Can Potential Clients Find You Easily?

Are you the world’s best-kept secret?  Is it easy to connect with you? How many clicks does it take to get to an email or phone number?

Your potential clients want to know how to reach you and they also want to know you are working hard and having, at least, some level of success.  They are watching you. Every time you can plant a seed of trust, it will make it easy to land a client and some clients will need years of planting before they are willing to engage in a sales conversation.

Here are five ways you can easily get more exposure:

1. Be Discoverable – Make it easy for people to find you and do business with you. Setup good profiles on all the main social media platforms. If you are not an active Twitter or a LinkedIn user, it is okay.  Setup your profile and tell visitors where to find you. It is a much better idea to have a little presence than no presence at all.

2. Complete Your FB Profile – more and more people are using Facebook to search for professionals and to learn more about you, but if your profile is blank, then it will be more difficult for them to connect with you and use your services.  On a regular basis, I will look up a friend on FB to get their website address and I can’t find it.  Facebook has a place in the profile section you can add all of your social media links.  There is also a great area in the about your section called “Details About You”. Fill it in. This is a billboard to millions of users on Facebook. Facebook wants people to learn about you and connect with you. If you fully utilize their tools, your feed is more likely to appeal to the algorithm gods and show up in other people’s feeds more often.

3. Guest Blog – This is such an easy thing to do. Write a short article and give it to someone else to post on their website. They love it because it helps their SEO and gives variety to their blog and you should love it because it will be a long-term presence on their website and within their network.

4. Showcase Others – It is fun and effective.  Give shout outs, interviews, or spotlights to others.  It is amazing when you tell people how they are awesome, or you notice they are doing something special. They can’t wait to share it with their community. This is more impactful if you put some thoughtfulness in these showcase activities.  You want the person to feel they are a special person in your world. Ideally, do it when they least expect it or when they expected it the most. For example, if I am at an event and I see someone who I want to acknowledge, I will say hello and then ask them for a picture. I will either post that picture into the FB event or I will create a special social media post for them with carefully chosen wording a few days later.

5. Thank You Cards – One of my favorite things to do is carry a couple of thank cards with me.  I will either complete them in my car just before I enter the event, or I will carry a couple of blank cards and give someone who I just met a thank you card.  It is almost as good as a first impression rose.  I would almost guarantee, I would be the only one at the event handing out hand-written thank you cards. Imagine, you go to a wedding, church, a networking event, a conference, a sales-closing and you hand someone a hand-written card before you depart.  You will stand out and they will remember you for a long time to come. What I often see, is the recipient will share the card with their entire network on social media or they will talk about it to everyone else that night and the next day.

Getting visible doesn’t always mean appearing on national television or having a viral video. It means making thousands of smaller gestures and acts to appear in many different places.  It is consistent visibility that is more apt to win you clients than a one-time big media splash. Chase the exposures with a wide girth and get proficient at appearing within your network and many different small spotlights.



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