Creating a memorable brand can seem like a daunting task, but by using a few simple tricks and techniques you can make a brand that your customers will always remember. How people talk about your brand is essential to understand. Here are three tricks to make your brand stick in your customer’s mind.

Keep Your Brand in the Conversation

A good brand isn’t just about colors and fonts. A good brand is one that stays current in the value that it provides so that it stays on the top of the mind of its customers. Ask yourself, what is your business doing to keep your brand active in customers minds? Have you participated in a giveaway recently? Have you held a Q&A session for your customers to learn something new about your brand? Your brand needs to be involved in conversations and be active. If your business and brand have not been in front of your customers at least three times in the last month, then you’re not likely the first brand that your customers will think of when they need what you offer.

Make Your Logo Memorable

For many businesses, the easiest way to make your brand noticeable is by having a logo that stands out from others in your industry. One way to do this is by creating a logo that uses textures. If you are getting your logo made or if you’re having it redesigned, think of ways that you can incorporate texture to your logo. What kind of texture can be created for a logo that is seen and felt when printed? Foil is a good way to accomplish texture variety with a logo and helps to create logos with memorable designs. Foil can come in many colors and add a flare to your logo that customers will remember.

Have a Unique Brand Voice

Your business should have a unique voice for your brand. That way, when customers hear certain words or see particular information written a certain way, then they will know that that message is coming directly from your business without them even having to look it up. A unique brand voice allows you to lead in your industry and be perceived as an expert by your customers. Creating a unique brand voice is not difficult, it just takes intention and time. One way to figure out your unique brand voice is to think about your top customers. Is it the way you convey information to them? Is it specific words that you use? If you’re not sure, then poll your customers and ask them.

These are three tips that will help you create a memorable, sticky brand in your customers’ minds that they won’t soon forget. Use the tips above and your customers will return to your business as a result.