Phillips-ismI must act before my circumstances will improve.

Part of my job was to open the facility to help and respond to weather related disasters. Our company was always one of the first to be called upon by emergency responders, businesses, and homeowners alike.  We understood our role and it was important to be there to help our city and the area recover when they needed it the most.

I do not advocate for people to drive in weather as bad as I occasionally had to drive in, to get to work.  It is important you listen to the advice of your local emergency personnel and stay home in the kind of weather I discuss in my book. I am a supporter of Shield 616 and I do not want to make their job any more difficult than it already is every day and for your safety, it is a good idea to stay put.


Whether you are at home or at work, developing a culture of emotional safety should be on your priority list.

Creating a safe place for yourself or for others to thrive can be challenging but when you have a culture where people feel safe; they will perform better, be more loyal, and achieve success faster.

I have spent years generating thesis environments for businesses and I can help you find or develop a method to work for you and your business. There are many things you can also do on your own and I encourage you to share your ideas in the network.


What can you do to create a safe environment by encouraging honesty, support, and transparency for yourself or others in your support network?

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