If you are the owner or manager of a start-up and your product is not selling as well as you would like, the business may need a push. We’ve helped numerous businesses accelerate their campaigns and strategies in ways they hadn’t thought of. In addition to conventional marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, there are plenty of other methods for boosting your sales.

Here are six ways to ensure that your inventory starts flying off the shelves:

Emphasize Your Eco-Friendly Stance

Today, it works against a company’s image not to be eco-conscious. There is no excuse for not making a reasonable effort to support the environment in the building structure and operations as well as product development and product transport. According to iSustainableEarth.com, by using biodegradable materials and promoting recycling, you can often earn the public’s respect.

Avoid waste by reducing utility use whenever possible. Promote this aspect of your business by including a reference to it on business cards, electronic signatures, and company stationery. A sizable segment of the population prefers doing business with companies that are sensitive to environmental issues.

Make Sure Your Business Stands Out

Develop an eye-catching logo and attractive signage to grab public interest. Choose a color scheme that offers visual appeal and coordinates with your product. When building displays at trade shows or local business events, arrange information and products to stand apart from the competition.

A catchy slogan, jingle, or quote can turn into a memorable company pitch when adopted by readers and viewers of your promotional media. Look for ways to outshine the competition in terms of interest and tasteful flash. Be the company that gets noticed in a positive light.

Use Modern Packaging and Design Trends

As well as actively marketing your product in new and original ways, you should also utilize modern packaging and design trends. According to the experts at Jansypkg.com, there are great new ways of opening food products, business stationery, and a host of other items. These include faster and easier pop-tops, snap-locks, and plastic-tie packaging.

Smart shapes, a plethora of sizes and styles, and unique security features make contemporary packaging admirable and desirable for many shoppers. Colorful images and creative designs can help you attract a wide audience of prospective buyers.

Integrate Soft Design

Whenever feasible, adopt soft design’s practicality and intuitiveness in highly adaptable, programmable devices. By using software apps to guide functionality, the product can become distinctive within its market niche. Rather than using a physical IP shipped with your product, program the IP into the system for enhanced security. Soft design can be integrated either predesign or post-manufacture when the product is released to the customer.

Promote Your Company Online and Locally

In addition to creating a website, it is important to update it often and to provide the public with key information that will retain their interest in your company and its products. Post company news and product details with added emphasis on sales events and price reductions to hold reader interest. You can sponsor product name contests, offer two-for-one deals, and extend holiday price reductions.

Having a robust online presence and offering features such as interactive chat can help you maintain and grow your client base. While boosting your efforts online, don’t forget to join the local Chamber of Commerce and participate in civic business groups to help promote your brand’s recognition in your local community. There are plenty of fun ways to locally market your business that will generate positive interest. Podium.com suggests hosting or sponsoring local events, sharing news and events with local newspapers, and creating partnerships with local influencers.

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media plays a significant role in promoting a company’s image and services to the public. Joining LinkedIn provides networking opportunities within and beyond a specific sector. It also offers a platform for sharing news and opinions about your industry. You can invite acquaintances to connect by issuing an email invitation, which will help you grow a mailing list for your company news and product launches.

Consider posting a blog or a vlog to talk about industry news or other contemporary issues. Tweet every few days to keep your company in the public eye. Remember not to overdo it with unnecessary messages, however. Too many posts may cause people to stop following your company.

Conclusion: Dig Deep and Move Faster

You might think that your business is moving at an optimal speed. However, our experience has shown that even the most rigorous business has ways to improve their processes and accelerate forward.

Consult with our team at The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence to get your business the crucial insights and techniques it needs to stay ahead of the competition. You’ll want that crucial edge to your business strategy in order to compete in today’s market. We can help you with that.