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Virginia Phillips an award-winning coach who guides individuals to develop better personal leadership skills, increase their confidence, and create opportunities for success. Her five-step approach creates transformational action and her coaching has a track record of phenomenal results. She is the founder of The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence, a communication and leadership expert, an inspiring speaker, and the author of Yes You Can!

5 Resources to Save for Business Coaches

There are a ton of apps and techniques to conserve time. I am giving you the insights on the ones I use and the ones my clients report using to create efficiencies in our work production.


10 Reasons Why You Need a Business Strategic Plan Right Now

Yes, it is true. Many entrepreneurs, including those identified as home-based businesses, don’t have a business plan, let alone, a working strategic plan. There is a long list of reasons why owners don’t implement plans for their business. They include excuses such as, “It is overwhelming” and “I don’t know where to start.” They got hung up on the stress of the unknown, and they never get out of their comfort zone to develop one.

Biggest Business Lessons Learned

As entrepreneurs and business owners, there are so many times along our entrepreneurial journey that we say to ourselves, “If only I’d have known then what I know now…” The business lessons that come from experience are invaluable, so we have reached out to the knowledgeable contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs to find out the biggest business lessons that they have learned. Their answers are presented below in no particular order.

Virginia Phillips Joins the Exclusive Ranks of NAPW Woman of the Year Circle

They say that, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” and for Virginia Phillips, a successful human resource professional, when life handed her lemons in the guise of a serious car accident, she not only made lemonades out of it but squeezed and drew out every ounce of its acridity, and then made more than lemonades.

How communication will make you a more effective leader

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting and your mind wanders to another world? It wouldn’t be surprising if you said yes. The pace and demands of life and work continue to increase and the competition for your attention is fierce. This challenges your ability to stay present in a situation and influence favorable outcomes.

15 Ways to Lead With Effective Communication

Too many entrepreneurs become estranged from their teams, turn off partners, and lose deals, all because they lack basic communication skills. Often this lack of skill gets passed down to teams and the problems are perpetuated through the organization.

The Top 15 Traits Educators Need To Teach Successfully Online

Many years ago, if students wanted to receive a new certification, degree or learn something new, they would have to register for a course at a bricks-and-mortar institution. If a foreign language student wanted to learn English, he/she would have to pay for these classes or try to find them through relevant free offerings via school districts or community colleges. All classes required a physical attendance to learn in class.

10 Female Entretreneurs Making a Living Online (You’ve Likely Never Heared of Before)

After a car accident left Virginia permanently disabled, she refused to let her circumstances stop her from creating her dreams. Virginia became an author/speaker/coach and while she was at it she also founded the Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence. Her Academy’s purpose is to guide people from the first steps of an idea into complete business success. With business experts serving as mentors to members of the Academy, her students get connection, experience and the guidance they need to profit from their passions. I’m in love with what Virginia does and the level of excellence she brings to the online business world and to the world of female entrepreneurs.

Featured Member – Virginia Phillips

Meet NAPW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on Virginia Phillips who offers some great insights about being resilient, the importance of networking and how to motivate employees.


Sometimes life is heartbreaking, and the road ahead looks bleak but never lose hope. Your definition of success is attainable especially if you see all the other people on the journey with you.

5 Simple Steps Towards a Better Tomorrow

The journey to get to your tomorrow will have its hills and valleys but it is ultimately up to you to get there. Each day, you have a choice. Take the opportunity. Put your feet on the ground and chase your future. Here are 5 simple steps you can take right now that will help you in your pursuit.

That One Moment in Time

t is 6:30pm and time for all seven of us to head to the Friday night ball game. The weather is perfect and the excitement and energy in our car is catchy. My husband and I are enjoying this moment of celebration – seeing my sister, her spouse and their three kids for the first time in years since moving back home. Prior to this moment, we’d lived overseas and the distance between our homes was difficult to overcome.

Virginia Phillips Unravels Her Story on How She Triumphed Over a Tragedy

Virginia Phillips, a corporate highflier and a troubleshooter, refused to let go of who she was before her accident by not letting her disability stop her. She conveyed this in an interview with LadyBossBlogger, a blog that highlights female entrepreneurs and their business.


068: Virginia Phillips – Why Business Plans are Key to Success…

Virginia is a true inspiration after overcoming a severe motor vehicle accident that left her 100% permanently disabled. She spent 1,278 days of intense rehabilitation, but knew her story was not over. Prior to her accident, she had spent years creating leaders and handling some of the hardest crises for big businesses. So, during her recovery she successfully launched her coaching business which has brought her much success. She has been nominated and received many awards in 2017 for her work as a coach and leader. She is the author of “Yes You Can!” and she is a sought after inspirational speaker.

Entrepreneurial Excellence

To be the best entrepreneur or business leader you can be, you have to start with a belief in yourself – the authentic you. Jon’s guest, business coach Virginia Phillips, discusses entrepreneurial excellence on this episode of Business is ART.

Leveraged & Loving It Podcast: Ep 25. Strategies for Excelling in Your Coaching Business with Virginia Phillips

When we start our coaching businesses, we often have dreams of helping people while having a profitable business. But, we often find that there are things we didn’t learn while getting our coaching qualification – many entrepreneurial skills we have to learn the hard way.

Note: Podcast was taped prior to the rebranding of Virginia’s company and book.

The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence with Virginia Phillips

The journey to get to your tomorrow will have its hills and valleys but it is ultimately up to you to get there. Each day, you have a choice. Take the opportunity. Put your feet on the ground and chase your future. Here are 5 simple steps you can take right now that will help you in your pursuit.

Your Money Mindset /Dead Money/Daniel Glanville & Virginia Phillips

The Diva Networking Hours with Janiece Carlson

I’ve always been a bit of a naysayer when it comes to the idea that how you think about money is an important, if not the most important, part of personal finance. But after learning about the concept of a “money mindset”, and “Dead Money Budget”,from this week’s guest, I’ve realized that this is an integral part of the equation to lead a happy financial life. Your mindset is the feelings and thoughts you subconsciously develop towards money from your life experiences.


The Daily Author #161: Enjoy Life More with Virginia Phillips

Virginia Phillips graces the microphone to discuss the triumphs over her many tragedies, her Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence, and her upcoming book.

WMAP Radio (World’s Most Amazing People) with Host KC Armstrong

Virginia Phillips has quickly become a fan favorite on my radio station she comes on with pure positivity, encouragement, knowledge, and I call her my friend.” KC Armstrong

Here is one of KC’s favorite interviews:

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