Employees need a work environment that is free of distractions and conducive to supporting the completion of their tasks. A client visiting a workspace has to feel welcomed. That will entice them to do business with the company. All of this adds up to the need of creating an office that is a comfortable workspace. Are you making the most of your company’s workspace?

Use Nature to Your Advantage

Every office worker would like a space with a window that has a great view. That is not always feasible, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use nature to your advantage in the workplace. Start with plant life. Living greenery not only cleans air in the workplace, but plants can have a calming effect in a work environment. Nature can also be added in the form of an office aquarium with colorful fish. A reception area is a terrific spot for a soothing aquarium. It is also a great conversation starter.

Designate Smoking vs Non-Smoking Areas

Viewing of any episode of Mad Men will offer a glimpse of office life during the sixties. Those were some intense smoke-filled environments. Today, many offices have been designated as a no-smoking floor. That means that any employee who smokes would have to find a special area to accommodate their break. There are different types of no smoking signs or even designated smoking area signs that you can find that will help you with this. By creating these spaces, those employees who do smoke won’t feel ostracized from the rest of the company.

Create a Cozy Break Room

Depending on the layout of office space, a break room can be big enough for several tables and chairs or small enough for a simple kitchen setup with fridge, sink and coffee maker. It doesn’t matter about the size of the break room as much as providing that space where workers can step away from their desks and find a nice beverage or snack. If there is room to allow for the staff to have their lunch in the break room, then you’ll find this is a great place for the staff to stay connected. It is hard to bond if everyone is eating alone in their offices or cubicles.

A comfortable workspace is a productive workspace. Little details can go a long way towards boosting company morale and productivity.

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