With the success of hosting her own group, Shari Mettico, networking strategist and owner of Women, Wine & Wellness, created a turn-key branded networking system giving entrepreneurs a platform to develop business opportunities while building community. Learn how you can enhance your networking skills to more profits.

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Tune in next week for another episode and powerhouse guest to get more healthy profit tips on the need for entrepreneurs to manage reputation management to grow their business.

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Today’s Guest:

An introvert by nature, Shari Mitteco happened to fall into the world of networking by chance. Considering how shy she was, she was very surprised to realize how much she loved it as well as how quickly she gained traction with it for her business.

She acquired the Women, Wine & Wellness group in 2011 to develop her leadership and presentations skills.

With the success of hosting her own group, Shari turned Women, Wine & Wellness into a turn-key branded system to help other wellness providers develop business through their community.

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