As a business owner, you need to be thinking outside of the box as much as possible and looking into ingenious new methods for saving money and improving efficiency. Thanks to technology, this has been easier than ever, but you need to make sure you’re putting in all the necessary effort for success. Here are three business management methods to start using today.

Applicant Tracking System

A position is open at your company, and you’re dreading having to go through all the applications. It can get even more frustrating when you’re trying to find applicants who are actually worth interviewing. With a strong applicant tracking system, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. You can use a program to track resumés and cover letters with the right keywords. You will, of course, need to do some evaluating of your own once the system narrows down the options. However, an applicant-tracking system can definitely get you on the right track.

The 5S System

Think of how much time and money are wasted due to a lack of organization. Originating in Japan, the 5S system is a visual system that helps to make sure a workplace is as clean and organized as possible. The S’s are: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. All of these are important, as they emphasize not only organization but also accountability and consistency. Non-manufacturing businesses can master visual management for workplace efficiency. There’s no trick to having a smoothly functioning workplace. It starts and ends with people being responsible.

Standing Meetings

The idea of gathering all your employees to go into a conference room and to sit around a table is rather stuck in the past. Not only is all that sitting quite unhealthy, but it also is sure to curtail any energy that your employees might have had. While meetings are still important, it’s definitely worthwhile to consider a new approach. Standing meetings are more efficient alternatives that keep people more energized and that are typically shorter. Give the idea of standing meetings a chance, and see just how much better they go for you and your employees.

Each of these business management methods should prove to be incredibly useful for your company, and they’re just the start. When you’re used to these, you can start implementing even more, and you can work to further improve the productivity of your company. Then, you can have even more confidence in yourself to provide terrific products and services.