Bottomline Growth Expert and Social Media Guru, Misty Hofstetter shares why every business needs to be paying attention to their reputation and more importantly how to use it to gain new leads.  If you want to have healthy profits, then tune in.

More about Misty below.
Tune in next week for another episode and powerhouse guest to learn about how to hake your business to some of the world’s best vacation spots!

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Today’s Guest:

Misty Hofstetter is an experienced online marketer who taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to put their business online with ease.  Starting back in 2009, she began by helping The Army Wife Network and United Mustangs of America build their social media platform. 

Misty uses this valuable experience in her successful Marketing Agency, Action Based Marketing.  She helps businesses gain visibility and credibility online, concentrating on their Reputation Management.   Misty is on a mission to help those companies who are making a positive impact in society, by showing the community how awesome they really are.

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