. That. You know get automatic scheduling going. And then it all goes straight to your e-mail. I can either. Get all your contacts e-mail was put together in a newsletter. You know. This. Isn’t really getting people organized.

And I hope the listeners are hearing what what Brittany your your virtual assistant is telling you what happens a lot of times with entrepreneurs and other businesses you do with what you are doing.

It was terrible English by the way you do what you are used to doing because it’s worked. But it might not be effective or efficient. And it’s really ending up hurting your business it isn’t until you hire experts like Brittany to come in and say oh boy we can make some significant improvements here. This tweak or that week or this week and it’s not it’s not major things you set up for this particular trainer you set up probably a free Kalender account where people can come in and schedule their appointments

And it made a tremendous difference in her efficiency. Exactly. So it probably surprising that people don’t. I guess they’ve never taken the time out to research or really thought about

The tools that are out there. Specially with technology.

Well part of it is technology changes so much. Yeah. You know. But I know within the health and wellness and fitness industries it’s it’s not a part of their culture. The technology. That is a very good point. So how much difference do you think changing just that. That one thing taking her from scheduling via tax to scheduling with an online system made for her customers experience. I think made them look at her as more professional. And want to turn to her more and. You know. Like. You don’t always feel like texting somebody or talking to somebody on the phone that would be able to just go right there

And schedule it in and let that be that continue with your day. I think that makes a huge difference.

I personally I think it makes a huge difference. Are you going back to those clients at all and finding out if they’re enjoying the new system well or are you only doing that based upon the orders from the the clients you are serving.

No I’ll go back and find out from the customers. And when I put updates on their Facebook I’ve always asked them. To let me know how the system is working out for them if they need any adjustments. As. You know. Whatever their thoughts may be on it.

Brittany what I am hearing from you is that you were helping provide these small entrepreneurs with what I call high touch service.

Do you really see how much difference a virtual assistant can make in terms of staying on target and staying in contact with potential clients and current clients.

Oh absolutely. Especially because I know it can get overwhelming for one person to. Be. Handling all these clients especially your full time job. And. You probably have a ton of clients. So being able to have somebody out there. Already to assist you. And to. Take off some of the burden from you. Is going to make a huge difference. In your company.

And I personally agree with that.

One of the things I learned from the book called Four Hour Work Week is that you want to be farming out and delegating more work then you are ready to delegate because we tend to hang on to work too long. We tend to want to hang onto it and then it begins to fall apart. We need to be bringing you and people like you on board sooner than we think we need them. Do you find that when entrepreneurs and small businesses hire you they hire you. When there were complete rounding. Yes they way way too long and they’re already

Almost in crisis mode. And they want to know what they need to do to get back on track.

When when do you think is the right time to hire you as a virtual assistant. I would say as soon as you feel that you are even a tiny bit stressed. And that you’re OK

Handing over some responsibilities. I know for entrepreneur where there are. Control freaks I guess it can be very hard. To give off some of those responsibilities and want to micromanage to. But I think the best decision would be

To outsource. I would agree the best decision is to outsource but I like you see a ton of entrepreneurs that wait too long to begin that outsourcing. And what you hear from the professional the day is when you feel the tiniest bit stressed about managing your schedule you need to begin to outsource.

Don’t wait until things are falling apart and you’re missing appointments and that list goes on and on. Before your hiring the virtual assistant because now you have to dig yourself out of the hole to move your business forward. Brittany how do you convince entrepreneurs and small business owners to go and give you that responsibility. Well I just have to. Really give them my word that. You know they’re going to see results right away and that I know what I’m doing. And most likely

You’re already in a bad spot. So the only way we can go from here. And sometimes you know that they’re a little hesitant and I’ll offer my services. To. Let them really see what I can do for them.

I hope the audience is listening to VADs that you really just have to let go and trust. And if it doesn’t turn out you’re probably no worse than where you would be if you hung on to it on your own mind as well.

Trust and let go and let her or the other virtual assistant that you hire really helps you get out of that hole. And what I understand Brittany but I would love for you to tell us an experience of somebody that was really hesitant to let go. They did. You took it over and their worlds became so much better.

So back to my personal trainers. I had a girl she just started with Ben. Say six months. And. I got on her Facebook. And Instagram pages and it was an app. LULU. There’s nothing and nothing about it was right. So let’s see. And then I started you know this offering her things for free here and there. Let me read it. She kept trying to tell me you know. Oh I don’t want to look too corporate. I want this and this and this and I just finally you know. I had to meet her in the middle. And so once you started seeing results. You realize that hey I know what’s going on. You can still you know give me an idea look keep. Your theme and everything. But. Let me try to do this my way instead of yours for a little bit. And let’s see where we can meet in the middle. And then. Eventually you know she started it takes me all the time telling me how to be getting new clients. Things are working. I know. And now she’s doing it full time instead of having to work a part time job and do the training

I really hope her listeners heard that. You just told a story about somebody that was hesitant to outsource.

They did. They are now performing more of what they love to do have hired an expert to do what the expert should be doing. And her business is more successful.

And that’s why I love virtual assistant so that’s why I wanted to bring them on today because I hear so many small businesses still are not hiring now because they don’t think they’re big enough where they’re successful enough. But you say you don’t have to be big or truly successful to gain

Profits from a virtual assistant. I want to ask you Brittany what are the top two or three things that people outsource to you.

Number one is social media. Number two would be I’d say copywriting and editing

Type of stuff. Number three. Marketing. Doesn’t. It really

When you say marketing what does that mean to you. To me it does play back. Into the social media thing but. Also. In person just making connections with people

Letting them know hey I know somebody who could help you. Like if you’re looking for a Web site you know I have a client. Who. Would be interested in helping you with that. And then. So like for the. Virtual Assistant. I’ll go to the groups and find people who might be interested in her services that might need some help with Pinterest and things like that. And I’ll get them connected and send out a message to them.

So are you telling me that you really like to collaborate as a virtual assistant.

Yes definitely. I think that’s what. Really you can do anything on your own. You think you need to collaborate.

Who are some of your favorite other businesses to collaborate with.

Oh well I have something that’s called and G. It’s basically a group of network marketers and we have photographer and videographer and. Other entrepreneurs. And we all just said to clients who want another

I love it. I think we all have these little inner circles whether it’s a formal inner circle or an informal inner circle where we build the trust with other people’s services and we do these exchanges back and forth. So what you’re telling me

What you’re telling me is you’ve found what some people would call your tribe and you’ve really built ships with some of these people and you are leaning on them in areas that aren’t your expertise and they’re leaning on you in areas that aren’t their expertise. And together you are providing your clients with higher. Services. Yes. Definitely

I love it. Love it. Love it. Brittany can you tell me a little something in the last couple of minutes that somebody should know about you or virtual assistants and hiring them. Well

It’s super easy to find a virtual assistant nowadays. They’re all over Facebook. I think you definitely have to be careful because there’s a lot of beginners you know just. Trying to get their foot in the door. But. I don’t want to say it’s a cheap service because it’s not. But I think. For. What. They’re offering your business. Is definitely worth it. And it’s not going to. You know I’m. Not going to make you go broke or any day in fact they should do the complete opposite for you. And I think also once you build that I trust you can start outsourcing more and more. And that’s what I’ve found it’s happened to me. There’s a one client I’ll start with very simple social media. And then we’ve kind of built I try to stop and start having me doing graphics and. Reaching out to more clients and things like that.

I 100 percent agree with you. Get a virtual assistant. Start working with them on a small basis send them you know maybe some social media.

Test them out build their relationship and what you will finding what Brittany finds is you will discover a thousand things that you can send to work that you wish you had 30 Brittany’s in your court. Bite is her business continues to go. So Brittany

Can you tell me if somebody is looking to hire a virtual assistant. One question they should be asking or two questions they should be asking their virtual assistant. Yeah definitely find out

If they’ve worked in your field before. I think it’s important to deal with even in an every day job when you go to an interview so you’ve researched your company. If they’re truly interested in it or they’re just looking for the money. And then just find out about their experiences before them what they’ve done for other companies as well. And the result that they’ve delivered

Brittany I hope that people just had that aha moment with not only hiring a virtual assistant but with hiring any expert that that might support their business.

This idea of asking them if they’re interested in what you do and making sure that they’ve done their homework before they get on board.

Aw such a good good idea. Such a good idea but unfortunately. I am looking at my clock and we are out of time.

But the good news is I know where listeners have enjoyed today’s interview with Brittany Fleming that you’ve learned about letting go of your work. Hiring a virtual assistants in getting back to your genius and some ideas how to do that. What I am grateful for is Brittany is out there for you and she and all of our links will be a part of the full show notes so you can find us at 8 o e now dot com and Brittany Philomene is of course out there for all of us if you’ve got questions for her. If you want to connect up with her or you want to see if you can get in that inner circle but most importantly if you want to hire her connect up with us in our social media links at aoh. Now dot com slash podcast. And as always the best part about the show is the listener. If you have not done so please take a couple of minutes to subscribe and give us a couple of minutes to you what we’re doing right for you what you would like to see differently on the show because we want to be delivering you something that is of value to you every week. Next week we have an incredible incredible guest so tune in and we love you all. Thank you very much Brittany. Thank you.

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