Marketing and promotions aren’t solely about drawing attention. Yes, you want people in the marketplace to take notice of you and your business. Most importantly, you want them to buy. Marketing that catches eyes but doesn’t open wallets won’t be too helpful. Business owners and entrepreneurs sinking money into marketing strategies may feel unhappy about the current rates of return they see. Don’t become despondent; instead, look at the following three strategies for getting more sales.

Use Your Reviews

“The best product I ever purchased!” is a ringing endorsement for others to buy. “Great customer service!” puts people at ease when thinking about patronizing a company. “Recommended!” is straight to the point and doesn’t mince words. If these statements appear in reviews about your business, would it not be wise to mention the comments in your marketing materials?

Not everyone may think it’s essential to herald what people say in published online reviews. After all, potential customers are reading the reviews, aren’t they? Only a segment of would-be customers does so. You want people not checking out the reviews to know what the reviews say as well. So, put the good points in your marketing items. Good review management will help your leads convert and also bring up the general perception of your company.

Upgrade Your Sales Presentation

When your business model relies on a sales rep going out into the field and making a pitch, you want the pitch to be as perfect as possible. The same would be true when bringing clients to the business’s office location.

Allow your sales reps to make customized presentations to enable more sales in your target audience. Customized pitches change with the times and adapt to different customers and landscapes. The displays won’t come off as “canned.” If you make customized presentations to enable more sales, the response could be golden.

Utilize Multimedia Online

Publishing comments and images on social media is a must, but things should go to the next level. Video marketing strategies represent the next phase. Producing video content for YouTube or a commercial website gives potential customers a moving 3D image to view. The audio portion of the videos could be impactful as well. Video and multimedia make sales pitches and promotions come alive. The result might be increased sales.

A solid marketing strategy can deliver tremendous rewards for a business but only when the marketing strategy scores a hit with customers. If your marketing plan lacks the logic or “pizzazz” necessary to score with potential customers, then take steps to improve things. Doing so could bump sales.

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