Next, to retiring early with a very substantial nest egg, everyone has a dream of being their own boss. However, it is only a few brave and inspired individuals who step up to the plate and form their own businesses. The decision to start a business is going to transform your life. Having a business plan is essential. Hopefully, that transformation will be exactly what you planned it would be. With any type of business, there will always be challenges. Here are four eventualities that you should plan for in your business.


Obviously, you want your business to grow. The real issue becomes would you be ready for that growth? Suppose your marketing efforts pay off and the product that you’re selling suddenly goes viral. Would you be able to handle the demand? Are your supply chain logistics solid? Growth shouldn’t come as a surprise. It should be steady in order for your company to absorb those demands.

Work Injuries

Safety should be a priority whether your business is operating out of an office, warehouse, or a restaurant. There will always be employees calling in sick. You should also be prepared for workplace injuries. This is where your workers compensation insurance comes into play.

You should know what your employees are entitled to through workers comp in the case that an accident does happen in your workplace. As with other types of insurance, workers comp is an added expense that is part of doing business.

Staff Turnover

As much as you would like to have a loyal staff that will be with you in the good times and the bad, you can’t always count on that. Every worker will have different needs. Some of those needs might be tied to a salary increase that you can’t provide. Others might need to care for a family member or child, which will force them to quit. Still, others might just not like the job.

You have to be prepared to replace the staff as needed. It might make sense to hire a firm to do your recruiting. That will allow you to stay focused on the business and just meet the best candidates for a final decision. You could also instigate staff turnover. There will come a time when someone has to be fired. Will you be up to the challenge?

The Unexpected

No matter how well thought out a business plan is, there will always be unexpected. A bad storm could force your business to close or cause expensive damage. That storm doesn’t have to strike your physical business space. A storm halfway around the world can interrupt your supply chain. You need to prepare for those possible shutdowns. How many days could your business go without customers?

Starting a business is not only going to make some of your dreams come true, but also those of your employees. You’re providing jobs and a boost to the economy. That is a very noble goal to strive for.