Congratulations on deciding to start your new business venture! There is no better way to build a business than with a solid foundation. You are taking the right steps by putting a lot of thought into how you want to structure your business. Read on to learn about three options to consider when structuring your business. 

Sole Proprietorship

The predominant appeal of choosing a sole proprietorship is expense. This is the least expensive, not to mention the fastest way to start a business, which comes in handy when every penny is being accounted for. Other benefits are simplification and privacy. Of all business structure choices, this one requires the least amount of paperwork. Your taxes are personal and more straightforward because you do not have to file an annual report. Additionally, you do not have to share business reports publicly in the same way as other structures. 


With a franchise, there is already a creative idea implemented and executed as a proven model of success. Therefore, franchising can be a great option for someone who wants to bypass that and jump right in. Other benefits of starting a franchise are built-in marketing support. The psychology and research behind your marketing materials are pre-determined so you are able to focus more on running your operations. Aside from marketing and support, there are other benefits of starting a franchise that are good to know before settling on a business model for your new business, such as possibly more opportunity for widespread reach and growth.  


When you consider embarking upon a partnership as a business structure, think about whether this person is a family member, friend, or strictly a business partner. Sometimes, mixing business and personal relationships can get messy. This is especially true with partnerships because even though the business seems to be equally shared, ultimately, one person needs to legally own one percent more than the other. This can cause legal and tax-related complications down the road if there are disagreements and the desire to part ways. 

There are many ways to structure your business depending on your needs and long-term plans. Even with plenty of knowledge, only you can truly know which structure is the best one for you. Remember, depending on your choice, sometimes you can change your structure down the road. We wish you the best of luck! 
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