Briana Bragg is a visionary and a successful entrepreneur right in the heartland of the United States, Chicago. She is a meditation expert who shares why everyone can meditate and the importance of meditation for the entrepreneurs. She knows the anxiety that comes with running your own business and she will give you ways to combat it.

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Briana is an entrepreneur and visionary. She is a meditation expert, instructor, and founder of Vacation of the Mind and Journey into Tranquility. Briana’s mission is to empower individuals to become successful meditators by giving them the necessary tools to effectively calm their mind and body.

Meditation practices have been shown even within the first few hours of meditation, the brain increases myelin and improves connectivity, as well as many other health benefits including, but not limited to:

Reduces Stress
Calms the central nervous system
Improves focus
Improves concentration
Increases the retention of information
Slows aging
Increases happiness
Improves cardiovascular and immune health
Encourages a healthy lifestyle
Increases acceptance

Let your mind wander to a world more peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable.  Then bring it that world to your every day like.  #JourneyIntoTranquility #Meditation #RemovetheChaos #Travel

It is her desire and life’s mission to impact others for positive change.