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Anthony Prichard, the jack of all trades yet also the mastered community building! Meet the man behind the one-minute video insights phenomenon, who is making his mark around the world through being a speaker, trainer, video producer, and managing director of his company,

Quickly realizing that the corporate rat race was not for a man of his talents, Anthony has successfully transitioned to automated selling driven by self-produced videos. He also resuscitates failed business sales via online video counselling. As a certified Google partner and a YouTube specialist, Anthony teaches real estate agents and entrepreneurs nationwide how to farm their neighborhood with one-minute YouTube videos and packing them with quick and easy-to-process key takeaways.

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Hello and welcome to Yes You Can with Virginia Phillips I am Virginia Phillips your entrepreneurial coach.

If this is your first time listening to Yes you can. This is where entrepreneurs get inspired and get insider tips on generating leads, creating sales, and most importantly building healthy profits. The last couple of episodes we discussed how to take your business around the world. We also discussed on creating a customer journey into a customer experience. Today, we have an incredible guest for you. I don’t know if you all have ever heard of him before, but you will by the end of the show I promise. He is a gentleman that I met some time ago. We have stayed connected. His name is Anthony Prichard. He is a speaker trainer video producer managing director at He has a solid background in corporate sales and he has successfully transitioned to automated selling driven by video which I know because I’ve watched him speak. I’ve seen him do some incredible things which is why I asked him to become a guest on this show. Anthony teaches business owners to fix previously failed online sales with video. He is a certified Google partner and a YouTube specialist. Anthony teaches real estate agents nationwide how to farm their neighborhood with one minute YouTube videos farm their neighborhood with one minute YouTube videos.

Anthony tell us what that means. Welcome to Yes You Can.

Thanks for having me on the show the Virginia. Farm in your neighborhood means being the expert in your corner of the world. And when that happens. More people

Call you. And how do you become the expert in your neighborhood? Well, you just think of all the things. That are in direct relation to the value of your house

In your community. OK. Make a video about each one of those things.

And how does that drive my business Anthony?

Well let’s say that we both love dogs Virginia. Yeah I have a dog. I have a dog.

What kind of a dog you have. I have a Labradoodle.

My sister has a labradoodle. My parents. Met my parents house in Portland Oregon right now. They have. Short hair and long hair pointers. Well. They’re crazy about these dogs. They put their sunglasses on their dogs and they take their dogs to the dog park. And so if you happen to be someone like that. Their. Most popular keyword for you might be dog parks near me. OK. And if you’re. A real trooper. And you recognize that. There’s a certain demand for this key word dog parks near me you can you take it upon yourself to go around to the dog parks and to highlight each one animal in your local area or harm neighborhood. You will have done the heavy lifting for someone who’s doing that research right now. And you would also. Make that all valuable introduction. The intern got

The introduction to the dog park, how do you do that? Well. The introduction to the realtor. So think of think of these keywords.

Bike paths near me. Coffee shops near me Five star restaurants near me. Nail salons near me. Yoga classes near me. Whenever you take interest in already is the place that you should start. But I’ll tell you the most. Profitable keyword for a realtor is. Schools in. Rally. Of. Beaverton. Oregon. Or in my neighborhood. The Cushing Park Englewood Colorado. Do you know why schools and. Whatever city you’re in is. The most valuable keyword for any realtor. Well I don’t I don’t have kids and I’m not a realtor but I am a business coach and I know that schools are highly

Highly important to many families that are moving so they are going to do their search on what’s happening with the schools in a place that they might buy a house, is my guess.

Not right before they buy a house. They do research on their schools. And that is a perfect lead for a realtor because by searching for schools or demonstrating they have a need or a demand. They’re demonstrating they have. Developed family structure. And developed financial structure to their family and

Them. So that’s the type of person any realtor would love to get to know and I think everybody is in sales seeing the sales funnel before at the top of the funnel is the introductions. You need lots of those in the middle of the funnel into the conversation. You don’t get to have conversations unless you first introduced

To them that the videos works so well because they can be introduced to anytime. All places everywhere. At any time of the day. So it’s truly a global. Method of. Prospecting. In transactions. After you’ve had cumbersome conversations you’ll end up with some transactions at the bottom of the file

Ideally that’s what you want if you’ve built a good funnel that’s what happens. But you’re telling me video is the way to go because it has a level of convenience. It’s convenient. It communicates. Fully. 80 percent better. Than. Text messages. Print. Messages like. It is in my face my. Digital business card. Or sorry to say. Audio messages. Like podcasts. So you’re telling me a 1 minute video might have more impact than a 30 minute podcast.

From him saying I’m staking that statement And putting my flag down.

I’m grateful you are. That’s why I have you on here. We don’t get people gather information many many different ways.

But as a business coach I tell my folks that when you deliver any sort of means of communication it has to be convenient then it has to be easy for people to digest it. I don’t know that there’s any easier way than a one minute online video.

That’s exactly my point.

So how did you get to this place where the 1 minute YouTube video is your your baby is something that you have really gravitated to.

I had this background in sales as you said earlier and my manager kept telling me to work smarter not harder. And I think in 2003 I. I experienced my first online sales. Discovery through video. And. In that moment I recognized that my job as the sales person was going away and they better paying really close attention. Because if I didn’t I’d do I have a job. So I discovered video in 2007. When. The currency gave me. A flash flip cam. For Christmas.

You’re seeing one of us. I think I have because I’ve seen you speak I think you’ve showed me a picture of that but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one in person Anthony and our listeners are to visualize this. So if you can give them some idea what this looks like it would be great. Well it was the first time that HD video could be recorded

In a handheld device. And that was. Before video or were in cell phones. And it’s. You know this small garage door opener sized. Video camera that. You could plug into the US port and your computer and just transfer all the video files under your desk. Info I was looking at that thing like what am I going to say. You know what to say on the. Video spokesperson or a stand up comedian or an entertainer or an actor. I don’t know what I’m going to say and if I try to remember any lines. Definitely going to screw it up. So. I kept asking myself that question what am I going to say what am I going to say. Eventually the answer dropped in. And. I realized that I should just say when I’m already saying six times a day anyway. And at the time I was the general contractor and I was. Working for. Home investors. And I was walking. Subcontractor’s through the projects that was. Creating. And. I thought that’s what I’ll do I’ll just imagine that the video camera is an investor because that’s how I get my most money. For investors to know who I am. So, I held up the camera. I walk through the house and I. I. Discovered social proof or evidence that I can do what I said I could do and. They could see through the camera lens. What kind of. Subcontractors. I hire in the type of relationship we had with one another. They could see how clean I kept my job site. And they could see me right in the middle of. Of. What it would be like. If they hired me. So it was a perfect tool for making an introduction.

So Anthony I’m listening to this story and I’m thinking this is the first time you were utilizing this camera and you went to the beauty salon and you got a new three piece suit and were polished like just perfect before you got to camera.

Is that how it rolled with you the first time you got on on camera? Well I had those same fears certainly that’s when I

Was in that moment of asking myself what am I going to say. When I realised I didn’t have to publish the video when I first recorded it I could just. Record it and see how it went. And luckily I had a really good experience. I. Was. Bringing subcontractor’s into the camera frame with me and. They were talking to people who were watching at home. And. Then they published it on YouTube and the very next day I got a call from somebody who said Can you come over and give me a quote on my kitchen

Well that’s when the light bulb went off. Go ahead with the question on the subcontracted the subcontractor. No they were getting on the air like were they all dressed up and perfect and ready for the Camera.

No. No no. Javier was laying. Travertine tile in the hallway. And I said. Javier. Would you like to tell the people watching on what you’re doing. And. You know this had been after I was. Explaining. The kitchen remodel. So he may have had a little insight into what I was doing but you broke right into a. Professional explanation. Of travertine tile and the pinwheel pattern that he was standing at the grout process and polishing of the stones. Sealing of them. And I thought wow this is great stuff thanks. Javier. Work buddy you get a bonus.

So I could only imagine Javier surprise but he looks up and sees there’s a camera in front of him. But from what I understood from this story he lit up he wanted to tell everybody what he was doing.

Yeah Yeah that’s right. Right I think. Maybe there’s a misconception out there that people don’t want to be on video. They should I wait for them or turn away from video. But. The narrative has changed and. People are looking at their phones. You know 20 30 percent of the day. They’re. Used to. Speaking in front of the phones and that’s all that year is now.

And I think have a great point there because I think there used to be a fear of how do you talk to the inanimate object in front of you.

But now we have things like Skype and face chat and snap chat and and all of those sorts of mediums where people are regularly getting on and talking to the screen ideally and the other side of the screen there’s somebody else that’s talking back to them. So this fear of speaking into whatever screen is from in front of them for the most part has begun to diminish as you have experienced over the years. I believe that there. Are younger generation who is becoming so proficient with snap chat and into stories. Are developing their most valuable skill

For their future careers. There’s a new. Executive level position that’s emerging called the CVO. Or the chief video officer. That person’s job is to. Organize all of the video. Assets. For the enterprise. To guide directives. On creating training videos so that they can outsource. Remedial positions and. That. They can. Inspire the culture of their own enterprise. As well as. Make introductions to the outside world. In the marketing efforts with people who have never heard of them for

I think you are absolutely spot on with CEOs becoming a new position in an important position within companies. But these companies don’t need to be gigantic fortune 500 companies. These are small companies. You know your real estate agent offices and folks that are in your neighborhood they are also developing a CBO position. As far as I understand. Yeah. Well I started in real estate because. Of my background in sales

In sales. I was taught that. You know. This was my first job out of college. And it was sink or swim. If you succeed here you can succeed anywhere. And it was telecom sales that was going. Door to door knocking. On doors. Asking to speak with business owners. And compare their existing. Phone bill with. What I had to offer. Not. An easy task. But. The. Video. Gave me the. Power to do that. A thousand times in one hour. And I could never recreate that on my own time with my own efforts. And. It’s just really given. A. Launching pad to so many other things in the business not just in sales but also in. Automation. And. In. Time freedom. Creating more time freedom talked to an entrepreneur about that. And you could go on forever. But the reason I’m in. In. Real estate. Is because. In sales. A sales representative. Is compensated in a direct. Relation to. The item that they represent. So it behooves the sales representative to choose the highest ticket item possible. And there is no higher ticket item than real estate. Right.

I’m shaking my head yes over here. I don’t know of a whole lot of things that might cost more money than real estate unless you’re buying satellites were a planet or something but I guess a planet would be real estate to

Right. So. I definitely had the vision for a larger corporate enterprise. Discussion but I. Realized pretty quickly that I think my beginning my start needed to be in real estate.

It’s a good idea. It’s a good idea. I want to be sure our audience knows that we are speaking with Anthony Prichard the speaker trainer a video producer and managing director and he works with people to produce 1 minute YouTube videos that can change their business.

So Anthony we kind of hit around on this as we were talking a little earlier. What do you say when you get on video? I mean. I’ve done a lot of long speeches but sometimes it’s really hard to keep it to a minute. Can you do the same minute video over and over and over and over and over again. And does that count.

Well the way I started. Virginia was by

Recording myself. With video testimonials of other businesses that I. Enjoyed. Going to. So I had a good experience with a mechanic. And make a testimonial video. And have a good experience with the florist’s. Or. Insurance person. Or my. Barber. I would make a testimonial video and this works. Great. With people who are familiar with networking. The more you give the more you get. People love to get. Video testimonials especially other business owners that you might know usually great. Activity you can do for one another. So. Then you’re going to say well what what do I say. In a video testimonial right. Virginia.

Yeah. I don’t know that I would but I don’t know why listeners are thinking that. Absolutely. Well there’s a three step process today for. Helping anyone to give a great

One minute video testimony. Are you ready for this. I’m ready. You I want to write this down.

My pen is out already written three step process. It’s already there.

Ok. Well now you can make it a little more fun. And visually appealing. You can make two pieces of bread. With me in the middle. We’re going to make a sandwich. OK. A testimonial sandwich.

Sounds lovely to me. The first piece of bread

Is the who what where. 3W. Who you are. Where you are

And what just happened.

Now this is great because when you submit this video you’re submitting a Trojan horse. You’re also. Allowing this business to promote. You. And. Your title. To say I was a realtor and that was leaving a

Testimonial for mechanic. I mean you get the picture. I’m a local real here. But I just. Took my vehicle. To

Bob’s mechanics. That would be an example of what the where. The third step is to meet. That’s the experience. What did you get out of it. What were your expectations before you went in and what actually happened. You can embellish a little bit and it’s easy for someone to. Record. This second piece because. It’s unique to them. And it’s instinctual. It’s whatever they value the most. I took my vehicle to Bob’s mechanics and. I loved the service. I was in the waiting room for less than an hour. They changed my oil. They vacuumed my car. They took to the floor mats out and they put them back in and they. Washed all the dust off my dashboard. With windex. I love this. Oil change. That’s an example. First and then. The last piece of bread. Is the call to action. The CTA. I’m definitely coming back here every four months to get my oil changed. And. I think you should tip

Sounds lovely to me. Sounds like I think I could duplicate that. I hope our listeners wrote that down. It’s a three step. I think it’s a five star sandwich.

If the bread the meat and the bread any your bread is the the who what and where meat is the experience and then the second piece the bread is the call action and bang you’re done with a one minute video. You do that as I said. You take that recipe and you can apply it over and over and over and over and over and over again. And even though I have the same recipe as you do Anthony my video is going to be different.


And I love the fact that you say you embellish because I think sometimes when people get behind the camera we get stone faced. We’ve got to remember it’s that potential client that we’re talking to when we’ve got to bring some energy and some embellishment maybe to the story so you make it fun to that video

Yes. Make it personalized make it unique. And it. And. Make sure it’s good audio and good lighting. And. Under a minute. And you’re going to get. Lots of engagement lots of compelling views and. People are going to. Be calling you instead of you are. The one who’s. Doing all the prospecting Calls because. That’s what my manager meant. I work smarter not harder.

I think he’s brilliant. And I’ve heard that from other managers. I don’t think he’s original with that. But your approach to your approach to quelling to him is brilliant.

But I want to be sure the listeners know Anthony. For you it doesn’t stop with producing a video with just this recipe. There is so much you do to make sure this video makes impact. For those that are working at you’ve got this whole template that you do in terms of content creation how often you should be posting. But what I want to focus in on a little bit here because we don’t have that much more time left is you do a whole lot in terms of what needs to be put. Along with that video to create SEO into create drive back to you as the owner of that video.

You know I do index the video properly when I uploaded to YouTube so that it can be found organically. But. Above my video production abilities. I think what makes me unique and stand out is my knowledge of video advertising. I got my first job in. Production. From one of the pioneers. In Denver. Who. Bought his video editing software for half a million dollars.

Wow. It’s not that’s not in my budget yet. No but twenty five years ago

It was one of the only five guys in town you could hire to create a video and send your likeness or your message all over the world. Wow. And so it was worth it. You could charge 15000 per job. And. He said. You told me something. That was very valuable. You said. A video is worthless. Unless people watch it. And. Three years ago four years ago. People weren’t watching his videos. As much. And. I brought him the ability to. Properly advertise the videos. And today. Youtube advertising. Is. Less expensive than Facebook advertising and it’s more effective. And. In Facebook land. You get charged. After somebody watch three watches three seconds or watches ten seconds of your video correct. And YouTube land. That’s. 30 seconds. So you’ve all seen. The videos on YouTube that you can skip after five seconds. Well. You don’t pay anything as the advertiser. If somebody gets your. You only pay. If they choose to. Watch 30 seconds or more. Of the video. And then you’re only paying. 5 4 5 cents per view. So you’re getting a very low cost. High target that. View. Which. You can. You can measure. With traffic to your website. And with conversions on your Web site. And. After a period of two weeks or. Two months. You can. Go back and see how much you’ve spent. And how much you’ve earned. And derive your. Calculation. As what all business decision makers need in order to make a decision about. Is this an effort. That I want to continue on with. Or. Are. You know cancel. That’s probably why people are listening to your show. They want to. Find the. Method of developing lead. That works for them. I hope this is one of the ways they consider. And. That they invest. More time and energy and effort and creativity and ingenuity into video production and video advertising

For themselves. And one of the things as you were talking Anthony as you opened up that story you said that there’s guru and in the olden days said videos are less than most their. And in that story you talked about. You can use advertising within YouTube and you don’t get charged unless they watch a full 30 seconds. So does that mean my video is useless unless people fully watch it. Because I also know the indexing you do has a ton of value to the people that are producing the video and maybe their particular client doesn’t have to watch the video to gain value out of it. Well you certainly get a

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