Your website is not just there to dispense information and sell goods to the public. There are other valuable uses for your website, including obtaining marketing data. Here are some ways that you can use your site to generate this data.

Install Analytics

Analytics helps you learn from where your traffic is originating. Installing these tools involves placing a short piece of code into the HTML of your website. If you have several tools requiring several different code snippets to be used, you may need a more scalable method of managing these tags. Once you have this installed, you can learn more about who is visiting your site and devise strategies for both retaining those visitors as well as getting new ones.

Mine Online Reviews

Not only should you be looking at your own online reviews, but you should be examining those of other businesses to find out what is important to customers. You can understand the demographics of certain customers and which businesses they ultimately patronize. To the extent that they are discussing their experiences with these companies, you can learn what draws them to the business. Your own reviews can also give you a sense of what works well and what does not.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is when you divide your customers and show them different ideas and solutions to get their reactions and to find out which one works better. This will enable you to test out multiple solutions to get the maximum amount of marketing data possible. A/B testing will help you get a bigger bang for your marketing buck because it will steer you away from wasting money on concepts that do not work.

Lead Generation

When providing information about a service, you can get customers to fill out a form to give you their contact information in order to obtain more information about them. Lead generation does not simply occur when customers access your website. Instead, your site must be both optimized and informative. In other words, you want to structure your site in a way that encourages your customers to give information, both from a design and content perspective.

Your website requires a certain amount of work behind the scenes in order to unleash its marketing power and help your business grow exponentially. With a few of these marketing tools (and a little help from us), you’ll be well on your way to success!

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