What is the Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence?


The AOEE is an online coaching and training resource specifically tailored for wellness entrepreneurs who are gifted in their profession but can do better with the ‘business’ side of things.

We understand that the road to successful entrepreneurship is a thrilling yet tough path to follow. Achieving your dreams takes stamina, courage, and dedication and we applaud every individual who takes up this mighty challenge!

AOEE provides a framework which enables you to channel that passion in the right direction. With our performance-driven systems, you’ll have the tools you need to bring your dreams to life and monetize your talents with reduced stress and more happiness.

AOEE works on 5 key strategies:

  • Create your FB Community for Better Connections
  • Develop More Leads for Your Business
  • Six-Figure Marketing Success Strategies
  • Developing High-Performance Leadership Habits
  • Increase Cashflow to Your Business


About AOEE


AOEE was founded by Virginia Phillips. She is the author of ‘Yes, You Can!’ and a hand-selected business and marketing strategist. She was in a serious auto accident in 2012. Her career as an elite HR professional was cut short as she spent most of the next four years achieving better health. Having spent so much time with wellness professionals as a patient, Virginia realized her new mission in life. She launched AOEE to give back to the community of entrepreneurs in the health and wellness sector and to create better resources for those who need them.   


Virginia has gone on to gain a number of accolades including VIP Woman of the Year Circle of Excellence Award, Who’s Who Women of Excellence, and Women Who Soar Award. She has also earned a master’s degree and many professional certifications which enable her to best guide up and coming entrepreneurs in their own professional journey. She is also a sought-after inspirational speaker and an award-winning entrepreneurial leadership coach.

What’s next?

AOEE is entering an exciting stage in its evolution. One of the key principles at AOEE is community building which is why we are teaming up with Facebook, Black Card Books, and Achieve Systems Pro. Together we will be providing a unique opportunity to bring business and community leaders together to create stronger connections and find ways to generate cash flow in ways that make sense. Find out more about this project here or contact us to learn more.