When it comes to running a business, you can only do so much with what you have. The key is to figure out how to maximize your resources by increasing your productivity. Here are three steps that you can take to raise the productivity of your business.

Improve Employee Training

Employees who have achieved a certain degree of autonomy are often the most productive employees. They are able to work and innovate without requiring too much time from their management. As you go higher up on the corporate food chain, the manager’s time is exceedingly valuable. Employees who know their jobs can work faster and smarter than other workers. The more these team members can be trained, the better they will be able to think quickly on their own, which saves both time and money.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is key to business productivity. In 2016, only 33% of employees in the United States were engaged, and employee engagement as a whole increased by only 3% from 2012-2016. As bad as it is when employees are disengaged, it is every bit as good when they take ownership of their work and seriously consider everything in the context of the overall organization. It is when employees think beyond the four corners of their jobs that they have the desire to innovate and to be creative with their job duties.

Giving extensive thought to the corporate culture and employee satisfaction usually helps to improve employee engagement. Work to create an environment that employees want to be in. If you have an overcrowded workspace, then take steps to give employees more space. If you don’t provide an inviting break room for employees, then work to provide a space for employees to retreat from their desks and take meaningful breaks. Ultimately, employees will perform exactly how they are treated.

Manage Employees Creatively

Companies that stay within the box will often get employees who remain inside their own confined conceptions of their job. Innovation begets innovation, and when an organization is more flexible and nimble as opposed to stodgy, the employees take on the same mentality. In other words, your workers will most likely model themselves after what they think works in the organization. If they see a rigid and inflexible organization, they will do only their jobs and nothing else. While this may accomplish the necessary work, productivity will remain constant at best, and your company will fall behind others who are managing to become more productive. Rather, you should encourage employees at all levels of your organization to get creative and look for better ways to complete their daily tasks. This approach will allow for continuous improvement and increased productivity in your business. 

Whether your company is able to increase its productivity is in large part reflective of the tone that is set. The overall culture and how employees are treated will make a large difference.

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