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My aspiration to become an author, a speaker, a coach, and a podcaster developed from my overwhelming need to guide others to find success and build legacies; after my own life situations led to a renewed perspective on the future. In my book Yes, You Can! I describe a powerful coffee date I had with my friend that lead to a sleepless night. I didn’t go to bed because I was upset with myself for failing to recognize my capabilities and how they could impact others. This epiphany started the journey to write my book and develop my coaching business which also lead to podcasting.

My awakening to dream into my future happened when I was forced to leave my flourishing career after I was involved in a t-bone car accident, caused by a teenager who was texting while driving. I was severely injured and endured more than 1,278 days of intense rehabilitation, only to be declared 100% permanently disabled. My disability rating was difficult to comprehend, but after spending time with my friend, I knew my story was not yet over. I refused to have my accomplishments and my identity squandered after I spent many years creating leaders and handling some of the hardest crises for big business.

Within months, I launched a successful coaching business and over time, my business has become more than I ever imagined it could be. I now know, I was just getting started. I authored Yes, You Can! Your Roadmap to Dream, Create, and Profit. I own The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence and partially own the Molder Rubber and Plastics Corp. I am also a sought-after inspirational speaker and an award-winning entrepreneurial leadership coach.

Every day, I must figure out how to overcome the daily presentation of my physical challenges to continue to pursue my dreams. It keeps me keenly aware, tomorrow is not promised.

My time is ticking and there is no better moment than NOW. It is no surprise, I developed a passion to coach alternative health and fitness professionals to success levels beyond there wildest dreams.

Too many people need good talented and educated people to guide them to have a better quality of life. People only get one life and every day a health or fitness professional who is not as successful as they could be, means people are needlessly suffering.

I ask my clients to perform at their very best every day and work to make tomorrow’s best, better than today’s outcome because their community needs them to be creating influence and impact. Life is precious.

Follow me on social media, come to my live events, buy my books and/or hire me and my team to inspire you and guide you to create the powerful leader within you, to achieve your best day ever.

Recent awards:

VIP Woman on the Year Circle of Excellence 2016-2017 and 2017-2018

Honored for excellence, leadership, and commitment to her profession

Who’s Who Women of Excellence 2017

Honored for making a difference in the lives of others and reaching a high level of success

Women Who Soar 2017

Recognized for making a difference, inspiring others, and being a mover and shaker.

L’Oreal Woman of Worth – Nominee 2017

Honors those who “go above and beyond, selflessly volunteering their time to empower others”

Best of the Springs – Nominee 2017 and 2018

“Spotlighting the best of the Colorado Springs, one of America’s Top 5 cities”


Life Coach from Expert Rating

Executive Leadership from the University of Notre Dame Mendozza College of Business

Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership and Strategies
Executive Leadership Teams & Organizations

Workplace and Divorce Mediation from UCLA

Wellness Coaching – from the Institute of Wellness and Education

Time Management Certification – from Expert Training

Inner Mammal Trainer (Happiness and Brain Chemicals) from Inner Mammal Institute


Author of Yes, You Can!

Climbed Pikes Peak 14,114 feet 100% disabled

Co-Authored “Inspiration for Women By Women

High-Performance Leadership Certification Program

Co-Authored “Create the Life You Want: Mindfulness and Meditation"

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