If there is value, I can add to your mission, event or audience then I encourage you to connect directly with me.

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  • Takeaway – “Clam the fears and draft the solutions”

    Julie Corbett

    Julie Corbett
  • Takeaway – “Awareness – Commitment steps”


  • “It was very inspirational, educational and full of heart.”

    Mark / The Trainer

    Mark – The Trainer
  • “Very engaging. Powerful. I teared up.”

    Kara / Health in Motion

    Kara, Health in Motion
  • “The way in which you used your own personal stories to inspire your audience about what is possible. Inspiring and hopeful.”

    Les / Omni Health

    Les, Omni Health
  • “It was Excellent! You are an excellent speaker!”

    Sharon / Wellness Matters

    Sharon – Wellness Matters
  • “Motivating. Heart Felt.”

    Clarissa / Constant Motion Fitnes

    Clarissa – Constant Motion Fitness
  • “Great Presentation, Very Passionate. Used human interest very well.”

    Nick Reed Gem / Fitness App

    Nick Reed Gem, Fitness App
  • “ACAMP- Awesome Helpful to apply to life and biz”


  • Virginia Phillips is different than most communications speakers. It is clear she understands the complexity of communicating in business in a way that is received by the audience – be it 1 or 100+. She delivers more immediately usable tips than most I have heard and and keeps the audience engaged. I highly recommend Virgina Phillips for your group.

    Linda Rhea Speaker/Coach

  • “I’d love to refer you to other women. The presentation was motivational, thought-provoking and on target. Thank you!”

  • “I was touched and impressed with everything you have overcome and stayed positive.”

  • “It was a gift.”

  • “It was not only what she said, but her voice and the guided meditation.”

  • “Amazing, thoughtful, honest, and true!”

  • “Motivational, Thank you for sharing!!! Reminded us how precious life is!!”

  • “Lots of food for thought. Thank you!”

  • “Moving and practical”

  • “More people need to hear your message.”

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Discover Your Masterpiece Genius

It’s time to make today your day. Everyday is a gift. Yet, you get bogged down with routine tasks and you postpone doing something worthy enough to highlight it in the future.Learn and apply practical techniques to get clarity in your life and ignite your dreams and passion.

Unleash your Masterpiece Genius

Awaken your future by creating a roadmap from your dreams to your life’s destination through personal leadership. Remove barriers,put your mission in motion,and set forth to new levels of success and happiness.

Harvest your Masterpiece Genius with Communication

Get ready for powerful insights to more money and profits. The secret is in your communication techniques,style, and message delivery. Soak up the expert wisdom to increase sales, close more deals and create a healthier bottom line.

Here’s what you may need if you booked Virginia for an event:

If there is value, I can add to your mission, event or audience then I encourage you to connect directly with me.