Rebeca Flott, owner of Painting with a Twist Aurora and Rebeca Flott Arts is a genuinely inspirational story about making their trash her treasure through hard work. It doesn’t end there. She gives you the secrets of how she became Painting with a Twist’s first licensee and how you can do it, too.  It all starts by asking questions.

Links to Rebeca are below.

Tune in next week for another episode and powerhouse guest discuss how to manage stress as a business owner.

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Today’s Guest:

Rebeca Flott Came to the USA from Brazil with very little. She used what she hard, which included a strong work ethic, her love of life, and her ability to create art. Over time she landed a job at Painting with a Twist, and artwork on the side in her own ETSY store to make ends meet.  She traveled near and far to show and sell her paintings at markets and craft shows.

Then in 2016, things changed for Rebeca Flott. She landed Painting with a Twist first-ever licensing agreement for her own artwork style bringing Rebeca Flott Arts screen painting to every Painting with a Twist store.

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