Phillips-ism: Commitment to myself starts by getting up when I said I would get up. It’s the best way to start my day.

I made the decision a few months back to establish an office outside of my home. The circumstances changed with the lease and I opted to embrace my home office again. This attempt to change my routine and my office structure were lessons in time capacity.

My 10-step commute to my home office would turn into a 20-minute commute or a total of 14,600 minutes a year. These are only the minutes I would lose during the drive to and from the office.  I estimate I would also lose minutes packing a lunch or leaving work to go get lunch and come back. In the end, I could lose more than 10 days of my life in a car.

It is a significant amount of time.  My father would have bargained for 10 days at the end of his life and many other people would bargain to have extra time on almost any day of their life.

When I look back at the deposits I made in my life, many have meaning and value to them but many don’t.  I have spent my fair share of time watching television, sitting in waiting rooms just waiting, and underutilizing resources and tools available to me, costing me precious minutes. I wish I could tell my younger self to spend my time wisely.

One of my biggest regrets it is undervaluing my time.

I find it interesting, when I lived in Europe with my spouse, we went several years without television because we determined, we had more important things to do.  I don’t mean to express the notion that all television is a waste of time, but I don’t feel like I miss out on my life because I have never heard of a television show you or refused to give of your time to watch TV shows.

Sitting and watching TV or a movie is difficult for me because I am always wondering what else I could be doing with my time.   I wonder if the benefits outweigh the cost of opportunity and most often the answer for me is no. I am aware today could be my last day on Earth and I will always choose to spend my last day doing something to impact others. I don’t know how watching the big screen or the little screen would help me do amazing things on my last day.

I find myself asking if this is the best use of my time, with the idea, I am not promised more.


Today, I choose to focus my efforts and energy on writing this blog for you and later I will dedicate time caring for myself and being fully present with my family.

If you could choose to do anything with your time what would you do? What are you doing today to make that happen?

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